New York Yankees: 2012 Resolution That’s Easy New York Yankees: 2012 Resolution That’s Easy New York Yankees: 2012 Resolution That’s Easy

New York Yankees: 2012 Resolution That’s Easy

Making a New Year’s resolution is a time-honored tradition, and after going to the gym today I can tell you that it is still done, as it was

jammed packed.

Certain resolutions are irresolvable; such as I will never win a World Series for the obvious reason that I am female. Regardless, the majority of living men in the world today are not even remotely talented enough to play in the minor leagues.

Now the above does not apply if your name is Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez or Mariano Rivera as not only have all three already been WS Champs, they have the opportunity to do it again but the window is closing.

The 2012 New York Yankees won’t look much different from 2011, as most know that this off-season has been lifeless thus far and I do not foresee any surprises prior to the start of Spring Training.

Luckily, the Yankees have the talent to be relevant without much change but with the looming retirement of Rivera, along with the ages of Jeter and A-rod make 2012 the last season that winning a World Series might still be manageable.

I don’t think fans realize what life in the Bronx will be like when Enter Sandman no longer plays at the Stadium in the ninth inning; or in two or three years when the team no longer has their Captain.

The time is now, and after being on-hand for the Game 5 of the 2011 ALDS one would hope that would be enough for the entire Yankee team to work harder this off-season. So at least the players would know that they did everything humanly possible not repeat another early exit again in 2012.

For now, all I hope is that the majority of active Yankee players have this same sentiment.

All I can promise as a fan is that I will cheer the Yankees on through the thick and thin of the upcoming season.

English: New York Yankees Derek Jeter batting ...

What gets me ticked is when I hear stories of players, like Phil Hughes not preparing properly in the off-season as it makes me feel like my efforts are wasted.

Also, recently reading the New York Post story about Jeter’s relationship revival with Minka Kelly certainly makes me worry that this might not be in his best interests. There is no denying that last season the Captain’s overall performance soared once he kicked Kelly to the curb, and the team cannot afford for that to happen again.

Please know that what the players do off the field is not anyone’s business until it affects them on it; and the shelf life of a pro-baseball player doesn’t tolerate an unstable personal life. And Jeter needs to be all in this season, as he has another opportunity that most can’t even comprehend and he shouldn’t waste it on a chick.

So the question remains, will the 2011 Yankees have enough in 2012 to bring home a championship?


  1. stevedunphy says:

    minjka kelly who is she? and who cares except thye clowns at the ny post what a rag paper

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