New York Yankees: 2009 vs. 2012 New York Yankees: 2009 vs. 2012 New York Yankees: 2009 vs. 2012

New York Yankees: 2009 vs. 2012

English: New York Yankees celebrate after thei...

English: New York Yankees celebrate after their 7–3 win against the Philadelphia Phillies and win the franchise’s 27th World Series championship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After watching the New York Yankees, 11-inning loss to the Toronto Blue Jays last night without a doubt I was aggravated.

So it I started thinking about the 2012 Yankees, and comparing them to the 2009 World Series Champions. And as usual started writing notes down.

So below is my attempt to make sense of my notes that I jotted down last night and this morning.


It is no big secret that Yankees players are required to play with a win-now mentality.

And with good reason as their Bosses pay players big money to field a contender with one goal, winning the World Series.

Since 2000, the Yankees have won two World Series (2000 & 2009), nine AL East Division titles and two wild card berths.

And the only season since 1996 that there was no October baseball in the Bronx was back in 2008, and it wasn’t pretty.

The Yankees are still holding the top spot in the AL East but the gap is closing. As both the Orioles and Rays are not going away, and are 3.5 and 4 games back respectively.

And even though many Yankee fans seem to find comfort in using the injuries as an excuse, I do not.

No doubt this season the Yankees can’t seem to get a break as one player gets healthy, another one gets hurt.

So, what did the 2009 Yankees have that the 2012 lack?

For starters, confidence and consistency.

See the 2009 Yankees walked around with an attitude of superiority, while beaming with an overbearing pride and in a season after they embarrassed themselves.

In 2009, the Yankees looked like they believed they were going to win, which was clear after witnessing all 15-walk off wins during the regular season; the second-most in franchise history.

Also, on August 28, 2009 the WS Champs had a win-loss record of 17-14 in 1-run games; and 6-3 in extra innings.

Compared to the 2012 team who is posting a 15-19 record in 1-run affairs; and are 3-3 when a game goes past the ninth. They have two walk-off wins and five walk-off losses this year.

Another 2012 issue is the team struggles to score with runners in scoring position (RISP).

See in 2009 the Yankees finished with a .272 batting average with RISP and scored 618 RBIs; this season the bats have a batting average with RISP of .253. That isn’t great but it has slowly improved over the season. The issue is the 393 total RBIs with runners on as that number makes your eyes pop.

Here is a table comparing some important stats:

NYY - 2009 vs. 2012 on August 28          
CBWComeback Wins
WOWWalk-off Wins
WOLWalk-off Loses
BLBlown Leads

Still, while stats look great on paper, and are useful everyone knows it takes a lot more to win than that.

Since the All-Star Break, the Yankees cannot seem to find their stride, posting a 22-21 record and with a September filled with AL East games that is not going to fly much longer.

My guess is that the Yankees are due for a hot streak soon because this team is either hot or cold, so I think they are due.

This 2012 team has been in first place for 94 days straight and I would hate to see them blow it now.

I know the 2012 Yankees have what it takes, as there is still a lot of 2009 spirit there but whether they can find it is another question but the time is now.

As the boss once said:

“Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first; winning next.”George Steinbrenner


  1. coolnewyorker says:

    The huge difference between 2009 and 2012 is what Kate ignores. INJURIES.

    Of course 2009 Yanks had better record. They were healthy practically the whole year with the exception of A-Rod who came back post hip surgery an entirely different player. He was clutch. He was never clutch before and after 2009.

    Of course 2012 record is not as good. The team has not been healthy ALL YEAR.

    But despite injuries and oppositions better this year than ever before in cinderella Orioles and pesky Rays, this battered Yanks persevere…all year, INJURIES and all. And WIN. And stay at the top.

    This 2012 guys are in a manly point of view better than 2009. They are tougher. True Yankee fans appreciate their predicaments and their winning ways.

    This is NOT the time of the year for foreboding, doomsaying and gloomy predictions.

    But Kate of course has a different idea. It's the time for her to drag us down with her unending premonitions. What else is new? But do not worry, folks…klueless Kate is ALWAYS WRONG….all year long.

