Yankees aren't worried or winning Yankees aren't worried or winning Yankees aren't worried or winning

Yankees aren’t worried or winning

New York Yankees

New York Yankees (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

There is no way to sugarcoat this anymore because the New York Yankees absolutely stink.

Going over all the issues isn’t going to help anything because they can’t hit, they give up homers and any team can beat them; and I mean any.

All teams get a pass in the month of April, but it is Memorial Day Weekend and there is no sign of improvement as the Yankees are writing a book on new ways to lose.

Actually, the Yankees are getting worse and the fans are taking it really hard.

See, in the Big Apple we have the Giants, Jets, Mets, Rangers, Knicks, Islanders, and soon to be the Nets, and then there are the Yankees.

Since 1996 this is the team that embodies what New York City is all about, full of grinders, fighters and winners.

So, what exactly is going in here?

Is this the end of the Yankees as we know it, or are fans making mountains out of anthills?


Without using any stats to find connections to anything positive, my first thought is that the YANKEES NEED TO START BEING VERY CONCERNED NOW.

The AL East standings don’t bother me because with the crappy baseball the Yankees have played they are certainly not playoff contenders. And doesn’t the saying go ain’t no use putting up your umbrella till it rains right?

Still the Yankees I used to know didn’t tip their caps to anyone especially an opposing pitcher.

They never made excuses that there was still a lot of baseball to be played to feel good about stinking.

And the one thing the Yankees I knew always made very clear was that losing in any way; type or kind was not a major concern but the only one.

Overall, to be completely honest something just doesn’t feel right to me.

The thing that I can’t figure out is if my expectations are just too high, or if this team is really underperforming.

Do they play at New York Stankees Field?

Up until this weekend, without question it was the latter but I am not so sure any more.

Legendary NFL coach Bill Parcels once said:

“No matter how much you’ve won, no matter how many games, no matter how many championships, no matter how many Super Bowls, you’re not winning now, so you stink.”

And now it is the Yankees turn…


Obviously the Yankee players have a different view of things sitting in the dugout, so here are some recent quotes right from the horses’ mouths:

(Please note that all quotes link to their original source.)

“People are jumping off bridges. In here, we’re calm.”Nick Swisher following yesterday’s 5-2 loss to the Reds.

“Sometimes, success is contagious. Sometimes, failure is contagious.” – – –“I don’t see anybody popping champagne in the middle of May. Just like I don’t see anybody hanging their heads in the middle of May.” – Captain Derek Jeter on May 18th after losing to the Blue Jays 4-1.

“My numbers are going to be there at the end of the year — there’s no question about it.”Alex Rodriguez after this past Saturday’s, 6-5, loss to the Reds.

“There’s frustration and there’s disappointment, but it’s probably not as bad as it looks.”  – Yankees hitting Kevin Long said following yesterday’s series loss to Cincinnati.

“I’m concerned about the injuries. That’s more than half the battle. I know they’re going to keep trying, keep fighting.” – Owner Hal Steinbrenner last Wednesday at the major-league owners meetings in New York.

So, what do you think?

Please leave your opinion about the 2012 Yankees in a comment below, as I would love to hear other people’s views.




  1. tippermm says:

    AFraud is done. Lets face it, he will only hit when we have a 5 run lead. When was the last time AFraud won a game in the later innings. Remember we are talking about a $30,000,000 ball player. Then we have Tex who looks like he's done and we have both of them for the next 6 years!! The yankees will be a middle of the pack team for the next 5 years. Ho and I would sign the Graddy man before Cano (who thinks he's a superstar already)

    • Tipperman – I disagree about signing Grandy before Cano, both need to get signed. The Yankees never do this during the season and that is not going to change now, which is fine by me. And Cano is a superstar already….so he has every right o think that.

      And who cares about the paychecks….unless you are writing them that is not your problem.

  2. Don says:

    Personally, I think it is time to release or trade both Alex Rodrigez and Mark Texiera and save all that money and bring up some of our minor league players who are hungry and care more about playing the game instead of earning the big pay checks for hitting in to mid to low 200's.

    • Don – that is crazy talk.

      And I never understand why everyone is so obsessed with their paychecks??? Do you write the checks to A-rod and Tex??? No. Money is not the point here, as the players are trying you can't deny that.

  3. Sid Soos says:

    Ayankee fan since the 40's but I am disappointed in them & their general manager. They have needed better starters for the past few years, but it seems that it isnttheir mind set. If they cant develope pitchers in the minors they should fire all their scouts.

  4. DeDe says:

    Don't be haters! Either you are Yankee fans or you are not….. just saying. I don't like to lose either, but just giving up and saying they "stink" really does STINK! Go Yanks.

    • DeDe –
      No one is being a hater here, just being honest.

      There is nothing in my post about giving up….but truth is the Yankees have had a few shining moments this season but overall this team is in trouble. The Yankees are NOT playing good baseball and there is no rhyme, nor reason to think that will change.

      Just because you are a fan of a team doesn't mean they can't stink. I have been a lifelong Yankees fan and that will never change but that doesn't make me delusional.

  5. yankeefanincolo says:

    So, Don, how exactly do you propose to "release or trade" A-Rod and Tex to "save all that money"? If they release them they still have to pay them all the money left on their contracts, and no one is going to trade for them without the Yanks paying a significant portion of those contracts. So, what is your brilliant plan?

    • Exactly….that is NEVER going to happen and releasing Tex and Arod is not going to solve the problem. I don't blame any particular players but I blame the hitting more than the pitching that is all.

