New York Giants: Time To STOMP Green Bay To 11-1 New York Giants: Time To STOMP Green Bay To 11-1 New York Giants: Time To STOMP Green Bay To 11-1

New York Giants: Time To STOMP Green Bay To 11-1

The New York Giants host the undefeated, 11-0 Green Bay Packers on Sunday at 4:15pm.

After having to sit through last Monday night‘s GIANT embarrassment vs. the New Orléans Saints, I dont’ blame anyone who cannot watchBig Blue right away.

I am still fuming and if the G-Men (specifically the defense) repeat the same crap again I am throwing in the towel.

As a fan, nothing sucks more than to watch your talented, hometown team let themselves lose and that is exactly what the G-Men did down on the Bayou.

The Packers will slaughter New York in their own house if something doesn’t change, but the Giants have never not shown up after a bad loss. And last Monday definitely qualifies times 10 because the players looked dead on the sidelines.

Where has Justin Tuck‘s 18-1 FIRE gone?

Tuck has to lead not only as a Captain, but as a player. Tuck is needed even more with the recent news that Osi Umenyiora is out for Sunday after suffering an ankle injury in the 2nd quarter in New Orléans.

To say that defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is pissed off would be an understatement, as he had this to say about his players:

“It was so disappointing from my perspective as I watched it on Monday and then watched it the next day. It was one of those games that you wanted to bury. The energy level and what we did, it baffled me. It baffled me. You are supposed to have answers, but sometimes you can’t explain something like that.”

Well, as a Giants loyalist I know how good a coach Fewell is so this one is more about the players. Now it is a new week, a new chance to redeem themselves and I will be cheering with my #91 jersey on.

It was nice to hear Tuck say this about Sunday afternoon in Met-Life Stadium:

“We have to go out there and start being about it. I think we’ve talked enough.”

All I can say is what ex-Giant turned FOX Sunday NFL Host Michael Strahan turned into a New York City motto:

 “We Going To STOMP YOU OUT !!”

Just a little more Strahan to get you going, and some 2007 memories, a team which a lot of the current Giants played on. Now let’s GO…