New York Yankees: Adios Jorge New York Yankees: Adios Jorge New York Yankees: Adios Jorge

New York Yankees: Adios Jorge

It hurt to hear it from the horse’s mouth, but Jorge Posadamade one thing very clear, his time in Yankee pinstripes is over.

Jorge Posada

Image by sillygwailo via Flickr

This past Wednesday night at his annual event for The Jorge Posada Foundation in New York City, ESPN New York reported Posada’s exact words:

“It’s not gonna happen. I don’t think there is even a percentage of a chance that I can come back. “I will always be a Yankee. The New York Yankees, for me, is my second family. It’d be tough to put on another uniform for real and learn a new set of rules. But it’s one of those things where I have to see if I wanna keep playing.”

Well, let me tell Jorge Posada that it is just as hard for Yankees fans to see you go.

There is no doubt in my mind that the time for Posada and the Yankees to part ways is now. Yankee fans had an entire season to process this, but it is never as simple as it seems when the time comes to say goodbye.

So now all you can do is say thank you, for being a role model, a tireless competitor and for giving New York a reason to be proud.



  1. Bernard Sandow says:

    Yes, we all know baseball is a business. No one escapes old age for a baseball player in the long run for the best of players. Mriano and Satchel Paige have been exceptions. Sad as far as Jorge goes, but all good things must come to an end as in life. Jesus Montero is a strong keeper capable of being a Junior Miguel Montero and Manny Ramirez. To trade him is insanity. This could be one of two opportunities for Jourge. 1. Become Jesus tutor on a full time basis. 2. Give Jorge an opportunity to be a minor league manager, working his way up the ladder.

    • LLP says:

      Bernard you are correct!!! It is sad but watching players on the decline is tough for everyone….like Ken Griffey Jr.

  2. theinnkpr says:

    I hate to see Jorge go. He is a players player on the bench and field. He could definately help young pictures in the minors. He is another Willie Randoph, Joe Girardi or even a Joe Torre. The Yankees should not let him get away.

    • LLP says:

      I agree with you but sometimes you have to put the game and team first; meaning that it could hurt more than help. Especially at age 40+…..Posada wasn\’t himself in 2011 and I know many factors, along with pride were to blame but he had all season to deal. Jorge had a nice October, but the team has to get there first.

  3. Frank Spero says:

    i agree one hundred percent DO NOT LET HIM GO period get rid of that instigating cashman

    • LLP says:

      Wow Frank….I love your spirit but I did not say that the Yankees should keep Posada around in 2012. I love the guy but this is about winning and the Yankees have better options.

      Remember that there are only 25-roster spots and they need to be filled accordingly.

  4. jden821 says:

    I agree that Jorge should be given an opportunity to teach younger catchers like Montero and Romine or work in the minors for the Yankees. Noone can say anything but good things about Jorge. He has been a class act and a huge contributor to the past success of the Yanks. Best wishes Jorge and thanks for the great memories you have given us Yankee fans!

    • LLP says:

      jedn821, he would be a wonderful coach and he has great examples to help him through the transition…GIrardi and Torre both did it. Many successful managers were catchers Pena, Scioscia, Bouchy, Leyland, Wedge and Maddon.