New York Yankees: 8 Recent Good Moves Made By GM Brian's Cashman New York Yankees: 8 Recent Good Moves Made By GM Brian's Cashman New York Yankees: 8 Recent Good Moves Made By GM Brian's Cashman

New York Yankees: 8 Recent Good Moves Made By GM Brian’s Cashman

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When you are an employee of the New York Yankees the word pressure takes on a whole new meaning.

New York is a city that doesn’t just like to win, they expect to win. Hence the passionate Yankee fans, who are living and breathe this very sentiment.

So, when things go astray for the Yankees or any other MLB team who takes the blame?

A teams general manager and in the Bronx, that would be Mr. Brian Cashman.

So, what do GM’s really do other than play fantasy baseball for real???

To start a general manager is a team’s decision maker over who controls player transactions; hires and fires the coaching staff; develops the plan for the minor league system that entails keeping tabs on all the players from Single-A to Triple-A ball; stays in close touch with every scout in the field to keep tabs on amateur eligibility and who to draft each season and this is just the beginning of the list.

Cashman also has the daunting responsibility of being the Yankees spokesman for everything and the media in New York expects answers all the time.

Cashman has been the fans and media’s scapegoat for all failures; and sees little gratitude for putting together a contending team season after season for New York to be proud of.

Here, in no particular order, are my Top 8 Best Brain Cashman Moves as GM of the New York Yankees:

(Please note that Cashman did not have full authority until 2008, as The Boss had the last word on everything and a lot of bad contracts were unfairly blamed, so many on the list are recent. Hey success is success.)

