New York Yankees: 10 crazy predictions you want to read New York Yankees: 10 crazy predictions you want to read New York Yankees: 10 crazy predictions you want to read

New York Yankees: 10 crazy predictions you want to read

Is the 2012 season going to be CRAZY in the Bronx?

Am I crazy?

Yes, I am completely out of my mind.

Is this realistic?

In the words of Yankee skipper Joe Girardi, “I should not say never, but no, no, no.”  

Still, even though not one of these 10 predictions will actually come true, there is nothing wrong with having a little fun in the midst of Spring Training.

Please note….#8 could be possible…the action.

  1. Michael Pineda finishes his 2012 campaign not giving up one home-run in the Bronx all season.
  2. Derek Jeter is finally wins his first AL MVP Award in 2012.
  3. Alex Rodriguez is so popular at the end of the 2012 season he made Lin-Sanity look sane. A-rod’s jersey sold more than Lin and Jeter combined. ESPN just ranked him the most popular athlete ever.
  4. Robinson Cano comes in second in the AL MVP but finished the season with a .460 batting average.
  5. Mariano Rivera saves 45 games in 2012 and signed a contract to be the Yankees closer till 2020.
  6. CC Sabathia wins the 2012 CY Young in both the AL and NL.
  7. Mark Teixeira came in third in the AL MVP voting; actually the entire top 10 MVP finishers happen to be Yankees. Tex hit 57 homers in 2012, so many thought he was a shoe-inn but rumor is he told them to give it to his Captain. Shhh…
  8. Boston fans everywhere feel indebted to skipper Joe Girardi. And to say thank you a monument in his honor will be dedicated on Yankee Way. It is called ‘the punch,’ as it is a replica of when Girardi socked Bobby V. in the mouth right after the All-Star Break.
  9. “Baseball’s LeBron in Pinstripes”….Nationals prodigy prospect Bryce Harper pulls a historical hissy fit and Washington is basically forced to put him in an insane asylum, and obviously release the nut-job. So, it was a shock when the news broke that the Yankees signed Harper the very next day. When asked, GM Brain Cashman said, “This was a no-brainer.” He also said, “I had no idea that was an insane asylum.”
  10. A two in one? The Yankees won the 2012 World Series and I guess the 2013 too. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig declared that since the Yankees did not loss a game post the All-Star Break that the Championship will count twice. So, this means the Yankees are also the 2013 Champions but Selig made it very clear that he expects this not to affect the other 29 MLB teams next season. The Yankees finished the 2012 regular season 151-11.