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New York Yankees: 2013 season predictions

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English: Derek Jeter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you predict the New York Yankees will fare in 2013?

For years the Yankees were everybody’s perennial favorites to win the AL East, but now no one knows whether this team can even make the post season.

No doubt the Yankees are old and injured, which does not breed confidence.

No new super star was bought in to get the team back to invincible, but remember these are the Yankees.

The same Yankees who have proven even their biggest doubters wrong, by defying the odds for years making the playoffs 17 out of the last 18 seasons.

So is it smart to bet against the Yankees again, or not?

Here are some opinions of baseball writers and bloggers from around the web (link to source after each prediction) :

One of the best organizations in baseball has been having some issues this offseason, an aging roster, and injuries. If you take a glance at the overall predicted roster they look to be a good team but in depth with A-Rod hurt and who knows how Jeter will do these little things could begin to make quite the impact overall. During the offseason the Yankees made only a few moves and none too significant. With A-Rod out the Yanks were forced to put Youkilis in who has aged quite a bit now which is a major reason the Sox game him up. The Yankees still have a strong team and very well could do good as usual but I guess time will tell. – Fan vs. Fan

New York Yankees: 91-71 The Yankees take a small step back in the record this year (95-67 last year) due in part to the improved Blue Jays and the simple fact that Boston can’t be as bad as they were a year ago. They are another year older but they will score runs. I feel this offense can still end up in the Top-5 in the Majors in run production.

The pitching staff will be the saving grace or the Achilles heel. If the rotation can stay healthy, they have the ability to post their lowest runs allowed total of the past decade. If the injury bug pops up, there are plenty of talented teams in the Division waiting for their chance to strike.

Schedule: The Yankees get a fairly easy interleague schedule this year with games against the Dodgers (who I feel are vastly overrated), Diamondbacks, Mets, Rockies and Padres. A 3-game series at home against San Francisco ranks as their only real challenge. The Yankees have a 17-game stretch against the Orioles, Twins, and Royals. They could feasibly go 14-3 on that stretch. – The Sultan of Squat

New York Yankees: The Yankees have been a perennial powerhouse over the years (100 give or take a few) but due to the aging roster and all of the injuries they had last year and no blockbuster deals this off-season I see them finishing fourth in this very tough division. but they are the Yankees and I could be wrong. – See more at – The Sports World

New York Yankees – Some say that with youth, you have inconsistency.  Well, I say that with age you have injury and that is exactly what is going on in the Bronx.  Their ace is 33 years old and is unfortunately at the wrong end of the prime of his career, their best right handed hitter is 39 and is coming off of an ankle injury, they chose to sign a 42 year old closer instead of a 33 year old closer, and not to mention they have a virtually entire left handed hitting lineup.  If they knock around the starter, all the opposing manager has to do is bring in a lefty and the runs will cease. – Pepe and the Reds

The decline of the pinstripes is happening before our eyes, but the roster still includes some of the best players on the planet. – Athlon Sports

It hasn’t been the best couple of months for the Yankees, first Derek Jeter breaks his ankle in the ALCS and then Alex Rodriguez becomes embroiled in yet another PED scandal.

That aside, this is still an impressive team on paper. Names like Jeter, Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano just jump off the roster at you.
The Bronx Bombers resigned Ichiro Suzuki, brought in Travis Hafner and should have a healthy Brett Gardner to start the 2013 season. In a bam-box like Yankee Stadium, those names will produce very lopsided numbers.

However, like last season, it will all depend on the pitching. Sure, C.C. Sabathia is back, but after that, the rotation leaves a lot to be desired. Following Sabathia is Hiroki Kuroda, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova.

Questions also surround the bullpen, that will have Mariano Rivera return, but his effectiveness is yet to be seen after season ending surgery last year. His mid-season replacement, Rafael Soriano, has yet to find a home this offseason, meaning that should Rivera not be his old self, or should something happen to him, the Yankees will be scrambling for bullpen help.

New York could go either way, but will be in a fight with the Orioles all season to hold onto a wild card spot at the very least. – Words Above Replacement

The Yankees won’t make the playoffs. New York has a decent starting rotation that includes CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte. And don’t forget about Michael Pineda, who should return in May or June. He still has the potential to be one of the top young starters in baseball.

But the Yankees lineup, which averaged 2.2 runs in 10 postseason games last year, lacks power. The Bronx Bombers certainly will miss an injured Alex Rodriguez and also Nick Swisher, who signed with the Cleveland Indians. – Smitty On Baseball

Yes, we’re all having fun at the Yankees’ expense. I wrote last week that the Yankees had doled out $49 million in one-year contracts without improving the roster. And that is true.

