New York Yankee fans: You want another reason to hate Curt Schilling

Earlier this week during an interview with Conan O’Brian, retired Diamondback and Red Sox pitcher Curt Schillingdecided to speak his

Curt Schilling - Philadelphia - 1997 Road

Curt Schilling - Philadelphia - 1997 Road (Photo credit: BaseballBacks)

mind about the 2013 Hall-of-Fame ballot, which his name will be on for the first time.

Along with Schilling as a newbie candidate are Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Sammy Sosa, David Wells, Kenny Lofton, and Julio Franco.

Conan asked Schilling what his opinion was on fellow candidates who were lined to steroids, specifically Sosa, Bonds and Clemens possible induction into the HOF.

Schilling started by saying:

“I think you get rid of [their records].” And continued to voice his opinion:

“If you cheated, you’re done. If characters and morals don’t matter, then I’m not sure what it stands for.”

Ok, so if Mr. Schilling really means what he says about all HOF candidates linked to PED/Steroids records should be thrown out, than should the voters not take into consideration his 2004 and 2007 World Series Championships?

Well, if ‘character and morals’ are so important to Mr. Schilling than can he honestly say that the Red Sox would have won those two WS sans Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz?

Not a chance, but Mr. Schilling seems to have no problem basking in all the glory that technically steroids won for him.

Mr. Schilling should have kept his mouth shut, yea right, unless he wants to practice what he preaches by removing all records connected to PEDs.

And that would include his own, and my bet is Mr. Schilling didn’t think about the bigger picture.

New York Yankees Bernie Williams will be on the ballot for the second year, and I hope he gets the nod.

As for Schilling…go stick a bloody sock in it, seriously.