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New York Yankees: Baseball Blogs Hottest Topic

Over the last two weeks, the hottest topic that has everyone from baseball fans, bloggers and expert analysts talking about is what the heck are the New York Yankees going to do about their now over-crowded pitching rotation, and more specifically AJ Burnett.
Yankee Stadium on July 1, 2010

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Among the three contenders, which also include Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia, AJ Burnett has gotten thrown in the ringer.

This comes as no shock, because once Javier Vazquez got run out-of-town, Burnett has been deemed as the latest A-rod among pitchers in Yankee Universe; as God forbid Yankee fans don’t have someone to complain and heckle endlessly about.

Admittedly, I am still in the midst of being just as engrossed with this topic for already longer than I would have liked, but something’s you just can’t help.

What I can do is shut my mouth, and let other baseball bloggers do the talking.

So after countless hours of scouring the blogosphere, I have compiled a list of my 10 must-read posts about Burnett and the over-crowding of the Yankee rotation.

Click on article titles to be redirected to original author’s post website; and that this list is in random order.


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Michael Eder, The Yankee Analysts

Dayton Moore, Get Brian Cashman on the Phone. Trade Soria for Burnett and Hughes.

Jeff Zimmerman, Royals Review

What about A.J.? Revisiting revamped Yankees rotation

Jackie Micucci, Through the Fence Baseball

Pinch hitting: Delia Enriquez

Chad Jennings Intro, Guest Post by Delia Enriquez, The Lohud Yankees Blog

A.J. Burnett’s Effect on the Yankees

Matthew B., Yankee Fans Unite

Should Mets Trade Jason Bay for A.J. Burnett?

Joe Janish, Mets Today

Is A.J. Burnett about to get voted off the island?

Brien Jackson, It’s All About The Money

The reasons to trade, and not to trade, A.J. Burnett

Joe Pawilikowski, River Avenue Blues

Why Hughes Days Could Be Numbered

Bill Masse, Bleeding Yankee Blue

Random A.J. Burnett Thoughts

Frank Campagnola, Pinstripes Alley

“One thing is sure. We have to do something. We have to do the best we know how at the moment . . . ; If it doesn’t turn out right, we can modify it as we go along.” – FDR



  1. Richard Griffith says:

    " This comes as n shock as since Javier Vazquez got run out-of-town, Burnett has been deemed as the A-rod among pitchers in Yankee Universe"

    Doesn't your computer have spelling /grammar check?

    I'm always curious at A-roid comparisons. A-rod is rarely healthy, has a few MVP's, plays decent defense and can be a force in the line-up, Burnett seems last in every pitching metric that has been developed. Thank goodness we only have to see him every 5 days.

  2. Shavager says:

    Burnett's problem was pitch location and confidence. The last 4 games he pitched in '11 season were a drastic improvement from all earlier games-on target, confident with location and pitch calls, had rotation on the ball. Burnett pitched a good game against Tigers in playoffs, if he continues pitching like he did at end of season, he may actually be a positive this season for first time in a while.

    • Richard Griffith says:

      All the so called experts say his stuff is the best on the team when fully utilized. But as we know, you just don't know who will show up. I hope you're right.

      • LLP says:

        I have promised that I will be the first to admit I am wrong about Burnett….on this blog with a post and all your names in it.

        I think Burnett can be a solid back-end pitcher, at least till the All-Star Break. I hope all the nasty stuff written about hasn't just added to his mental issues more….the entitled, heckling Yankee fans are partly to blame here too. I am not that type of fan….honest, yes but the booing at games has got to sting.

    • LLP says:

      Burnett also has some mental issues that usually catch up to him mid-season for some reason.

      Otherwise Shavager…..I totally agree with you!!

  3. Casey says:

    thank you for posting our piece Why Hughes Days Could Be Numbered. One correction, I'm the author of the piece. Bill Masse was the minor league baseball coach who suggested the way the Yankees handled Hughes in the minors may have contributed to his throwing issues. Again though, thanks so much! –Casey

    • LLP says:

      So sorry Casey…..I will change it. I honestly couldn't figure-out where the author was listed on the post.

      Just so you know I think you have one of the best Yankee sites around!!!

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