Yankees are in but they are not done yet Yankees are in but they are not done yet Yankees are in but they are not done yet

Yankees are in but they are not done yet

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Thanks to the Rangers beating the Halos down in Texas 8-7, the New York Yankees are guaranteed at least the Wild Card berth in the 2012 Postseason but they are not done yet.

The Yankees want the AL East, and ironically the Red Sox stand between them and winning the division.

Yes, it is a decimated and tragic version of the Red Sox that we have come to know but that almost makes things harder.

You can be sure the Boston players would love to be the reason the Yankees have to play in the one-game Wild Card, which could be somewhere in California most likely Oakland.

The Yankees desperately want to avoid flying across the country to play a game to lose; or to win only to turn right back around to host what looks to be the Detroit Tigers, which means Justin Verlander.

So, the Yankees want the AL East, which they have been atop of all season long but now share with the Baltimore Orioles.

The O’s are like a painful splinter on the bottom of your foot that you can clearly see, but can’t get out. So every step you take hurts like heck, giving you a constant reminder that it is still in there.

At least the Yankees are home; come into the series with a 10-5 record vs. Boston this season; and they have CC Sabathia on the hill tonight.

The Rays need to sweep Baltimore, as well as have the Rangers beat the Athletics to get a Wild Card spot. But out of all 30 MLB teams, the Rays seem flourish as the heavy underdogs and would take the Wild Card with pleasure.

Overall, I am so spent from these games already, but in a good way, that it is hard to believe the postseason hasn’t even started yet; or that it actually is just four days away.


My sincerest congratulations to the Baltimore Orioles who also clinched a playoff spot with the Yankees last night.

I have some great friends from Baltimore who are diehard O’s fans, and I know they have waited for this day for a long time, well since 1997 at least. Still, I am very excited for them but it was well deserved as they have a fantastic ball-club.