New York Yankees: 2013 Depth Chart with Opening Day starters

What do New York Yankees fans like to be? 


New York has a passionate fan base that likes to be in the know when it involves their beloved Yankees.

With 2013 Opening Day just days away, I thought that fans might benefit from viewing the 2013 team’s depth chart.

Otherwise things could get confusing for many when they see who is playing, what, and where come April 1st in the Bronx.

The Yankees have not had an ideal Spring Training, as the number of injuries has been overwhelming.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has attempted to patch things up, but the realities are far from enviable.

Hopefully this is a lesson learned about prioritizing bench depth during the off-season, as counting on players to stay healthy is a crapshoot.

Here is the 2013 New York Yankees depth chart, as you might need it come Monday.

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2013 NYY Depth Chart

2013 NYY Depth Chart

The yellow arrows you see are pointing at the player I think will be starting for Yankees on Opening Day.

Some might disagree die to all the chatter revolving around Francisco Cervelli to be starting catcher, but my arrow points at Chris Stewart.

Stewart earned the nickname of being CC Sabathia‘s ‘personal catcher’ last season, as he was behind the dish for the majority of the aces starts. And in the midst of all the confusion already, any consistency skipper Joe Girardi can put on the field this Monday, he will.

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  1. Lester is the opening day Red Sox starter. My bet is we will use a RH bat at first and DH.