New York Yankees: 2012 do you know the possibilities New York Yankees: 2012 do you know the possibilities New York Yankees: 2012 do you know the possibilities

New York Yankees: 2012 do you know the possibilities

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

The New York Yankees head into a 2012 season that could very well be the most important in franchise history, as losing might all of sudden not an option more than ever.

What am I getting at here?

As New York might have a chance to do something that no other city has ever done. That is to be crowned champions in all four professional sports leagues, the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB in the same year.

Look I know a lot of things need to happen for this four-part scenario to unfold, but one has already won, two others are heading in the right direction and the Yankees would be the last piece of the puzzle.

Reality is when the clock struck midnight to start the New Year, just thinking about this happening would be considered outlandish, even though the Giants had fought their way into the NFL playoffs by this point.

This whole scenario was just still a pipe dream, but I couldn’t shake it out of my brain.

Then on February 5th, the Giants proved even themselves wrong by winning the Super Bowl XLVI.

So, now the most improbable New York team had won, and it set the bar high because if the Giants could figure out how to become winners as a team than the other three had no excuses.

Now the Rangers were cruising right along, and looking like the best team in the NHL, but the Knicks looked not so good. No longer just a mess, but a mess with All-Stars who couldn’t get it done in MSG.

While in the midst of celebrating the Giants Championship, New Yorkersdidn’t realize was what was happening away from home, the

emergence of point guard Jeremy Lin.

the new york issue. hey a girl can dream.

Lin-sanity has swept the world by storm as everyone from President Obama to my mother wants to watch the Knicks again. Lin’s true story reads better than any movie script, making it impossible not to cheer for the guy.  But more importantly, the Knicks are winning again and MSG hasn’t seen this kind-of excitement in two decades.

The Knicks are becoming that scary team no one wants to play against, and the starved fans are ecstatic. There is still a lot of basketball left to play, but with Lin being the real deal it no doubt puts the team in Championship discussions and winning it is not unrealistic.

So just imagine if the Rangers kiss the Stanley Cup and the Knicks break a 29-year drought by winning the NBA Championship, the Yankees would be the last team standing.

If this ever unfolded it would be sensational, and if New York fans could pick which of the four teams would finish the race it would be the Yankees without question.

The 2012 Yankees are built for the World Series, but it is a grueling 162-game season that hasn’t even started yet but I cannot help getting ahead of myself.

Everyone knows that losing is not the Yankees way as it is Championship or bust, but that might be truer than ever in 2012 if this thing were to ever unfolded.

It is hard not to picture my hometown of New York gracing the cover of ESPN the Magazine with a title that read:

“New York: The BEST Sports TitleTown EVER!”

Four teams. Four titles. Same year. You do the math.

FYI…check out the ESPN the Magazine Photo Store to see all past covers; the city of Boston has its own section because ESPN has featured the city so often;  some Red Sox player (s) has hogged seven of those ESPN the Magazine covers.


  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Forget it. As long as the Dolans are in charge, the Knicks won’t win. And the Rangers suck. If you want a Stanley Cup, look to the Devils.

    • LLP says:

      Uncle Mike 0 – in December 2011 what were people saying about the GIANTS??? Worse than what you said about the Ranges and Knicks' potential is certainly there.