New York Yankees: 3 pitching scenarios maybe 4 New York Yankees: 3 pitching scenarios maybe 4 New York Yankees: 3 pitching scenarios maybe 4

New York Yankees: 3 pitching scenarios maybe 4

The New York Yankees have some pitching situations to solve.

I have narrowed it down to three or four possibilities based on what I believe the 2012 Opening Day rotation should be, which in order is Sabathia, Kuroda, Pineda, Nova and Hughes.

My crazy pitching diagram.

First being the plethora of starting pitching.

That leaves Freddy Garcia hanging out to dry, and initially I thought Garcia should go the bullpen but now since he is willing to hear any trade ideas that GM Brian Cashman should send Garcia hiking.

Second up is Andy Pettitte’s return, and what to do when the southpaw decides to grace us with his presence again.

Someone has to go either the bullpen, or more likely Triple-A Scranton as it allows the cast-off to keep his arm fresh by pitching every five days.

This should not be decided until Pettitte and the Yankees set a date. And the odd-man should not be told he is out until the day before Pettitte arrives. Determining ‘who’ should be performance based, so the biggest loser goes.

Thirdly, with the devastating news about Joba Chamberlain’s trampoline injury, which will sideline him indefinitely, the Yankees cannot just keep him on the payroll because they like him. It is not going to be easy but they need to cut Joba. I know it is harsh considering all the crap Joba has been put through but reality is the Yankees owe him $1.6 million for 2012 and reality is players are paid to play. Joba can be resigned next season, which I feel is the Yankees are almost obligated  to do if he can pitch.

Without Joba returning this season, the initial overcrowding caused by Pettitte does allow for another arm in the bullpen. And if that is not going to be the leftover starter, than why not promote prospect Adam Warren?

Warren could be used in long relief, as the starters will have their bad days when they can’t pitch out of the third inning.

Or the other option is to use Garcia out in the bullpen from the get-go.

This might happen not only because of the $4 million guaranteed money he is owed, but the fact that Garcia knows how to pitch to a situation. Meaning that he doesn’t let the situation dictate his performance, which can be attributed to his experience.

Joba Chamberlain on the mound at Yankee Stadium.

Also, Garcia signed as a free agent without his consent cannot be traded until June 15; so can stay if he wants too, but he recently told David Waldstein of the New York Times:

“I want to pitch, man. Be it here or somewhere. I hope it’s here.”

Garcia has not asked for a trade and still hopes to remain relevant enough to stay in New York.

This is going to be a hectic time because it is tough to make decisions based on Spring Training, and the fact that Hughes is leading the pack scares me because I am not sure he can be totally trusted just yet. And if it is based on camp that means Garcia would get a rotation slot over Nova and Pineda.

I guess time will tell but never a dull moment when it comes to the Yankees.

Otherwise, my heart and prayers are with Joba Chamberlain as his ankle injury was life threatening and thank goodness he is going to be fine. As for pro-baseball, I do not believe this is the end for Joba because he is a fighter and I know I will see him in hopefully Yankee pinstripes again soon. Here is Buster Onley’s report from ESPN’s Baseball Tonight and ESPN New York’s latest update on Joba’s injury.


  1. Ryan says:

    Seriously? Cut Joba? At 1.6 mil? Then they can resign him? He'll be picked up in 2 days if they cut him. You'll see him pitching out of the bullpen this year, either in the majors or at AAA. I'd rather he do that in pinstripes. They do have injury lists for this reason. You make comments like that just to get a response or do you truly not know?

    • LLP says:

      First of all Ryan….Joba being cut has been all over the internet because the Yankees need to cut payroll and if Joba can get healthy again they can re-sign him. Remember Angels Kendry Morales has sat out the last 2 seasons with the same ankle injury and his return this season is still being monitored closely. Also, Joba is still not done healing from Tommy John and this hinders his ability to throw so his rehab will be hindered.

      The Yankees signed Joba to non-guaranteed 1-year deal at $1.675 million. That means the Yankees still had some faith in the reliever, but in baseball terms his retrieval was a low-risk investment….a just in case scenario.

      Just so you know what ESPN reported:
      "When asked if the injury could be career-threatening, Cashman said: "I couldn't say; I just couldn't say. I'd like to say no. My heart and my gut tells me no, that's not the case."

      • Richard Griffith says:

        Regarding Morales:

        "The Cuban slugger has been sidelined since May 2010, when he broke his ankle while jumping on home plate to celebrate a game-ending grand slam. Although the fracture has healed, the secondary damage of Morales' jump has caused degenerative cysts and scar tissue in the ankle, said Lewis Yocum, the Angels' medical director.

