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Yankees: No Wang you

I was told once that writing down your fears, and putting a name to them, would somehow make them go away or lose power.  

English: Chien-Ming Wang while pitching for th...

English: Chien-Ming Wang while pitching for the Syracuse Chiefs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So here it goes….

Rarely do I like to criticize a fellow baseball blogger for their opinion, but unfortunately sometimes exceptions have to be made and today I am making one.

During my daily scouring of the Internet for anything baseball and New York Yankees related, I came across an article on the site Rant Sports that must be addressed.

Unless you live under a rock and don’t read the NY Daily News, starter Ivan Nova was placed on the 15-day DL over the weekend. He left Saturday’s game in the third inning to get an MRI that later revealed inflammation in his right triceps.

The Yankees called up Vidal Nuno from Triple-A to take over in the bullpen so David Phelps can make Nova’s next schedule start.

The writer of the article in question described bringing up Nuno was counterproductive on the Yankees part for not weighing all their options.

The option in question goes by the name of Chien-Ming Wang. A thought that made me gag and wonder how the heck any Yankees fan could be so naïve.

Here are her, yes unfortunately the writer is a female, exact reasons why:

“….to bring someone (Nuno) in with no major league experience over someone like Chien Ming Wang, who has an established MLB career, seems counterproductive.”

“…the fact is that he (Wang) has the major league experience and temperament already, and there is no harm in recalling him, letting him get a start and seeing where he can go from there.”

First let me point out that she failed to mention Phelps at all in the article, which makes the reader believe that Nuno is replacing Nova, which is as far from the truth as possible.

Anyone with a brain would be angry if Phelps didn’t get the nod, but personally I think Phelps should have been replaced Nova long before he got hurt anyway.

Maybe this writer doesn’t watch Yankees games, as there is no other excuse if you have seen Phelps pitch, but to suggest Wang as a viable option is just ludicrous.

The Yankees need to stop playing musical chairs with Phelps and give him some consistency, as the last thing they need is another Joba saga.

Let me just give out some Wang facts for when you live in the past like some of the Yankees front office:

–       Wang hasn’t pitched well since really 2008, and 12-innings in two Triple-A, proves nada. And FYI…Wang took the loss in the second start. He allowed six runs to score while on the bump, two of which were earned.

–       Wang’s sinkerball used to clock in 95-96 mph but now it sits around 90-91 mph. That means he will induce even more ground balls, and it is too risky to have the Yankees infield playing behind him.

Here are Wang’s stats from 2012 with the Nationals; along with his recent two starts made in Triple-A; all stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com:

Chien-Ming Wang – 2012 Pitching Stats

as Starter136.2355021.2341515314013311102.225.400.93
as Reliever107.5950010.21699210204481.591.702.00


4/20/13Syracuse ChiefsW5.0600030217451143112110
4/25/13Columbus ClippersL6.2462220278251174142420

The Yankees need to develop young arms not pray that the pinstripes will work some magic on Wang to go back in time five years.

Obviously the writer from Rant Sports didn’t factor in Phelps, which actually makes her whole theory counterproductive along with completely irrelevant.

Admittedly, I have been worried about this Wang situation since he re-signed with the Yankees this Spring.

I did feel better after reading the New York Times yesterday as skipper Joe Girardi was quoted saying, ‘the team isn’t seriously considering Wang as an option to replace the struggling Ivan Nova.

PHEW…. but FYI I was ready for when Girardi followed that statement by announcing the return of Sergio Mitre or some other ex-Florida Marlin. Joking.

Don’t’ think for a minute that GM Brian Cashman and Girardi aren’t fantasizing about Wang’s 19-game winning, 2007 season. But maybe they realized thinking of Wang being successful is not the same as having Phil Hughes daydreams.

Hopefully Cashman and Co. won’t succumb to temptation, as Wang has no business hogging a Triple A in my opinion.

Bottom line here is reading that article gave me nightmares, just knowing others are out there who want to hand Wang the ball over Phelps.

Now the only question remaining is will this problem now go poof like I was told?


