Yankees win but Red Sox Nation tries to rain on Eric Chavez Yankees win but Red Sox Nation tries to rain on Eric Chavez Yankees win but Red Sox Nation tries to rain on Eric Chavez

Yankees win but Red Sox Nation tries to rain on Eric Chavez


Eric Chavez

Eric Chavez (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was quite a ceremony in Boston yesterday, as the Red Sox celebrated the 100th year anniversary of their home known as Fenway Park.

The New York Yankees had a front row seat, and even came dressed for the occasion wearing vintage uniforms of the New York Highlanders, the name of the Yankees prior to 1913.

Personally, I found the throwbacks dreary and dirty looking but I did dig the maroon and grey striped socks or stirrups.

The ceremony itself was very moving with any and every Red Sox alive being introduced to the packed house, with only Roger Clemons and Kurt Schilling noticeably missing.

It brought tears to my eyes and reiterated the utter respect I have for the Red Sox as an organization.

That feeling came crashing down fast when ex-Red Sox’s Pedro Martinez and Kevin Millar, from the 2004 team, thought that making a frat-boy speech while running up and down the top of the dugout was a proper way to end the event.

Honestly, it was inappropriate and such an embarrassment even though the two clowns successfully broke the Guinness Book record for the  biggest “cheers.

All I thought was this would never go on in New York and I wouldn’t want it too. And with the state of the current team it showed a lack of respect.

Well, after an overall memorable event, things only got worse in Red Sox Nation as the Yankee bats pounded on pitcher Clay Buchholz, with Swisher, Eric Chavez, Chavez again, A-rod, and Russell Martin all going deep.

Cano, Granderson, Ibanez and the Captain all each had a hit in the Yankee 6-2 win.

The Red Sox looked lost, sloppy and very un-Boston like on a day when so many franchise and baseball icons were on hand to watch them win.

If anything can get a struggling team motivated it would have been the celebration before yesterday’s game. The pride I had watching, as Yankee fan was undeniable, so how the Red Sox players let this one slip makes me realize how much disarray the current team is in.

I doubt a team with as much talent as the Red Sox will stay in this rut much longer, as maybe they should go on a team retreat or something?

If I recall, didn’t the Yankees players hash it out in the visitor’s clubhouse up in Toronto a few seasons back, when things were not meshing?


Well, without fail, any sympathy I had towards the situation in Boston went right out the window when I saw this NESN video by Dan Duquette called, ‘Eric Chavez’ Taking Full Advantage of Yankees’ Throwback Uniforms With Suspicious Power Surge.

Obviously my first thought was how dared a Red Sox beat writer accuse Chavez of cheating, as the word “suspicious” in baseball terms usually implies something regarding PED or steroid use.

In the video, Mr. Duquette did not mention PEDs but he did accuse the Yankees of using the numberless vintage uniforms to their advantage by bringing in a “ringer” who was a Chavez lookalike. Mr. Duquette says that is the only “reasonable explanation” for Chavez having two homers in the game.

It is insulting, but mainly ignorant because Chavez was a star in Oakland for over a decade before a back injury sidelined and almost led to retirement. This is Chavez second stint with the Yankees, and last season he hit two homers, seven doubles, drew 14 walks and had 26 RBIs in 58 at-bats.

Also, Mr. Duquette should do his research as last season Chavez hit .467 vs. Red Sox pitching in 15 at-bats, with seven hits, three double, three RBIs and one walk.

Here is the bizarre video… so you can see this for yourselves.

As for my empathy towards the Red Sox situation, it was short-lived thanks to crap like this

Oh and please of anyone reading this knows Mr. Duquette, please tell him I have my eye on him now too.


  1. Richard Griffith says:

    With Ibanez in left for a while, Chavy will get more AB's as DH or 3rd which is fine by me.

  2. jim ross says:

    First of all, its Curt Schilling, not "Kurt". Second, if you don't know who "Mr. Duquette" is you have no business writing a sports blog!

    • Richard Griffith says:

      This is about Dan Jr. not his Dad. So unless you're a NESN watcher, who really known that much about him.

    • LLP says:

      Jim thank you for the Kurt/Curt correction, but FYI I do know who Mr. Duquette is but I am not an avid reader of NESN so I do not know if this is his normal-type of analysis about the Red Sox. And if it is, thank good I do not as this guy fits in perfectly with the blame everyone else problem they have in their clubhouse right now.

  3. Bob says:

    It's Curt, not Kurt.

    "All I thought was this would never go on in New York and I wouldn’t want it too."

    It's to, not too.

    Bad enough Kate can't spell, but she's focused on the throwback unifroms being "dreary". What a cluless clown…

    • Richard Griffith says:

      Too is an adverb meaning additionally, therefore she used it correctly. Plus she spelled it correctly, you meant used it incorrectly (but as I pointed out you are wrong anyway).

      Guess nobody is perfect.

    • LLP says:

      Thanks Bob…..but I did think the throwbacks looked dirty as they were that off-white color that never looks clean. I have the right to my own opinion….just cause they are Yankee uniforms doesn't mean I find them fashionable; and I can promise you I do know about clothes.

  4. Matt says:

    This is a fun blog to read. Granted, Kate often confuses too and to, but she can be pretty insightful. And I think she routinely trashes Phil Hughes to get Richard riled up. We can probably expect at least two posts on the subject every five days. Fun times, I say.

    And by the way, Richard, Bob is right. When she wrote, "… I wouldn’t want it too." It really should be "to." And to Bob: why read someone's blog, then be a jerk and call them clueless. That's classless. Just don't read it.

    • Richard Griffith says:

      You are correct. I was referring to her last sentence. I see where he quoted the other one. My bad.

    • Richard Griffith says:

      Regarding Hughes, she actually believes it. Now that Pineda is out indefinately, Hughes needs to get it right.

    • LLP says:

      Thank you Matt!!!!! I am working on too and to…..and my other grammar flaws, which are many. Please let me know if you ever want me to cover something specific, as I have an opinion on just about everything baseball. And I do not favor the Yankees, as I try to be fair.

  5. Al Fonz says:

    you are a dumb bitch

    • Richard Griffith says:

      Thanks for your input. It was full of insightful, specific, and colorful analysis. Maybe you could clean up your grammar if you can muster a cogent thought.

      • LLP says:

        Thank you Richard….for the complement and constructive criticism. I am a horrible speller but I am trying my best, as I only have so much time for sleep in the first place. Like to the posts out in timely manner first and the grammar suffers…I apologize.

    • LLP says:

      Al Fonz……that is such an insightful and original comment. I hope you don't kiss your mother with that mouth; and just a suggestion but maybe give a reason next time.

  6. Alcan says:

    the guy in the vid, whomever he is… is a dimmed wit… bringing in a ringer to a major league roster? lol, from where? the independent league? LMFAO… the mexican league? you better sign that imposter! Kate's point was very much on target…. It appears some spella checka gramma wannabee cops are in the house just to make senseless and pointless comments.
    I find the video more at of an attempt to let out some sore loser feelings than anything else… I think it is hilarious… You can see his aggravation and frustration on his dumb little dweeby face and if NESN is running this kind of crap then no wonder the the whole sox organization is falling apart.

    • Richard Griffith says:

      The gut in the video was being facetious. His point, however week was that he did not feel Chavy was up to the challenge. It was a terrific re-sign.

      • LLP says:

        Richard – I have loved Eric Chavez his entire career….he is a naturally good baseball player. And not so bad on the eyes either.

  7. Pullen says:

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