    Hey, Yankee fans…do not let Kate put a damper on this very very exciting pannant race.


    • Richard says:

      A-Rod " He was clutch. He was never clutch before and after 2009." Do a little homework. I don't even like the guy, but facts are facts ( Juice or no Juice)

      Your cut and paste, constant barrage of criticisms, devoid of facts is very telling. This article was pretty positive but surely does not conform with your narrative.

      My comments are Always supported with some context. Yanks were 10 games up with their Toughness and now they Blew it down to 3. Exciting?
      For some; Frustrating? More like it.

      Granderson and Cano aren't injured are they??? Please!

      Kate said" I know the 2012 Yankees have what it takes, as there is still a lot of 2009 spirit there but whether they can find it is another question but the time is now." Where is your foreboding nonsense with this??

      You make a lot of good points, but lately NOT Cool!!

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    A-Rod is NOT clutch before and after 2009. But he is not even an impacting factor now. INJURY is.

    Comparing 2012 with 2009 at this point of the pennant race is lame and pointless. Unless Kate again wants to drag us down with her patented doomsaying and gloomy predisposition. At least this time she did not bash.

    But Kate, by totally ignoring injuries has once again demonstrated her ignorance.

    2012 Yankees have demonstrated their toughness…and this is what we should appreciate and talk about. Not 2009.

    By being able to stay on top, INJURIES and all, we have a team that is winning by sheer toughness. No reason to even think or insinuate that they would just all of a sudden realize they are not as good as 2009…and fold. Not these guys. They are the toughest Yankees, second to none.

    Girardi is successfully playing the hand he was dealt. We fans should take notice and drop Kate's sour-grape mentality. 2009 is gone!

    Let us root for what we are dealt: a tough team. Yes, Kate…this battered team has what it takes to go all the way: TOUGHNESS. But you would not know that. There is no STAT on toughness.

  3. Richard says:

    Well said. They are Tough Veterans that, as an older team will wear down. Ibanez is a prime example. Maybe just a slump, who knows. Will Toughness equate to pitching/hitting well? The season will be decided starting Monday with the 10 game stretch we have with O's/Rays. Will toughness be enough? Is it ever?

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    Sheer toughness and tenacity did. No reason to think it can no longer be done.

    1969 "You gotta believe" METS did it.

    1988 LA and Kirk Gibson did it:

    After winning the National League West division, the Dodgers were considered the underdogs throughout the 1988 postseason…. Gibson, who was not expected to play due to injuries in both legs , was surprisingly inserted as a pinch hitter with the Dodgers trailing 4–3 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning. Gibson's home run – his only plate appearance of the series – helped the Dodgers defeat the A's, 4 games to 1, securing their sixth World Series title.

    This 2012 team has many Gibsons. And I do not believe we are underdogs. These guys have been hanging in there-at the top- unsure whether or not reinforcement will come in time. Regardless, they believe, like true Yankees.

    We gotta believe…or we are just another Kate…a smirking-faultfinding-doomsaying pseudo-"Yankee fan".

    It's a hell of pennant race. No point getting dampered on by Kate. ENOUGH of Kate's party-poopering. Enough …already.

    • Richard says:

      Yankee fans come in all stripes and colors. There are those that Go Down with the Ship like You and others that get frustrated and upset when they don't meet expectations ( like Me). Nothing pseudo about it.

      I just try to keep a perspective.

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    Hey Richard…just for the record, I do get frustrated and upset and boo when Yanks play horribly like yesterday …but I do not go down with the ship for one simple reason: The ship ain't going down.

    And this is where we differ. We keep contrasting perspectives.

    We are looking at the same glass which appears to you half empty while I see it half full. This is the kind of fan that I am.

    And there are lots of us…at the bleacher, at the bar. Try being with them during these remaining games. Even when frustrated and upset, they are never down.

  6. Richard says:

    I don't drink and I prefer the shade and view from Section 420 thanks. Glad to know True Yankee fans boo too.

    I believe that September is their time to shine. When A-rod, Tax, Pettitte get cranking then the post-season is in sight.

  7. tellyalata says:

    Youre all a bunch of morons… Dicks.