New York Yankees: 3 reasons to tune into Spring Training New York Yankees: 3 reasons to tune into Spring Training New York Yankees: 3 reasons to tune into Spring Training

New York Yankees: 3 reasons to tune into Spring Training

 For the most part, Spring Training stats and standings (wins and loses) can be ignored. But that doesn’t mean fans should completely ignore watching any Spring Training games because there are some worthwhile and interesting situations to keep an eye on.

Here are three reasons that I keep the channel on the YES or MLB Network every March:

  1. Injuries are what I watch for in Spring Training, both new and old. A lot of players are returning from serious injuries and fans want to see if they are still effective. This holds especially true for pitchers and looking at their K/9 and K/BB can be very useful. Also, observe their mound presence by re-watching a few innings prior to the injury and compare their general motion etc. Unfortunately, Spring Training also means new injuries will occur all over the place, and all fans can do is have to pray that their team avoids any that are season changing.
  2. Watching players fight it out for a job. You want to try to avoid emphasizing actual stats when judging a spring competition. Try and look at the bigger picture I guess from of a skipper’s viewpoint instead of judging as a fan. If that makes sense, but it does depend on what job is up for grabs too. Is it a starting role or a backup? If it is a bullpen job, how they fit into the overall puzzle.
  3. Fans also get to see their team’s top prospects play. It is always so fun to see such young talent emerge, and you can keep tabs on a few guys after Spring Training as they move through the minor leagues. But please keep in mind that some prospects will put up monster numbers in Spring Training, and try not to get your hopes up that they will be fast-tracked up to the Bigs anytime soon. All baseball players tend to run hot and cold, but on the handling of prospects…think of them like you would a porcelain doll. Still, there is nothing wrong with getting a little excited.

Also, if you happen to be in the state of Florida now, or will be sometime over the next two weeks my guess is that you are not too far from one of the 12 Grapefruit League teams ball-parks.

If so, just click HERE to be redirected the Grapefruit League interactive map where you can get directions to and from a ballpark that is closest to you.

And let me tell you from experience that any baseball fan will absolutely love the intimacy of going to a Spring Training game, as you get to see both current and future stars up close. It is just a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.