  6. Frank Spero says:

    "there's no way to sugar coat this the yankees stink" my sentiments exactly wake up strike out queens stop looking and start swinging (A-Rod) and what the hell is that FOOL of swisher always smiling about

    • Frank – up till now the Yankees have been playing terrible baseball. Yes there were a few shining moments in the 15 run scoring comeback vs. Red Sox but that wouldn't happen today. Boston is playing much better, and about to jump the Yankees in the standings. The way the Yankees are playing they deserve to sit in the AL East cellar; it is for the worst team and that they are without question.
      Until they go on a 6 or 7 game win streak, no one should trust the Yankees at all in 2012.
      Girardi should have left the heart of the line-up the same as it was over last 3 seasons because it worked a heck of a lot better than this.

  7. Loner says:

    When George Steinbrenner died, so did Yankee Pride. What a shame, end of an era,R.I.P.

    • Hey 2009 was won for the Boss but certainly not because of the boss. Hal might not scream and have the crazy sense of urgency like his father, but he is not happy.

  8. yankeee fan says:

    Should bring up the entire Triple A team . And rest the whole team . Giradi would like that .

  9. Marlene says:

    How much faith can we have in a website that misspells "categories" as "catagories"?

    • Marlene – it is one spelling error and I apologize for it but I think my post is pretty creditable. If you couldn't understand my point that would be one think but newspapers and magazines make spelling mistakes on a daily basis so please let us not get petty here.

  10. Mark says:

    what I think the yankees is that their hitters suck and they are playing like a bunch of wussies and they can't hit their way out of a paper bag. they have to stop trying to hit home runs and just play small ball. you know hit and run and bunt when necessary. joe girardi has to wake up and be a aggressive manager and move the lineup around. the pitchers have to step up and do their jobs. because otherwise there will be no playoffs and our manager should be fired.

    • Mark – I am 100% with you as I think the hitting is at fault here. The starters have been way better and the bullpen was unbelievable already. Even though CC gave up the runs yesterday, he still left them ample room to win the game….and this has been the issue multiple times now.
      And the hitters got on base, which is why it is so frustrating and also is a directly correlated with the batting order that Girardi has tweaked 25 times this season already.

    • Herman says:

      Girardi SUCKS, I'd bench Cano for failing to hustle! I'd bench TE X, I would also bench AROD. They need to shake things up. Thats the problem with allstars, To much money and almost no drive! Play a kid that still loves the game and is looking for a position in the bigs. Today, you don't need a good manager, the players run the show. Torre was no exception. I liked the good ole days when a manager could actually manage, Billy Martin, Whitey Herzog, Lou Pinella, Todays managers are like librarians. Boring and the players look like it.

  11. Ragin Richard says:

    Yankees known for HITTING and PITCHING right now not getting much of either. The minor leaguers are playing like minor leaguers, and the people on the DL are content and confortable to stay there. After 15 days on DL stop their pay it really helps the healing process. Using old men on the mound will not work and younger pitchers whose EGO is almost as big as their ERA won't work either. Time to get some pitching and hitters and stop waiting for old men with Astronomical EGOS to perform.

  12. ken says:

    it seems to me that the only one left with any pride in being a yankee is jeter, and he can't carry the team from leadoff. also i believe the season he is having now is an anomaly, but i hope i'm wrong. i don't know what happened but being a yankee meant like mantle with a messed up shoulder and an abcess on his leg the size you could stuff a baseball in going to stengel and saying put me in coach. stengel knowing he could,nt swing the bat or run put him in his cleanup spot and with the bases loaded in the first inning laid down a drag bunt which everyone was safe on. thats pride and desire. as mantle once said, i've got the whole off season to heal, but nows the time to play and win. show me the pride that meant you were a yankee. there was a time when players would take a pay cut just to be a yankee. it seems now that it's just show me the money.

    • LLP says:

      Why Jeter??? Because he is playing well??

      My gosh….a year ago did you say Jeter was a has-been like everyone else??? As back than Jeter had no spirit left….according to most.

  13. Frank says:

    my sentiments , exactly..they seem to all be swinging for the fences….a fan since 1945..I can`t watch them…at least the Mets try to hitn singles are much superior in the clutch…they seem content to take that first pitch down the middle..and they are paiD BIG bucks to perform like this DISGUSTING

  14. Joel says:

    The problem is simple. The solution is not. We have a first baseman that can field but can't hit. We have a 3rd baseman who left his power numbers with his accountant. We have a center fielder who has mastered the art of striking out. We have one catcher that can catch but can't hit. We have another catcher that can't catch. We have pitchers who have to throw shutouts to keep games close. We have lost players to injuries but all teams have. We are old and slow and only know how to swing for the fences. No one can bunt. No one can get a hit with a runner on 2nd or third. We take the field like Zombies and play like the walking dead. Our spirit is gone. Our pride is a thing of the past. We have a manager who doesn't have a clue as to how to shake things up and is too busy trying to look Yankee-ish to try. We will end up at the bottom of the AL East or close to it. We are so deep in the hole I expect we'll run into George one dark night. So it has been written, so it has been done.

    • LLP says:

      Joel…..WOW you said it all but I think you are being a tad harsh.

      "We take the field like Zombies and play like the walking dead. Our spirit is gone. Our pride is a thing of the past."

      The above is dramatic, as I am sure any team that is slumping you could write that about. When teams slump, players are exhausted that is a fact and not just in baseball but in life. It makes everything that much harder but these guys are working their butts off and want to win because that is how spirited they are.