New York Yankee Rumors: Oliver Perez Going From Queens To The Bronx New York Yankee Rumors: Oliver Perez Going From Queens To The Bronx New York Yankee Rumors: Oliver Perez Going From Queens To The Bronx

New York Yankee Rumors: Oliver Perez Going From Queens To The Bronx

The New York Mets finally did what was thought to be the inevitable by cutting ties with pitcher Oliver Perez.

For any team, especially one in a financial mess like the Mets, it takes a lot to sever ties with a player who will still be on the payroll for $12 million.

Perez is actually second Met of the week to be kicked to the curb. Luis Castillo was sent packing just a few days prior, as the Mets are finally doing some spring-cleaning.

This was a long time coming for Perez, as he was literally wasting a roaster spot. Perez had diminished velocity and a complete inability to throw strikes, making him totally ineffective, costing the team wins.

He does throw from the coveted left side, so sending to the bullpen, as a lefty specialist was the last resort. Perez imploded, as lefty hitters crushed everything he threw.

Last season, the Mets wanted to help Perez right himself again by sending him to minors to work on changing his mechanics.

Many MLB pitchers have to change their delivery as they get older and usually they can still be effective even with the drop in velocity. Problem was Perez just turned 29 years old, meaning he was 28 back then and most players are amid their prime still.

This all doesn’t matter as Perez refused to go to the minors, leaving the Mets to claim Perez was injured just to get him off the roaster and onto the DL. What a stellar attitude.

Not only lacking talent, Perez is a horrible teammate.

Last year, I read an article by Adam Rubin of about the Mets visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to lift the spirits of injured war veterans.

Perez just didn’t show up to the team charity event and his excuse was:

“I don’t like to see people like that, so I never go there. Sometimes you see people with no legs, no arms. I don’t like to see that.”

That is just horrible, as all MLB teams do a ton of charity work. Professional athletes like to give back and for a wounded vet to meet famous athletes could be a dream come true. Perez showed his true colors and Mets fans hatred towards him was well justified.

Knowing all this I understood why Mets fans have been adamant about getting rid of Perez.

So you can understand my absolute disgust when MLB Trade Rumors headline read Yankees Have Some Interest In Oliver Perez. The original source of this torrid rumor came via twitter from Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman, who tweeted:

Yankees people have discussed ollie as cheap sign. Initial read: cashman not that enthused. Dbacks, w towers ties, best hope?

This is absolutely embarrassing for the Yankees. To be even associate with a guy like Perez in the same sentence is not cool.

Just like Cashman, I was not enthused by this whole rumor either and hopefully will never have to hear of Perez anywhere in New York again.

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