Yankees got a win but there are still issues Yankees got a win but there are still issues Yankees got a win but there are still issues

Yankees got a win but there are still issues

Yankees finally got a win in 2012....

The New York Yankees finally got their first win, down in Baltimore beating the Orioles 6-2.

No doubt that a win was needed because New York fans had hit panic, yesterday.

Even my doorman, who never fails to have the Yankee game on the radio, said he could not listen after this past weekend.

Well, now that those three long, losing days are history Yankee fans will sleep well tonight but before I do I have to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly.


1) Ivan Nova looked great tonight, and after posting an 8.06 ERA in Spring Training there was plenty of reason heading into the game that the Yankees were about to get a fourth loss.

Nova threw seven solid innings, giving up two runs, striking out seven and walking none. As the game went on, Nova got better and looked like his old self again. His breaking ball was so nasty, and I believe Nova will only get better as the season goes on.

2) Derek Jeter is playing like it is 1998, and that is totally fine by me.

Jeter went 4-4, scored in the first inning off Mark Teixeira’s single, and had a run-scoring double in the fourth inning. And I must say, the Captain looked as good as ever.

Just in case you hadn’t heard this fact from a Yankee fan yet, 1998 was the last time the Yankees started a season 0-3 but went on to win the World Series.

3) David Robertson is insane, as he loves to stir up trouble but never seems to get caught.

After striking out two Orioles, Robertson gave up two hits and looked like he was about to walk a third to the load the bases but in true Houdini form came back from a 2-0 count and struck him out.


I really like Joe Girardi, always have but he has managed to make me question his moves more in the last four days than in the last four years.

Specifically, why is he resting guys in the first four games of the season?

I get that Girardi wants to keep the players healthy but he is acting like Jeter and A-rod are coming to the ballpark in wheelchairs or something. They are 37 and 36-years old respectively, but is that really that old?

I was stunned last night when Girardi decided to DH A-rod after Nunez’s costly error on Saturday night.

Also considering the team was coming into Baltimore 0-3, you would think Girardi would put his best options on the field. And hello… where was Eric Chavez?

Girardi is acting way over-protective so unless he knows something we don’t and it continually costs the team wins; Yankee fans are going to call for his head.

I mean what good is a healthy team in October if they aren’t playing in it?

The skipper is giving over-managing a whole new meaning.


The Yankees cannot stop stranding base runners, as they left 10 guys hanging out to dry again.

That is 36 in four games, and at this rate the Yankees are on pace to leave 1400+ on base for the season.

Look I know the probability of that number is ridiculous but it is so frustrating to watch and this problem has lingered since end of last season.

Fact is when the Yankees face better pitching like they did in Tampa; they will lose if they keep stranding guys.

This number has to improve because over the next four weeks the Yankees have series against the Angels, Red Sox, Tigers, Rangers and Rays, who all will exploit this problem.


  1. swedski says:

    I don't necessarily think that Giradi resting people and getting others into games is a bad thing. My complaint is that he seems to rigid and sticks to the percentages too much. But you are also correct, he CAN*T hit for them! I thought Tex was gonna lay down a bunt here and there and still hit into the shift. Same with Grandy c'mon guys a little old school ball wil throw off all these shifts and changes.

  2. Samoyed says:

    Many of the Yanks strike out alot. This leaves men on base, Granderson and Swisher are particularly prone to swinging at anything. A real contact hitter as a leadoff man would make a big difference. Where are you Wade Boggs?

  3. Steve Karsay says:

    Sounds lie Joey G is going to give Arod or Jeter lots of days at DH vs LHP. If "Clank" Nunez can learn to relax out there the plan could work. He does have great range and first step its just those hands hes got to work on.

  4. Anthony says:

    Said it before and will say it again, Girardi should have went with AJ. The man is a computer manager and is stuck in this lefty/righty platoon garbage. If a man makes it to the majors and can only hit left handers or right handers, send him back to the minors until he becomes a baseball player. Putting Old man River (Jones) in left field and leaving the speedy Gardner on the bench is as ignorant as betting Jeter leadoff. You need speed at lead off and Gardner is the fastest guy on the club and a walk or a single from him at the start of the game will lead to him stealing second and maybe even third shaking up the opposing pitcher before he settles in. Girardi gotta go if the Yanks are going to win anything, bring in Willie Randolph!!

  5. John says:

    I agree that JOE MUST GO! And bringing in Willie Randolph is my choice as well. But now I have to question myself if I am agreeing with someone who thinks Gardner should be hitting lead off? Jeter was 4-4 last night and has had a nice start to the season. GARDNER HAS THE LOWEST BASEBALL IQ I HAVE EVER SEEN. He does not know how to steal a base, he is always waiting for the hitter to do something, he is running to late in the at bat, he puts more pressure on the hitter than the pitcher. This guy is a 4th OF at best and you think he should take Jeters place at the head of the class. Stop reading Joel Sherman and watch a game! Jeters OBP will be higher that Gardners all year, Gardner should learn how to lay down a bunt and take the bat off his shoulder before 0-2.

  6. shavager says:

    Personally I think Gardner should be leading off with Jeter batting second or third behind him. If Gardner's on in first inning, there's a hit and run or base steal with a single giving Yanks a run in first inning. Too many games last year they didn't score till later innings, jump out in front and keep knocking'em in Yanks. Girardi needs Gardner leading off, needs to quit spot relief pitching and let relievers pitch while effective instead of a one bat appearance based on a book of statistics–that book can't tell when that pitcher is having a good outing or not.

    • Steve Karsay says:

      Jeter batting 3rd would be insane at this point. If anything is set in stone its Cano, far and away the best and most complete hitter on the roster in the 3 spot.

      • shavager says:

        Nope, Jeter, Grandy should be number 2-3 hitters or vice versa–but Cano should be hitting cleanup–need the best hitter in cleanup spot and for last two seasons that's been Cano.

  7. Steve Karsay says:

    Being a big Joe Girardi fan I would recommend a platoon of Gardy at lead-off vs RHP and Jeter leading off vs LHP. I loooooooove platoons.

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