New York Yankees: Same old Andy New York Yankees: Same old Andy New York Yankees: Same old Andy

New York Yankees: Same old Andy

Welcome back Andy Pettitte!

Andy Pettitte pre-game yesterday afternoon vs. Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium.

The New York Yankees southpaw made his first start, up the Bronx since breaking his leg back on June 27th, and did exactly what everyone had hoped, win.

Pettitte hurled five scoreless innings, giving up four hits with three strikeouts, leading his Yankees in a 4-2 win in the daytime opener vs. the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday. He threw a total of 75 pitches.

No doubt Pettitte looked rusty, and he faced a Blue Jays batting order that was more minor than major but that might have been a blessing because it was kind-of a mini Spring Training outing for Pettitte.

With an forecasted (weather pending) three remaining regular season starts left for Pettitte, I can promise you that he will only get better; along with the Yankees as a whole.

Pettitte’s veteran presence alone is HUGE for the Yankees,

No doubt the Yankees have played better overall, as they are 7-3 in their last 10 games and are now on a 4-game winning streak after taking the second game in the double-header 2-1. And if you don’t think anticipation player a reason in this you are foolish, as Pettitte makes everyone on that team better.

The only big thing absent from Pettitte’s return were Yankee fans, as I was one of the very few actually at the Stadium. But there was good reason as the game was originally slated for Tuesday night but evidently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo, as the Big Apple was a wet mess.

Still, the small crowd that was in attendance at 1pm did give Andy all they had too. As he got a well-deserved standing-o from an extremely visible, pumped up crowd; and myself included.

“Never is a concept the Yankees won’t ever come across.”Andy Pettitte.

“He’s pitched on three days rest and he’s pitched hurt, he’s pitched when they’ve needed him and he’s playing for a team that’s competing for a pennant.”John Smoltz on Andy Pettitte.

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  1. vog says:

    No offense, but this makes no sense. Do you read this stuff before you post it?

    "With an expected, weather pending, three remaining regular season starts left, and I can promise you that Pettitte will only get much that better; along with the Yankees.