        Joba suffered a serious injury, but it was not a fracture nor did he get any micro-fractures. So the only comparison is that their both ankles.

        Your ESPN reference proves nothing other than Cashman does not know. He just got of the hospital today. It's wait and see.

        Read more:

      • Ryan says:

        You made my point for me. Why would they cut him if he's only 1.675 mil. They need to cut payroll for the 2014 season. How about losing Soriano's 14+ mil and keeping Joba who will be under 5 mil even if he comes back in 2013 and dominates. You cut him, another team can pick him up and sign him to a 2 year contract to see if he rehabs. I think the Yanks just did that with a pitcher who will be rehabbing in 2012 to see if he can pitch in 2013. Check it out and think about reality. You don't just cut a player you want to keep next year. Your team loses control of him if you do. The IR it is for Joba!

        • LLP says:

          Ryan…I hear what you are saying but when Joba's ankle injury first broke, the reports were really bad. He almost died….plus his elbow rehab will be hindered because he can't put weight on his push off leg and he wasn't returning from that injury until July at the earliest anyway.

          The reason I think the Yankees shouldn't cut him is because they screwed up this kids career with all the pressure and non-sense….oh and the JOBA RULES.

          If Joba's ankle gets infected in the next six weeks it could be career threatening. And Soriano has a way better track record than Chamberlain and right now you should thanking your lucky stars Soriano is on the Yankees because he makes the bullpen that more legit.

  2. Richard Griffith says:

    Pettite in the rotation and Garcia traded are interrelated in 1 scenario, ok maybe 2 but I'm still looking for 3 or 4.

    Garcia does not have a No Trade Clause. It's a Rule.
    Per Heyman "–the Yankees would have to obtain permission from Garcia for any trade done before June 16, as he was signed this winter as a major league free agent"

    Cut Joba??? Seriously???

    Did you write that when he needed Tommy John surgery which keeps him out until July anyway?

    So players that are injured should be cut, not paid?
    Unless his contract has language that forbids jumping out of an airplane or trampoline he will get paid as he should be.

    You need to get Real!!!

    • LLP says:

      Richard….Kendry Morales had the same injury and missed the last 2 seasons. Morales is not even 100% now, and with the Yankees cutting payroll to the penny I would not be surprised. Joba is still recovering from Tommy John too and he needs the rest of body in tack for his arm to get back.

      • Richard Griffith says:

        As stated above, the injuries were much different. Moreover, too many factors come into play ( infection, rehab issues etc).

        Joba can still rehab his elbow while recovering from the ankle surgery. Throwing is 2-3 months down the line anyway.

        • LLP says:

          Richard I had elbow surgery 2 years ago to repair a ligament injury from years of tennis. I had a torn and decayed tendon…regardless it is almost identical to tommy john but the did not take a tendon from my wrist. The recovery is hard and I have yet to pick up a tennis racket still because an ankle sprain that hindered me being from being able to fully swing the racket without relaying more on my arm because of my ankle. There is NOT a chance that Joba's ankle injury will impact his recovering from Tommy John….to come back you have to condition your body too and Joba cannot put any weight on his ankle, which will cause fatigue and hence affect the elbow recovery because he will not be able to throw.

          And as you said "throwing in 2-3 months" and my guess is that is best case scenario and throwing does not mean actively in a game. Joba's ankle is very susceptible to infection and that he has to be extra careful with…..Morales injury is comparable in that sense.

          • Richard Griffith says:

            You can't have it both ways. You say it's the same injury which it's not then you add in the infection which Morales didn't have. I only mentioned it as a possible complication with Joba not Morales.

            At some point you have to give us our do!!!!

            Let's hope Joba get's back this year. But it also gives someone an opportunity to be the new 6th inning pitcher.

        • LLP says:

          Richard….just think about it logically. Joba was aiming to return from his elbow injury by mid-summer which would require throwing a lot. So how could the fact that the ankle you push-off of to throw cannot have weight on it for 2-3 months not hinder your elbow's recovery time…..Joba will be lucky to be able to throw in general but actually playing in a MLB game in 2012 is a entirely different monster.

  3. LLP says:

    Well, LadyinLegaue…..Joba cannot get his ankle infected in the next six weeks but Joba, at best could be back end of August and that is a stretch.

    And FYI….Pettitte is NEVER going to the bullpen and should start whenever he is ready!!

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