New York Times owes New York Yankees a sorry New York Times owes New York Yankees a sorry New York Times owes New York Yankees a sorry

New York Times owes New York Yankees a sorry

First let me say, Happy Birthday America; and then let me tell you a story.

My father’s New York Times – sports section – 07-04-2012

This morning my father was giving me his usual rhetoric by saying, “don’t worry about the Yankees because they are so far ahead in the AL East standings.”

See my dad is the type that usually turns off the TV by the 7th inning if the Yankees are losing by 4+ runs.

Me, on the other hand waits until the last out before declaring any game a loss with very little exceptions, buy I would be lying to you if I said it was an unwavering rule.

Now back to my dad who continued on by stating, “The Yankees have a 6-game lead in the division and to relax.”

See I am ever the pessimist when it comes to sports in general, but especially when it involves the Yankees.

And the reason is that I have been there before, letting my heart get ahead of my head in thinking that any team or game is safe. And that has led to me to massive disappointments and misunderstandings.

I like to think of it as keeping things in perspective, as I have seen the damage the Mets have done on their fans in New York; and I don’t ever want to hate the Yankees for something I presumed.

But this time my dad was wrong about the AL East standings because I knew the Orioles had won last night vs. the Mariners.

So, I jumped on the opportunity of correcting him by saying, “NO! The Yankees are just 5-games up on the Orioles and 5.5 games above the Rays. They could be tied for 1st before the All-Star Game, which is what I predicted, as the Yankees are playing carelessly and acting like they won the division already. And they better because they cannot figure out how to win at the Trop, so playing the Rays for the Wild Card should be avoided.”

As I looked back towards my dad, he was gazing at me with his you are totally wrong face, which immediately sent us both running to our sources. Me, my MacBook and him the New York Times sports section.

I quickly jumped on and clicked on STANDINGS only to find that I was correct. My dad came out of the kitchen with the paper in hand claiming he was correct.

So, we swapped.

And lo and behold the New York Times had the Yankees 6-games in front, while listed them with a 5-game lead. Please see below, as that is my father’s actual paper:

That is when I saw that the New York Times, which is read worldwide, made a mistake.

The NYT had the Yankees record as 48-31, when in actuality with the second loss to the Rays last night the Bombers were actually 48-32.

Now in the grand scheme of things little mistakes are inevitable, but this is the New York Times we are talking about. Readers deserve and expect better particularly from a newspaper of NYT’s magnitude.

To their credit the NY Times do have the correct record for the Yankees on their website.

The point is that if you are a New York Times reader and relay on their sports section for MLB updates, you might want to double-check the divisional standings somewhere else.

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