New York Yankees: It's Not You It's Baseball New York Yankees: It's Not You It's Baseball New York Yankees: It's Not You It's Baseball

New York Yankees: It’s Not You It’s Baseball

Even though I hate reporting on Yankee player’s personal lives, but exceptions are made when it is pertains to helping the team win.

Admittedly, I am sure most of us can relate to the havoc that being in an unhappy relationship can create.

So, it came as no surprise that another Yankee star choose baseball over his girlfriend, but the back-to-back timing on is just ironic.

First it was the Captain Derek Jeter, who kicked actress Minka Kelly to the curb post All-Star break and instantaneously ended his yearlong slump. Yes, there was the pressure of Jeter getting his 3000th career hit but the Captain was stinking it up last season too.

Pre-All Star break, Jeter was hitting .270, with 24 RBIs, 35 strikeouts, eight steal; while posting a .330 OBP and a .353 slugging.

Sans Minka, the Captain’s numbers have been superb. Jeter is posting a .330 batting average, knocking 71 hits, 33 RBIs with a .343 OBP and a slugging .428.

Obviously Jeter’s surge in performance did not go unnoticed by his teammate Alex Rodriguez, as US Weekly just reported that A-rod dumped actress Cameron Diaz. The tabloid cited the reason was because A-rod wanted to focus on getting back on the active list because the Yankees cleanup hitter has been riddled with injuries all season. A-rod has only started 10 games since having knee surgery over the All-Star Break.

Whether US Weekly can be trusted as a reputable source does leave a huge question mark about this story’s validity; but with A-rod my guess is it is true. Now whether A-rod’s game will do a 180 like his Captain’s is something all Yankee fans would welcome with open arms.

As the great Mr. October, Reggie Jackson once said, I’d rather hit than have sex.

I think the ‘baseball is my true love’ theme was better expressed when ex-Yankee shortstop and future Big Leaguer manager Leo Durocher was quoted saying, “If I were playing third base and my mother were rounding third with the run that was going to beat us, I’d trip her. Oh, I’d pick her up and brush her off and say, “Sorry, Mom,” but nobody beats me.”

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  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Reggie said that? And Derek and Alex seem to agree?

    I guess Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle couldn't be reached for comment.