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Yankees: Champions are winners not survivors


MAYDAY...survivors or  MAY DAY winners?

MAYDAY…survivors or MAY DAY winners?

The oldest; the average age is 31.9 years.


DL (disabled list) that reads like an All-Star roster – Jeter, A-Rod, Grandy, Tex, Youks, Cervelli, Nova, and Pineda.


Exceeding. This team was projected to fall down, not rise up.

So far the New York Yankees are not the big disappointments everyone, myself included, anticipated.

After taking the rubber game from the Astros last night, the Yankees are officially 17-10 on the season but there are other positives to note thus far too.


–        Tied with Braves for most homers in baseball with 38.

–        2nd best slugging percentage in AL with .439.

–        3rd highest OPS in AL at .773.

–        5th in the AL in walks with 88.

–        Bats have struck out 180 times, which is the 4th least in AL.

–        400 total bases, which is 5th best in baseball.


–        3rd most wins in AL, 4th best in baseball with 12 in total.

–        Have walked 44 batters, which is 3rd least in baseball.

–        3rd most strikeouts in AL with 226 in total.

–        12 total saves is the tied for the best in the Bigs with the Pirates.

–        Closer Mariano Rivera should be the first active player to be inducted to the HOF.

What does the above all mean to me?

I can tell you that it doesn’t make the Yankees playoff contenders, as it is only one-sixth of the regular season. But it also lays the foundation that can lead to big things.

Look, I want to believe in this team as much as the next Yankee fan, but I cannot, and will not just yet.

How and why am I still so unenthusiastic?

Easy, the schedule gets much tougher starting tomorrow when the Oakland A’s arrive in the Bronx.

Up to this point, no one knows if these Yankees are real winners or just survivors yet.

The fact that the makeshift team looks to be in charge all month is preventing me from throwing caution to the wind and thinking this team is October bound. And the non-stop injuries have to hit a breaking point, I would hope.

Bottom-line is the month of May will offer a lot of answers, like it or not.

Below is the Yankees May schedule:

Please print it out as I left the last two columns blank so you can keep track of the Yankees wins-loses, and game scores throughout the month.

DateOpponentTimeu00a0(ET)W/LFinal Score
Friday, May 3vs. Oakland7:05 PM
Saturday, May 4vs. Oakland1:05 PM
Sunday, May 5vs. Oakland1:05 PM
Tuesday, May 7@Colorado8:40 PM
Wednesday, May 8@Colorado8:40 PM
Thursday, May 9@Colorado3:10 PM
Friday, May 10@Kansas City8:10 PM
Saturday, May 11@Kansas City7:10 PM
Sunday, May 12@Kansas City2:10 PM
Monday, May 13@Cleveland12:05 PM
Monday, May 13@ClevelandGame 2
Tuesday, May 14vs. Seattle7:05 PM
Wednesday, May 15vs. Seattle7:05 PM
Thursday, May 16vs. Seattle7:05 PM
Friday, May 17vs. Toronto7:05 PM
Saturday, May 18vs. Toronto1:05 PM
Sunday, May 19vs. Toronto1:05 PM
Monday, May 20@Baltimore7:05 PM
Tuesday, May 21@Baltimore7:05 PM
Wednesday, May 22@Baltimore7:05 PM
Friday, May 24@Tampa Bay7:10 PM
Saturday, May 25@Tampa Bay4:10 PM
Sunday, May 26@Tampa Bay1:40 PM
Monday, May 27@NY Mets7:10 PM
Tuesday, May 28@NY Mets7:10 PM
Wednesday, May 29vs. NY Mets7:05 PM
Thursday, May 30vs. NY Mets7:05 PM
Friday, May 31vs. Boston7:05 PM
2013 New York Yankees - May Schedule

And if you want to catch a game go get some Yankees tickets as nothing beats a game in the Bronx.

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  1. Richard says:

    I've said all along that I hope this team Survives until the walking wounded get back. I'm cautiously optimistic at this point.

    • LLP says:

      Richard – The Yankees are injured like you read about so this next month could sink them big time. As over the next month the Yankees have long stretches with no off-days and lots of travel to get through before they get some guys back from the DL.

      • Richard says:

        You're right they are Finished. Those 3 xtra road games will just Kill these old guys. Moreover, there strength of schedule is weaker (no Det, Red Sox ( until Late May). How will they survive?????

  2. Pete says:

    Where did you get your stat that the Yankees have the oldest roster? It differs from the MLB 25-man analysis.

    The First place Red Sox are 1 year younger. Is that significant to you?

    If our All-Stars were healthy would you be saying 30-31 is OLD????

    You infer that their age is the cause of their injuries which has NO basis in FACT.

    • LLP says:

      Hey Pete – here is the link that gives all MLB teams average age.

      The Yankees average is actually over 32 years old but I just used the hitters.

      • Pete says:

        Wow – You mention Nova and Pineda but you use Hitters because it fits your narrative.

        Glad your not a real journalist because they have ethics. I wonder if Holly over at Rant does the same thing????

        Don't you just feel REAL PROUD of yourself.

      • Lolo says:

        You used just the Hitters? Who does that?????? You are a Piece of Work for sure.

  3. George says:

    For every Youk or Hahner getting injured a lot there is a Ichiro who doesn't. The Rays and Giants are only 1 year younger than the Yanks so age is a nice stat but has no basis.

    Grandy got hit in Spring Trng, Tex was a fluke. Just carma. If we stay in the hunt, our pitching will take us where we want to go.

    Kate, in my 50 years as a avid Yankee Fan you have to be the most negative person I've ever read.