New York Yankees: Appreciating Bombers Bloggers New York Yankees: Appreciating Bombers Bloggers New York Yankees: Appreciating Bombers Bloggers

New York Yankees: Appreciating Bombers Bloggers

While I was doing my normal meandering around the Internet reading baseball stuff, I came to a story on a site called Cardinals GM that I had to share because it shocked me, in a good way.

This article was more of a thank you to the St. Louis Cardinals for hosting such a wonderful Bloggers Day, with a detailed accounting of why the attendees were so appreciative. Once you read this you will understand why these Cardinals bloggers were so blown away.

The Cardinals Bloggers Day took place on Opening Day, included many cool activities’ organized by the franchise and it concluded with free Legends Seats for the game as much free food and drinks as you wanted.

The Cardinals Organizations Exudes Class for Social Media Day at Busch Stadium got me wondering why the New York Yankees have never hosted anything for Yankee Bloggers, or even acknowledged our existent for that matter.

I have no idea if the Cardinals are the only MLB team to reach out like this. The fact that even just one team took time to show their gratitude, for literally the writers who boost their internet fame, is sufficient enough for me to feel a real lack of respect.

Would it be so hard for the Yankees to do this?

St. Louis is a baseball town and maybe the city itself is not like New York, but not many places are. Still, the Cardinals have a cult fan following and the club itself has a history that could rival New York’s, minus in # of World Series rings.

So, my question is why don’t all MLB teams take a few hours once a season to host their own Bloggers Day?

Maybe some still don’t think bloggers matter, but let me tell you that is just plain ignorant.

The reality is that sports bloggers were fans way before the Internet was invented, so making us feel important to an organization could pay-off BIG time down the road. Think about it…. and finally just two quick notes:

To Brain Cashman: I am waiting for your phone call.

To the Cardinals: What an awesome thing to do for your biggest fans, and I hope all 29 other ball-clubs take notice.


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  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Aside from looking the other way when we all knew Mark McGwire was using steroids — few of us wanted to admit it, either — the Cardinals have usually striven to be a class organization. Especially once Gussie Busch went to the big brewery in the sky. They always treated Roger Maris well, not just in 1998 when he was no longer alive to receive it but in 1968 when he was there. Voting patterns aside (they're the favorite team of both Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh, oddly enough), Cardinal fans are good people. I wouldn't mind facing them in the 2011 World Series. As long as we win.