New York Yankees: 2012 Projected Batting Order New York Yankees: 2012 Projected Batting Order New York Yankees: 2012 Projected Batting Order

New York Yankees: 2012 Projected Batting Order

The 2012 New York Yankees batting order is not so hard to project, which is a Godsend for skipper Joe Girardi who will already have his hands full weeding though an abundance of starting pitchers.

The only real lineup issue the Yankees have is a lack of a fulltime DH, which is not an imminent need but certainly a luxury that GM Brian Cashman would like to secure.

Here is the presumed 2012 batting order:

2012 New York Yankees Projected Batting Order

ESPN’s Buster Onley tweeted that he anticipates almost same batting order, but has Swisher in front of the DH.

And the other difference is that Onley listed free agent and ex-Phillies slugger Raul Ibanez as the DH. Onley tweeted that the Yankees are leaning towards Ibanez over Hideki Matsui or Johnny Damon because they feel he can play in the outfield for 20-30 games and the ex-Bombers don’t give them that option.

In 2011 Damon did play 16 games in the outfield and made one start at first base for the Tampa Bay Rays; and Matsui started in the outfield 27 times for the Oakland Athletics last season.

Even though Ibanez will turn 40-years old this coming June, he played 134 games in left field for the Phillies last season; so obviously that is why the Yankees fancy him over the two ex’s.


  1. Kev says:

    Damon is 38, Matsui will be 38, Ibanez (.245 BA, .289 OBP last season) will be 40. Good Lord, is this the only options the Yanks have for a left handed DH?? Kate, help me out here, I'd rather see Chavez, who is a 6x GG filling in for Arod and DHing.

    • LLP says:

      Kev – Money to the tune of 1-3 million bucks is not hog tying the Yankees by any means. I have been asking where the heck Chavez is and why is he not re-signed for some time now. I thought the only thing holding the Yankees back was Chavez pending retirement. The DH can hurt a team too unless you have a Big Papi or someone how consistently comes through. Who was the last good Yankees DH?? Matsui and he was thrown into that role in the season, he certainly wasn't ideally the DH but his knees forced him into the role. Matsui is a entirely different animal than most hitters too.

  2. Train says:

    What ever happen with the idea of trading for Andre Etheir. If they really want a DH trade for this guy stick him in right and make Swisher the DH. Etheir won the gold glove and Swish is sometimes cartoonish out there. But as a good Mgr Joe Garidi is he never puts Defence First…… As sloopy as Swisher is sometimes and as old as A. Jones, Jones is still far better than the Swish. Don't get me wrong I love the guy but not on the field…