New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez, Josh Hamilton, Excuses And Excuses New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez, Josh Hamilton, Excuses And Excuses New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez, Josh Hamilton, Excuses And Excuses

New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez, Josh Hamilton, Excuses And Excuses

Sure you are well aware that the New York Yankees are not playing in the 2011 World Series, as the team lost to the Detroit Tigers

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in the ALDS.

The Texas Rangers are playing for the franchise’s first WS Championship, for the second season in a row.

It is no secret that the Yankees don’t get any favors from anybody; even the most loyal of New York fans are pissed if the Bombers are anything but perfect. It is kind of ironic when the Yankees are baseball’s saving grace in terms of popularity, because even the haters can’t get enough.

So it came as no surprise when the Yankees lost that tragic ALDS Game 5 in the Bronx that everyone blamed Alex Rodriguez. A-rod did miss opportunities at the plate, but so did his teammates and why is it not about the Tigers winning?

So, why did no one care that the guy was playing hurt?

Oh right…. because no one can get over A-rod’s paycheck. Unlike other players, A-rod can wrap his wounds in $100 bills so how they cannot hurt that much.

Ok, I get it…. A-rod is public enemy #1, and he plays for sport’s most evil empire, but what really bugs me is that other players don’t get the same treatment.

One example is Rangers Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton has made immense mistakes throughout his career, and to say he was a drug addict is putting it politely.

Hamilton’s compulsions were so bad that the Rangers have a ‘special assignment coach’ on staff whose only job is to watch Hamilton. This job includes sharing adjoining hotel rooms on the road, eating every meal together, has to hold Hamilton’s wallet and never allowing Hamilton to be alone for more than a few minutes.

Without a doubt Hamilton has made an admirable recovery, but it is a tad scary that Texas has a babysitter on their payroll. Guess the Rangers know they need Hamilton to win and they cannot afford to take any chances with their best player.

Hamilton was probably the second most scouted prospect coming out of high school, the first being A-rod. Both men have baseball running in their veins, because they ooze exceptional talent.

Not quite as severe, A-rod is not devoid of having some issues, like his 2009 steroid confession; or the recent allegations that he apparently partook in some poker parties that never panned out.

So, both superstar players have had glitches that lead to off-the-field distractions, but Hamilton is an example, while A-rod verifiably has been deemed the anti-Christ.

The two sluggers have both battled many injuries over the last three seasons, and without question neither player was close to 100% heading into this year’s playoffs.

So, please explain to me why during this post season Hamilton’s injuries were deemed an acceptable reason to slump? While A-rod’s, even more beat-up body had absolutely nothing to do with him choking and ultimately the reason the Yankees lost the ALDS?

To be honest this is just the icing on the cake, but having to endure MLB Network’s crew (who I normally adore) continually throwing bones to teams, like the Rangers this post season, while jumping on A-rod if he literally picks his nose makes their opinions seem inauthentic. I mean isn’t Joe Buck and Tim McCarver’s opinion enough to stomach.

Just try to imagine if skipper Joe Girardi got caught doing blow in Spring Training; or if A-rod or the Captain went on a Hamilton-esque drug binge, using his signing bonus money for crack, while on the DL?

My point is that it is time to layoff A-rod for the simple reason that it is not nice, nor fair and let the past be the past because there is no denying the guy isn’t trying.

I am so sick of reading headlines like these:

Poll: You want A-Rod in the trashESPN Poll

Texas’s Ascent Began With Ditching A-Rod – Wall Street Journal

Is this the beginning of A-Rod’s end? – ESPN

In comparison to these:

Hurt Josh Hamilton Aims To Finish Series – ESPN                                 

Josh Hamilton has played through groin injury “for a while” – NBC Hardball Talk

Hamilton Is Playing the Postseason in Pain – New York Times


  1. Tanned Tom says:

    I think you're right to come to A-Rod's defense, he played hurt and fielded very well. The contract is absurd, but hey, I would've done the same thing if dealing with an idiot like Hank Steinbrenner, you get the most you can. And his post season career #'s aren't too bad, .277BA/.386 OBP/.498 SLG. These aren't fabulous, but far exceed career post season numbers for Ted Williams or Willie Mays. His egocentric behavior makes him a lightning rod, but his performance is not so bad.

  2. Matt says:

    Well said, Kate. Unfortunately, you and the other pro-Yankee bloggers out there are the only ones I've seen come to his defense at all. I guess every sport has to have a "bad guy" and sometimes it's Alex.

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  5. Excuses and excuses. This confused me so I read the whole story. And now I understand. and ohhh its snowflakes right? I am amazed.