  1. Yankee fans are familiar with Kerry Wood, after he joined the pinstripes post All-Star break last season and dominated as the team’s eighth inning pitcher. For Cubs fans, it was déjà vu because Wood not only dominated, but also stayed healthy through the end of the 2010 season. Yankee fans’ relationship with Wood was an immediate love affair and I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t want Wood back in 2011. Presumably I expect to hear that Wood got a new contract, but instead he want back to where it all started at a bargain price because he said it wasn’t about the money anymore. He would be closer to his family and would be helping Cubs ownership out as well. Wood is the real hero of this past off-season of putting baseball and life before anything else, not even money could buy it away from his loyalty to his Chicago Cubs.
  2. Try and Imagine if Cashman didn’t go after catcher Russell Martin? It would be a different team, who essentially would probably not be in first place now. The 28-year-old former All-Star is till uber-talented and seems to be healthy again. Martin had major knee issues when with the Los Angeles Dodgers so he was let go at the end of 2010. Martin was a popular guy this past off-season with the Red Sox and Yankees hot on his tail. Thank goodness Cashman pursued Martin so much considering Cervelli’s broken foot and rookie Jesus Montero’s bad Spring Training, the Yankees would have been in a jam at such an important place. Martin has blended with the pitching staff like he has been a Yankee for years; even Burnett is thriving with Martin guiding him along and keeping his head in check. Martin has also been a hitting machine with 24 hits, five doubles, six homers, 20 RBIs and drawn eight walks so far in the month of April….WOW!
  3. Curtis Granderson arrived in New York under the watchful eyes of Yankees fans, who were not very happy that he cost the team one of their rising stars that was weeks away from coming to the Bronx to début. Granderson initial start in New York was not great, as he struggled hitting lefties (career issue) and then wound up on the DL for 4-6 weeks suffering from a Grade II groin strain. It left the team sans a center-fielder and did not help Granderson earn the Yankee fans trust yet. Wow how quickly things can change, as Granderson came back and since last August has been sensational and hasn’t looked back. Granderson is dynamic in the field and has always been against righties, but know you can officially warn left-handed pitchers that Granderson is no longer an easy out or out of the line-up all together. While his counterpart, Austin Jackson is manning his old stomping ground in Detroit, he seems to have picked up Granderson’s striking-out numbers but did almost win the Rookie-of-the-Year in 2010. Overall looking back at this trade today…..Cashman made another trade that worked in the Yankees favor.
  4. On January 14, 2003 the Yankees made it official, to the biggest showing of media to a Yankees press conference in the team’s 100 year history, that three-time MVP for Tokyo Yomiuri Giants Hideki Matsui was now a Yankee. Matsui is considered a living icon in his home country of Japan and New York quickly learned why. He is the ultimate professional and when his team needed him to get a big hit that is just what Matsui did. Named the MVP of the 2009 World Series is not given to a team’s DH unless each at-bat was spectacular. Matsui came off-the-bench and guaranteed the Yankees a championship with every at-bat. I hope Matsui knows how much he is missed in the Bronx; and that he forever in Yankee fans minds be one of the best to ever don the pinstripes.
  5. After missing the playoffs in 2008, along with leaving the only stadium they called home, the Yankees needed to lose some of the seriousness in the clubhouse. So, in the off-season before the start of 2009 Cashman sent Wilson Betemit and two minor league arms to the Chicago White Sox for center fielder-first baseman Nick Swisher. It was the perfect trade, at the right time. Swisher and New York were love at first sight. Everyone from the Bleacher Creatures, to his teammates, and coaches fell in love with this guy. There is no player that fans have smiled and cheered for so quickly in the Bronx than Swisher. Swisher loves his job and it shows every single time he takes the field. In his first season he picked up the slack to keep the Yankees in the hunt. Now, who doesn’t know the ending to that story? The Yankees won the 2009 World Series and could not have made their new house, a home without Swish!! Let’s hope the Yankees re-sign him at the end of this season, as he is in a contract year. It would be dumb not too because he is one-of-a-kind.
  6. Mark Teixeira is a darn good baseball player, and having such a talented first-baseman defensively was certainly something that Yankee fans were not used too. Tex definitely made first-base legit again, as he has been named to multiple All-Star Teams, won many Gold Gloves and he is one of the best hitters in all of baseball.
  7. What is there not to like about pitcher CC Sabathia? Sabathia is a staff leader, great in the clubhouse and not to mention an innings eating ace.  In his first two-plus seasons in pinstripes, Sabathia has pitched 515 innings, fanning 436 batters,with an ERA of 3.22. CC has also pitched four complete games and one shut-out. In 2009 and 2010 Sabathia finished fourth and third in the CY Young Award voting . Well worth the $161 bucks it took Cashman to get him to the Big Apple.
  8. From 2006-2009, Bartolo Colon played for the Angels, Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox. In total he made 47 starts, posting a 14-21 record, with an ERA just shy of 5.00, while striking out 172 batters, over 256 innings in total. So, anybody saying that Yankee fans had no foundation to be apprehensive is just a hater because Colon’s history did not spell anything but possible problem. Rightfully the Brian Cashman criticism followed, as confusion over the definition of a GM’s job was being questioned. Wasn’t a GM supposed to sign players to help the team win? Well, Colon is making Cashman look like a certified genius. Look, I am not forgetting that this was a HUGE gamble for Cashman and even though it is working out BIG time, it could have easily gone south too but it didn’t. Fact is at 38-years-old and still way over-weight, Colon can still pitch and completely control a baseball game. Colon throws the ball sharply, with enough speed (clocking a mid-90’s fastball) and movement to be game winning effective starter. Don’t care that it is six weeks into the season, Colon has already help more than anyone would have expected.


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  1. nooger says:

    1) Austin Jackson did NOT win the Rookie of the Year Award in the American League in 2010.

    2) When he injured his groin in May 2010, Granderson returned 4 weeks later and NOT 6-8 weeks

    3) Russell Martin is NOT 27 YEARS OLD.

    Keep up the accurate reporting

    • Kate Conroy says:

      Thanks but I have Martin listed at 28 and Jackson I said almost won the ROY in 2010.

      The Granderson injury I said was 4-6 weeks but it was actually 24 games missed….sorry that was not perfect but you need to re-read before you make such accusations.

  2. nooger says:

    Instead of me needing to re-read before making the accusations that I made, actually you need to be more honest here by not going back and changing the parts of the article that I pointed out were incorrect. You clearly had Martin listed as age 27; you added "almost"

    to "did" win regarding Austin Jackson, and you are therefore held in lower esteem by me now than you were previously. I can read very well. I can remember what I read even better.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      Whatever you want to believe me or not I did not change anything in the post…..Granderson you were right about only 4 weeks on DL but Martin and my brother have the same birthday, so I know he turns 29 on Feb. 15th next year.

      Austin Jackson has been written about on this blog numerous times and I know that Neftali Feliz and Buster Posey won the awards in 2010.

      I am sorry but your photographic memory got it wrong this time. I admit it when I am wrong, as I am human and make mistakes all the time but this time I did not.

