Yankees: Winning, wounded and about to get hot Yankees: Winning, wounded and about to get hot Yankees: Winning, wounded and about to get hot

Yankees: Winning, wounded and about to get hot

The New York Yankeeslive to see another day in first place.

Granderson holding a hot bat.

The Bombers beat the Red Sox, 5-4 but remain tied with the Baltimore Orioles who just won’t lose as they beat the Tampa Bay Rays in walk-off fashion last night.

But hey, it wouldn’t be a 2012 Yankees win without some bumps and bruises along the way.

–       Robinson Cano’s was wrist but he says he is fine.

–       Arod football tackling Red Sox 1B James Loney but reminded him of his football days in High School.

–       Derek Jeter has to leave the game in the eighth inning as he re-aggravated a bone bruise on his left ankle but, as usual he did try to stay in the game.

Now watching the Captain run out a grounder at first base only to limp in pain and bend over in pain sent chills all over Yankee Universe.

Jeter is one of the primary reasons, along with Soriano and Kuroda, that the Yankees are still even alive right now.

The 38-year old Captain has been a multi-hit machine this season and the Yankees need him more than ever.

As expected, Jeter said he was fine after the game and skipper Joe Girardi confirmed that he was aware of the bum ankle since Tampa Bay.

My guess is Jeter will, at least DH tonight but he could very well be at shortstop too.

If you read LLP regularly than you know that I believe the Yankee bats are about to get hot and go on a mid-season tear. And I am still sticking with that notion, as it is in line for how this season should play out.

The Yankees are stranding runners all over the place again, leaving 10 guys on base in last night’s game alone but both Granderson and Cano went deep, which is exactly what I was hoping to see.

See, these events are all on course with what happened earlier this season prior to the bats going on an offensive assault, so it could very well happen again.