But it bears repeating that the Yankees aren’t improving a team that won 95 games this year, most in the American League.

I suppose there will come a year when the Yankees don’t show up for the pennant race. It’s inevitable, just like the retirements of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Alex Rodriguez and Hiroki Kuroda — some sooner than others. But the Yankees have made it to the playoffs 17 times in 18 years, and their only whiff was an 89-win season in 2008. They’re always there.

This year, though, poses a particular challenge. Jeter, Rivera and Rodriguez are coming back from serious injuries, and A-Rod will miss the first half. The Yankees’ tightening budget has stifled general manager Brian Cashman’s efforts to fortify the club with younger stars. Regression is inevitable. But that’s the thing about a 95-win team: The Yankees can lose seven or eight more games this year and still make the playoffs. – FOX SPORTS

The Yankees aren’t getting any younger. The offseason wasn’t a traditional Yankee offseason. Injuries and departures likely will keep this team out of AL East contention. If they can hang tough until the trade deadline they could make a push. – Arena Fanatic

After years of dominating the division, the New York Yankees look like a team that is free falling out of contention. Injuries are piling up and the roster is aging. Alex Rodriguez will miss part of the season due to injury, Derek Jeter is coming off of an ankle injury at the age of 38, and closer Mariano Rivera missed last season due to an injury fielding balls in batting practice. The bottom of the division has gotten much tougher, and the Yankees will struggle in 2013. – Michael Luchies, Yahoo! Contributor Network

Since 2008, the Tampa Bay Rays have turned this division into more than a Yankees-Red Sox battle. Last season, the Baltimore Orioles finally returned to relevancy. And 2013 shapes up as the Toronto Blue Jays’ time. They will open camp with the division’s most talented roster, but as we all know, that doesn’t guarantee success. The most accurate way to predict the order of finish in this division might be to draw names out of a hat. It is that much up in the air. – Sporting News

The Bombers had an interesting 2012, going 95-67 good enough for the AL East championship, taking it by 2 games over the O’s. They made it to the ALCS before being eliminated in 4 games by the Tigers. They resigned Hiroki Kuroda, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera to one year contracts each and re-signed Ichiro to a 2 year contract. To free agency they lost notable names like Nick Swisher, Rafael Soriano and Russell Martin.(Full free agents list seen here.) They signed Kevin Youkilis and Travis Hafner. These moves in mind, what does this mean for the 2013 Yankees? The Yankees are very similar to the team they’ve fielded for the past few years, so there won’t be much difference. However, the team is getting older and with all the competition now, especially with the Blue Jays who we will talk about in a minute, I don’t see the Yankees having enough left in the tank to do anything. Especially with two of their stars – Jeter and Rivera – coming off injuries and A-Rod fresh left hip surgery he’s still rehabbing from. They’ll manage a winning season, but that’s about it. But keep in mind, they are the Yankees and surprises can be waiting just around the corner, especially with that pocketbook the Steinbrenner’s have. Then again, Hal and Hank are not their dad, but I guess they don’t have to be with Brian Cashman there. 2013 Prediction: 4th place, 89-73. – BRaysball Talk

The Yankees can still be atop the AL East next year. I said can, not will. The Yankees are getting old, this might be their last season that they can rely on their older players because by 2014 they will be too old to contribute. Jeter is 38, Alex Rodriguez is 35, Mariano Rivera is 42, Ichiro Suzuki is 39, the core of the team is old. After this season they might need to start rebuilding in order to be championship contenders, but this year they still can win the AL East. – SportsGuy

Post-Season Chances: While the New York Yankees were quiet spenders in this year’s offseason, they managed to make the right moves to address their team needs. The Bronx Bombers picked up former Red-Sox free agent OF Kevin Youkilis and DH Travis Hafner (former heavy hitter for the Cleveland Indians).

This year’s Yankees team will not have Alex Rodriguez (barring a medical miracle) but that doesn’t mean the Yankees won’t find their way to the playoffs. Minus A-Rod this is the same team that won 95 games and the AL East crown last season.

Plus Youkilis should fill in for A-Rod just fine at 3B. Not to mention Hafner could return to his heavy hitting ways at the shorter fenced Yankee Stadium and add even more pop to an already potent lineup. Moreover, the Yankees will find a way into the post-season once more. Most likely by way of securing a Wild Card spot.

Award Winners: The 2013 MVP award goes to… NYY 2B Robinson Cano. That’s correct, I have Cano as my pick for this year’s MVP. While the other logical picks of rookie sensation Mike Trout or Triple Crown King Miguel Cabrera might be more suitable choices, I think Cano can steal the show. – Boston Sports Blog

New York Yankees are older and more obsolete than last month’s Apple product, and more expensive as well. – The On Deck Circle


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