      The way you put me down, even if it was true is very immature and hurtful for no reason as you don't know me at all. You should think about what is important in life and what is worth getting angry about because we are all just trying are best.

  3. nuxrl says:

    Nick Swisher was NOT traded from the Cubs. The Yanks got him from the White Sox.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      You are correct……sorry he did play for the Cubs at one point so it was a mental lapse. My apologies, as I am human and not prefect.

  4. Yaz8 says:

    While we are at it…

    I was confused as I read this article as the last paragraph states :

    "Here, in no particular order, are my Top 5 Best Brain Cashman Moves as GM of the New York Yankees:" ,

    Yet the list kept going on and on and on… To the total of 8 !!!

    I reread the Title, which said "8", but was more confused as I recalled the harbinger of seeing a list of 5…

    So I looked again, and found the last paragraph written as I pasted above…

    This leads me to believe that the writer did in fact make changes after she was informed of her faulty, sloppy journalism.

    I suggest that writing about sports may not be your bag.

    Nor may be counting.

    Leave it to the professionals.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      Sorry that was a typo YAZ8…it was always 8 and not 5 so that is just a mistake on my end.

      I am confused by your need to write….
      This leads me to believe that the writer did in fact make changes after she was informed of her faulty, sloppy journalism.

      I suggest that writing about sports may not be your bag.

      Nor may be counting.

      Leave it to the professionals.

      That is a little harsh for a mis-printed # don't you think????

  5. d-mets says:

    Excuse me but I very confused by YAZ8's comments……there is a list of 8 and the title says 8 reasons.

    The 5 seems like a mistake so what is the big deal here???? It happens we are human beings and it seems that all of you are jumping on someone who has a great blog!!!

    Read her other posts before you bash and insult people. That is not constructive and it is just mean… put a person down for typos.

    YAZ8 it doesn't even make sense what you wrote….the title says 8 and there are 8 reasons, correct????

  6. nooger says:

    d-mets—she lied. Plain and simple. I pointed out her errors and she went back and edited the article. I know it and she knows it. I'm thinking you have a hidden agenda for defending her. There would be no other reason.

    • d-mets says:

      No agenda here and I was asking what YAZ8 was talking about because it made no sense.

      I have no idea if Kate changed anything but when I read the article it said martin was 28 so I have no reason to think otherwise was written.

      Aren't you getting a bit upset over such minor things anyway??

      People go nuts over things that are so not worth the energy….it was a good read with a 'possible' typo that really is irrelevant to the point of the article anyway right???

  7. nooger says:

    Opps, Kate–Time to redo comment #5. Nick Swisher never played for the Cubs. Unless you traced it to his Little League career. But… if you hurry…. you can go back, edit it, and then slam me for not being able to read.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      I already admitted it was an error on my part……so why the insult????

      I thought he also played for the Cubs at one point…..but you are probably right that Swisher did not. I will look it up but I am sorry I really thought he did. My bad….

      I didn't slam you the first time NOOGER and agreed you were correct so the comment is just unnecessary.

    • d-mets says:

      Wow….how old are we here???

      Point is the guy is a Yankee now right???

  8. CoolArrow77 says:

    This is to all of the complainers that replied negativity, It is pretty simple. If you do not like what Ms.Conroy writes then dont read it. But instead of bashing her, Help her with information that is correct in a professional manor.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      Thank you CoolArrow….I really am trying my best.

      I know my writing needs work and I all ears to constructive criticism and love to debate if you don't like my opinion but to bash me for a misspelling or an error is ridiculous. I find mistakes in major publications all the time…as long as the point of the article gets across I am satisfied. Isn't that why we read blogs, papers etc????

      • CoolArrow77 says:

        You are welcome.You dont have to reason or explain anything to anyone. Just keep writing and have fun!!

  9. Kate Conroy says:

    BRITCHICK the name calling is uncalled for and threatening others just make you look crazy. Defending Brian Cashman is perfectly fine, I like the guy and always have but your comments are so angry (ALL CAPS) and really is not constructive, but it seems you might have had some previous run-ins with METSRULENYC or have a crush on Cashman?

    Maybe you should use your $$$$ to buy some class and manners so you can respond in a manner that isn't incriminating. Lady Loves Pinstripes is a baseball/Yankees site not a a baseball fan crush or brain cashman forum. I really don't who the players date unless it affects their play on the field……..the article I wrote was positive and has nothing to do with Cashman and his dinner dates.