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Yes I Will Cheer For The Red Sox…..

Do you ever remember a situation that was undeniably always fun to watch, unpredictably exciting, in complete awe of another person’s

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talent? Accompanied, unquestionably by the personality to match, liked by enemies and peers.

The face of a nation greatest triumphs and all of a sudden this hero is not the same. It is as if he went flat, lost his the confidence of the leader that deserves respect forever. No one wants him to become an individual, who used to be a hero now be the man who is told that the is becoming undone by his deteriorating self.

For example in tennis watching Agassi struggle in his last match at the US Open, last match ever as a pro stagger cause his pain was so crippling. Even his opponent was rooting for him. Andre made me cry my eyes out as I grew up with him, watched him grow from a total punk into a graceful legend of the sport he loved. I have watched his speech after that loss on many time….…Watch below even if it is not the first time:

I think by know you can figure out who I am talking about and what I want to happen. I would love to see David Ortiz (aka. Big Papi) get a home run to continue as the hitter he sadly, used to be.

Obviously I do not want the Yankees to lose but if it happens to be a walk-off by Ortiz it would be the only cushion of a loss to Boston I could handle. I say this with total confidence and if it happens I will be happy for Big Papi. And I do no think I alone in this affair. I can bet that many Boston fans would be sadden if Jeter or Mo were in a continual slump. And poor Franconia to be put in the place to have to move his everyday spot four to eighth with the next move to be bench or dare I say minors.

Big Papi is the Jeter of the Red Sox. He has earned all the recognition, awards, and respect by being a team player. But I think we all know he is much more than that. Here are the facts:

• At 6 foot 4 and 230 pounds athlete was hailed in 2005 by Red Sox owner John Henry named Ortiz “The Best Clutch Hitter in the History of the Boston Red Sox.”

• He brings class to the field by the way he handles himself.

• Manny and Ortiz were the old Arod and Tex of today. Imagine what a great match that would have been. With Manny being Manny, I could not think of another player who handled himself with dignity and so humble at the same time. It was never all about him.

• As mainly a DH (occasional 1st baseman), Big Papi has been in the top 10 of MVP voting 3 times, 5th in 2003; 4th in 2004 and 2nd in 2005.

• Too many wards to list but that doesn’t earn the value a player like Ortiz brings. He is one of the most respected and many times described as one nicest guys in the game. And that is not only by his teammates.

• Big Papi was one of the first athletes to respond to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, writing a $50,000 check within hours of the disaster. When he broke the franchise record for home runs in 2006 he auctioned off the ball and gave the money to charities. Last December he presented $200,000 from himself and the Red Sox to a hospital in Santo Domingo to cover the cost of heart surgeries for children. When a high school baseball team from the Dominican Republic visited Fort Myers, Fla., during spring training, Ortiz gave the players equipment and an inspirational talk about the importance of education.

• On Nov. 18, the day of his 32nd birthday, Ortiz was at a Plainville, Mass., Stop & Shop to raise money, clothing and food to help victims of Hurricane Noel in the Dominican Republic. Ortiz will visit his homeland this week to help distribute the relief items and, in January, to host his annual golf tournament that supports various charities in the Dominican.

• Speaking to fans in the supermarket parking lot, in front of a 40-foot trailer filled with donations, Ortiz said, “From the bottom of my heart, this is huge. This is a wonderful thing and it’s going to help a lot of people. You cannot imagine. You have no clue about the people who are going to be helped.” And then Ortiz said, “You guys are going to make me cry. I better stop.”

Any athlete can be remembered by his athletic achievements. Many are almost superman like with astonishing stats and championships to back. Not knocking that athleticism is their job and that is a fact. Then why will Manny or Arod (for know) never be talked about the same way Big Papi and Jeter will be remembered? For the simple fact that legends are made when a players attitude and leadership can be seen, on display consistently.

The Big Papi’s of the world are the stories used as examples for the future generations to come. The message is the way you handle yourself whether it be your teammates, managers, bat-boys, hot dog vendors, fans, opposing players , etc., is as important if not more than how many homers or rbi’s.

Its how you lose, not how you win is how I think of Big Papi. This is the reason of how I, a Yankees fan, who never could’ve seen the day when she would be secretly cheering on a Red Sox became a fan.

In baseball world David Ortiz was an inspirational leader, he respected his privilege and the impact he could make in others lives. Oh wait add a stockpile of game winning bombs and one of the most feared hitters ever and that is someone when it breaks the heart of all who ever saw Big Papi.

Just want to say,

“Thank you Mr. Ortiz it has been an honor to watch the best sports rivalry in history and a highlight that it be against your team. I will say a prayer for you. I believe the game of baseball is not done with you yet so keep your head high……green monster high!

Just wanted you to know there is an avid, psycho, life-long Yankee devotee who has always and will continue to be your fan wholeheartedly.”

FYI….We still bringing our brooms to Boston!! Great game tonight Yanks and another series in our pockets but the Rays still scare the crap out of me.

GOOOOO YANKEEEEESSSS! Prove it in Boston to the people who don’t already know who #1 is!!!


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