Yankees-Tigers: New York Not Losers Of ALDS Game 3 Yankees-Tigers: New York Not Losers Of ALDS Game 3 Yankees-Tigers: New York Not Losers Of ALDS Game 3

Yankees-Tigers: New York Not Losers Of ALDS Game 3

First of all time cannot be reversed, neither can wins and losses but there is nothing wrong with relaying the real truth after-the-fact.

The New York Yankees lost to the Detroit Tigers in Game 3 of the ALDS, but facts show that the game should have gone into extra innings.

Am I being a sore loser??

Yes, and no because I am not denying that I would have liked the Yankees to win, as any fan would especially in the Postseason, but the proof is undeniable so why can’t I point it out.

Before I get to the detail, let me tell you that the homeplate umpire was not calling the same strike zone and it wasn’t just one time, it was many wrong calls not in Sabathia’s favor.

It was maddening to watch, as the ump did not settle in even after ESPN’s Buster Onley tweeted that CC talked to the homeplate ump after the 1st inning, in the utmost respectable way about the calls.

Ok, now to the proof – – rewind to Game 3, in bottom of the 3rd inning; no outs; Brandon Inge is on second base and Austin Jackson comes to the plate.

Jackson had a seven-pitch sequence, which resulted in a walk and eventually he scored the tying run and it was 2-2.

Here is a chart of Jackson’s at-bat, pitch by pitch:

Need more proof? Here is the STRIKE ZONE pictures:



The umpire messed up not one, but two opportunities that would have sent Jackson back to the Tigers dugout, instead of resulting in scoring what essentially turned out to be the extra run needed to able the Tigers to a 5-4 win.

There were many bad calls in this game, but this was the worst because Jackson technically struck out 2x’s and instead it tacked on a win for the Tigers in a five game playoff series.

Maybe Joe Torre needs to straighten out his umpires, as this happened on Monday night in the Phillies-Cardinals game and both skippers acknowledged it. ESPN reported about LaRussa’s calling out of the homeplate umpire, which many think sparked his Cardinals into the rally that lead them to win the game.

Maybe next time Girardi should go defend his ace and say something!

It is what it is….