New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Not Returning Tomorrow New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Not Returning Tomorrow New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Not Returning Tomorrow

New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Not Returning Tomorrow

Any informed baseball fan knows that the New York Yankees went dead silent at the trade and that is very unusual.

Regardless of the sparse market, no teams were going to give the Yankees a break especially with the new loaded farm system.

On July 9th, over the All-Star Break, as teams were finalizing trade deals the Yankees were facing losing their cleanup hitter Alex Rodriguez to knee surgery. It was a big blow to a team that was already injury ridden and making a trade started to seem vital.

So, while Yankees looked worse, other playoff contending teams appeared better; like the Philadelphia Phillies acquiring Hunter Pence or the Texas Rangers adding needed arms to make their bullpen legitimate.

Now it is mid-August and traded players are settling in to their new uniforms, while bringing new life to help fuel a team heading into the most grueling part of the season.

In a wake with no wave, the Yankees have pulled together and are grinding out every at-bat and every pitch to get wins.

And winning is exactly what the Yankees are doing, as the Bombers have officially taken back first place from the Boston Red Sox this week.

So when Wallace Matthews at ESPN confirmed that A-rod would rejoin the team tomorrow, Thursday August 18th, things were looking even better.

What a perfect time, as the Yankees have a tough schedule for the rest of the season and his bat would offer some needed relief.

The Yankees haven’t collapsed sans A-rod like in the past, but his return will be welcomed as it allows skipper Joe Girardi to give others some needed rest down the stretch and without question he can cause damage with his bat.

With 24-hours to go, the latest A-rod update came full frontal just as the Yankees were warming up in Kauffman Stadium, going for a sweep of the Royals and the news was not good.

Now, ESPN’s Matthew Wallace was countering his original report after A-rod was quoted saying he was “tentative” on the base pads, after playing in his fourth minor league rehab game.

Before joining his teammates in Kansas City on Wednesday night, A-rod played eight innings in AAA-Scranton and it seems he is babying his knee. This is worrisome for any pro-athlete coming back from an injury; as not playing at full capacity can lead to reinjures or new ones.

So, what is the real deal with A-rod? Is A-rod better, or not?

Everything seemed to be moving along smoothly, right up until a few hours ago. Now Girardi has made it clear that A-rod will not be pushed:

“A couple of days, if you rush it, could cost you a couple of weeks. You can end up hurting something else.”

Also confirmed is that A-rod will still fly with the team to Minnesota but will not be activated; Yankees trainer Gene Monahan will reevaluate his knee or whatever else hurts and see where things go from there.

What worries me is that A-rod injured something else in that last rehab game. It was the first thing out of A-rod’s mouth that wasn’t positive about his impending return to the team.

Let’s hope it is sooner than later, as A-rod brings depth to a team that could use it both in the line-up and on the bench.

The Yankees are hot, but A-rod could help them stay that way.