Yankees are wounded wimpy losers Yankees are wounded wimpy losers Yankees are wounded wimpy losers

Yankees are wounded wimpy losers

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Winning can be the best retaliation but doing nothing and losing is just not something that can be ignored.

I thought the New York Yankees understood this but obviously not after witnessing yesterday’s 4-2, loss to the Seattle Mariners.

The Yankees did nada but after three key batters got plunked (along with an Ibanez dusting) in the seventh and eighth innings last night, courtesy of Mariners ace Felix Hernandez.

Hernandez’s wildness ended with Alex Rodriguez fracturing his left hand after being plunked by a change-up.

Hardball Talk’s Matthew Pouliot reported that A-rod suffered a non-displaced fracture in his left hand and will be placed on the DL.

I am still wondering why the home plate umpire did not immediately eject King Felix from the game after he hit Ichiro and Jeter?

Since the above will never be answered, the real question is how long will the Yankees be sans A-rod?

Well, according to A-rod’s sub Eric Chavez, who happen to suffered the exact same injury said he was out 8 weeks to the day.

It is no secret that this West Coast trip has been a total disaster for the first-place Yankees.

So for the Bombers have lost five of six games on this road trip, as they will look to take the rubber game from the Mariners this afternoon.

Ivan Nova will be on the bump for the Yankees, and I expect him to be a little wild in the first-inning because this team looks like a bunch of wimpy and wounded losers right now.

To steal a quote from Mets skipper Terry Collins following a drilling of Ryan Braun by his pitcher D.J. Carrasco early in the season:

“In this game there are unwritten rules. One of the unwritten rules is you hit my guy, Im hitting your guy.'”

All I have to say is ….Hit me once, shame on you. Hit me twice, shame on me. Hit me a third time? Only a fool would get hit for a third time.



  1. coolnewyorker says:

    Leave it to Kate and her proclivity to printing bashing words. This time it's "wimpy losers". WTF!!!

    The difference between top and bottom is quality or class, not unlike the difference between Rolls Royce and say, Volkwagen… or Kate and Bernadette.

    Let's say a Yanks pitcher got engaged in retaliatory beaning. So Fernandez and say, Robertson both got ejected and penalized with 5 game suspension.

    Who is the wiser?

    • LLP says:

      CNYer – they were hit 3x’s by King Felix, the owner of 2 CY Young awards in two different innings. If you think that is by accident you are nuts as Hernandez has been pitching brilliantly since the break, best in his career so the Yankees cannot take this sitting down. The Yankees have to protect their own as that is the way it is.

      I am not saying a bench brawl but plunking Montero or Kyle Seager won’t induce any suspensions…just a warning and that is all that needs to be done.
      King Felix should NEVER have been left in after he hit Jeter. Remember Ichiro and Hernandez could have had bad blood with the recent trade, so the Umps should have given a warning at the very least but did NOTHING.

      Also…..I am confused by 2 point you made.

      1) “between top and bottom is quality or class, not unlike the difference between Rolls Royce and say, Volkwagen… or Kate and Bernadette.”

      Who the heck is Bernadette, as I am presuming the KATE person is myself???

      2) “So Fernandez and say, Robertson both got ejected and penalized with 5 game suspension. Who is the wiser?”

      What are u talking about??? You are making an impossible situation as Feliz pitched last night and didn’t even get a warning. And D-Rob comes in too late into the game to male a point. It needs to be Nova in the 1st inning, one pitch that he can chalk up to losing his command.

  2. coolnewyorker says:

    I meant Hernandez. It's a typo.

    For some weird baseball quiddity, it's always the retaliatory beaning that elicits warning if not fines and suspension. Yanks cannot lose any pitcher to games suspension from "protecting" teammates. Mariners can.

    By not "protecting their own", the Yanks are playing like an elite play-off bound team.that they are…not wimpy losers.

    Bernadette is another "Lady"… seemingly a real one, of Lady at the Bat who does not engage in mudslugging or bashing words in her blogs.and seems to be more knowledgable in baseball.

    • LLP says:

      Coolnewyorker – You have your opinion on the situation that happened in Seattle, and I have mine. I still think the Yankees needed to do something considering what happend. Nova could have done it in the first inning and that would be it. I am not some advocate of retaliating on everything, but this was 3 batters and one is now on DL…. without question something should have been done.

      And I love Lady At Bat's blog and I know Bernadette but I did not realize that you were comparing me to her. Your comment "Bernadette is another "Lady"… seemingly a real one" is pretty rude considering you do not know me at all. And when you say I use bashing words, you would be correct. I am always going to give you my opinion straight, and it is not always going to sound nice or be what you want to hear.

      Lastly CooNewYorker, if you hate my blog so much and think I lack "knowledge in baseball" why even bother reading LLP????

  3. coolnewyorker says:

    Because for some weird punitive reason your blog is always there…gloomt, garbage, gutter lingo and all.

    I do not know either of you personally. I can only gather some inklings on who is a lady from how you use your keyboards.

    Well….it's possible we have different definition of "lady"

    By my defintion, I do not know any lady who types words you use or assaults anyone with the level of viciousness and sense of impunity you have . The way you abused Phil Hughes is an affront to common decency.

    I know a bunch of guys who remind me of you….on the tennis courts, softball fields and bars. They ain't no gentlemen. And they themselves proudly call one another "pigs".

    So how should I refer to you…given you ain't a guy. There is already a Miss Piggy…and she is a lady.

    • LLP says:

      Hughes deserved to be criticized, as being lazy doesn't fly well with me at all, and especially with the opportunity he has in front of him. Hughes is a decent pitcher but if he doesn't work on a third pitch his starting career will be over shortly as his low-90's velocity will not hold up forever and he doesn't have much else working in his favor to counter act it. He still has time to change that but whether he does or not is the question. Also, Hughes has had all types of aliments before age 25 so injury is a concern.

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    You did not criticize Hughes. You relentlessly assaulted him beyond the scope of sports . It was so vicious, readers wondered if you were expressing wrath of a woman scorned. It was evidently personal which I am sure is only in your fantasy. Leave him alone. Don't waste your time. You have no chance. It's not gonna happen. He is way too classy.

    I was going to suggest you stick to pure baseball…but I realize your baseball knowledge is at best dilletantish…or you would not dare blame the fans for AJ's melt down or claim Yanks do not and cannot win without A-Rod. And what is this mid-90's curveball? Did you mean kilometer per hour?

    Come to think of it, you are probably really better off with your routine bashings and doomsayings and gloomy ideations …and your vulgarity. These are your expertise.