New York Yankee: Proceed With Caution New York Yankee: Proceed With Caution New York Yankee: Proceed With Caution

New York Yankee: Proceed With Caution

The message is plain and simple; New York Yankee fans need to go ahead with caution because three is a crowd.

The reality is the Yankees have not clinched a playoff berth yet and there making life awfully hard after losing the rubber game 0-3 on Sunday vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. It is hard to believe that the Yankees could very well be the man out, but as Justin Bieber says, Never Say Never.

Watching ESPN or MLB Network, one would think that the Yankees were already packing for October. All the media focus has been solely on the AL Wild Card standings, along with a lot of long-winded banter excusing why the Red Sox are stinking lately and how they are still the best team in the AL.

Well, reality bites because even though the Bombers continue to lead the AL East by 4.5 games, not winning on their own merit is a cause for concern.

There is still a week left for the Yankees to get hot again, as limping into the playoffs is not an ideal scenario.

Over the next week the Yankees will face the Rays seven times and the Red Sox three. Just typing that scenario actually makes missing the postseason way to possible in my mind.

So, my point is that all Yankee fans need to stop acting entitled and be humbled instead.


  1. I will start with the apparent reason that three’s a crowd; this necessitates one, or possibly two of the AL East teams going bye.
  2. And the other reason is how hard pressed it would be to find more than a handful of baseball experts that didn’t pick the Red Sox as the AL darlings throughout the season; other than my favorite perennial debater, ESPN’s Skip Bayless who said preseason that the Bombers were not nearly done just yet.  I mean the Yankees were not supposed to be leading the AL East with just 11 games left on the season, as the Yankees forecast was to fail.

It is funny how nothing could be further from the truth, whether the Yankees make the postseason or not.

So, in my opinion in the words of actor Mel Brooks, “Hope for the best, but expect the worst.”

Most Yankee fans I have talked too would rather continually be pleasantly surprised as it seems that is what has gone on all season long.


  1. clyde says:

    Interesting perspective, but childishly stated, poorly reasoned, and inarticulately written. This character, Kate, could benefit from a high-school English class.

    • Kate says:

      Thank you Clyde for your suggestions, but I would love to know how my 'interesting perspective' was 'childishly stated'?????

      I admit I stink at grammar and spelling but I try my best and am not perfect…..but this is a baseball blog not a English class.

  2. Juke Early says:

    In the last decade plus, the NYY have had a bad habit of tanking in Sept. — not to mention October. I really think they lack game to game prep and the guidance of strong management, who seemingly leave the highly paid players to self-motivate. Not good or observant on their part.

    The clown before me criticized the "childish(ly)" writing style of the blogger. Has he ever paid attention to most athletes & their media counterparts? Yes, there are always exceptions. But in aggregate the sports world is made up of people who have rarely been exposed to a life outside their profession. Some don't even know much of the history of their own sport, much less the one encompassing homo sapiens. It's simply not integral to their point of view. So, give Kate a break. Because she is on the money. AND I really, really don't want her to be right.

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Juke Early….and I hope I am not correct. After watching Nova throw a party on the Rays, my confidence regarding this 2011 NYY team's success is mounting upwards. Nova is ridiculously good.

      Oh and FYI…..I have been exposed to plenty of things in my life other than baseball but I see your point.