New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Are You A Moron New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Are You A Moron New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Are You A Moron

New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Seriously Are You A Moron?

New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez’s lapse in off-the-field drama didn’t last too long, as not one but two stories have emerged over the last week.

The first is innocent gossip, but the second one I promise is very disappointing.


Over on one of gossip guru Perez Hilton’s websites it has been reported that A-rod and his latest celebrity blonde girlfriend, Cameron Diaz have officially parted ways.

The couple actually seemed pretty serious in the off-season, and Diaz was just as entranced as Kate Hudson by A-rod.  I am guessing if there is any truth behind this once again A-rod was the heart-breaker.

Another bites the dust, as A-rod magic spell over A-list actresses and pop-stars is somewhat of a mystery to me. I get the whole bedroom part, but the one common ground all the relationships have is that it is A-rod’s way or bust.

This hasn’t affected A-rod’s performance what so ever. Even though A-rod’s bat might not be hitting balls out of the park, he is certainly scoring runners on base and that works for me.


“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” –the great Lou Holtz

A-rod might be good with the ladies, but I am sincerely questioning his discernment here.

Remember back in 2009, when A-rod got busted for past use of PEDs?

I mean how could you forget when A-rod came forward with the ‘real story’. It introduced us to his cousin Yuri Sucart who was the bad guy that acquired and administered the steroids to A-rod from 2001-03.

As you can imagine, Cousin Yuri was not a popular guy after that. In turn, the Yankees and MLB had Cousin Yuri banned from all non-public team areas, clubhouses, team transportation etc. Basically it sent a message to stay the hell away.

So, understand why I found it so disturbing when the NY Daily News reported that Cousin Yuri was seen in the team’s hotels out west this past week, and that he has been traveling with A-rod on some road trips.

One would think that A-rod would be a little smarter than to have anyone connected to his juicing years around at all. Especially during the baseball season as anyone with a half-a-brain recognizes what kind-of distracting and unnecessary attention it would bring.

That is except for A-rod himself because if he were smart he would either have cut ties with Cousin Yuri or kept their time spent to holidays and family gatherings only.

Cousin Yuri should not even be wearing a baseball hat after his dear younger cousin threw him under the bus so easily.

Family or not this kind of crap does not, and should not be in the press at all.

I find A-rod’s judgment on this not only dumb, but also extremely ill mannered to baseball, his teammates and Yankee fans.

Trusting him again has been hard enough already, but in typical A-rod fashion he has to do the one thing that makes everyone question him again.

Honestly, A-rod needs to take his head out of his behind and get a grip on his personal life because the moment it shows on the field it will spell TROUBLE and big time!

I am keeping my fingers cross in respects to this one, but as Albert Einstein once said:

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

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