And if you want to catch a game go get some Yankees tickets as nothing beats a game in the Bronx.

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  1. natcol says:

    According to http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?gid=2013

    Wang allowed 3 runs with only one earned in his April 25 3A outing.

    Please correct. Thank you.

    • LLP says:

      According to baseball-reference.com:

      Wang pitched 6.2 innings, allowed 4 hits, 6 runs, 2 earned runs, 2 walks and struck out 2 batters of the 27 he faced. Wang threw a total of 82 pitches.

      I do not know if MILB or B-R made the mistake yet.

      • Frank says:

        I followed the link that you provided above, and the stat shown on that link does say Wang pitched 6.2 innings and gave up 6 runs with 2 earned runs.

        However, I then clicked into the link for that game stat on 2013-04-25 (http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?t=g_box&did=milb&gid=2013_04_25_colaaa_swbaaa_1), and the final score of that game is 4-1 Columbus beat Scranton. Now how can Wang gave up 6 runs and yet the team lost 1-4? If you scroll down the page and you'll see Wang's pitching stat on that day, with 6.2 innings pitched, and he gave up 3 runs and 1 earned.

        Understand that you're not responsible for Baseball-reference.com's mistake, but at least correct yourself when you have the correct stats, and that's the least that you can do.

      • GEORGE says:


  2. Danny says:

    Wang allowed six runs to score while on the bump, two of which were earned. You must be watching a different game. (lol)
    In fact, he pitched 6.2 innings with 3 runs allowed and only one earned in his second start posted 0.75 ERA at AAA.

    I agree with your comment about not promoting Wang to the big league now but Nuno. But it's only about developing young talents which I agree it was the right thing for the Yanks to do.

    The Yanks signed Wang to improve their depth and as an insurance once if their starting pitchers injured which now just happened. And given that Wang has 6+ of big league experience, according to rule the Yanks cannot demote him back to Athe minors once if he has been promoted to MLB. If he didn't perform as expected, they can only leave him in the 25 man roster, or if they can prove he's injured, he'll be in the 40 man roster. Otherwise, they might wanna trade him or buy him out.

    That said, they surely wants to see Wang pitched more games and proves his pitching before they decided to promote him to the big league. It's not just about big league experience but the Yanks' strategy in use of Wang. Remember, the contract Wang has signed with the Yankees also includes an opt-out clause, saying that Wang could choose to become a free agent if he is not put into the 25-man roster prior to April 30, May 31, June 30 and Aug. 10 and 31.

    So Wang surely is also waiting for an opportunity to pitch again in the big league, and I guess he won't opt-out his contract with the Yanks, say at least before May 31. Otherwise he shouldn't be getting a competitive contract with the other teams.

    • Tom says:

      What game are you referring to???

      He has a .75ERA in 12 innings in his 2 starts with Scranton. That means less than 1 ER. So you even contradict yourself.

      • LLP says:

        Looking at pitchers ERA after two starts is irrelevant still.

        In 2012, Wang pitched 32.1 innings for the Nationals and had an ERA just shy of 7. He faced 158 batters allowing 24 earned runs, 15 walks, and five homer with a WHIP over 2. Wang hasn't been good for 5 years, so bringing him up before he clocks a full season down in Triple-A would be nuts.

        Michael Pineda is also going to be back by July, and that kid was lights out a year ago. Also, Pineda's potential is HUGE….the point of my article was Wang doesn't deserve to be called up till next season ONLY IF he kicks butt in Scranton all season. The Yankees have two more day to add Wang to the roster, and that makes me nervous because it is undeserved. Wang will embarrass the Yankees cause ML batters will kill his now 91-92 mph sinker.

    • LLP says:

      Danny – Look at the stats from Wang's last start in the minors vs. Columbus Clippers; he gave up six runs scored and two were earned when Wang was on the hill.

      I am not pulling this out of thin air here, you might want to check out the stats over at baseball-reference.com. I but the table for the game in the article.

  3. Tom says:


    Wang gave up 3 runs 1 ER in his last start. In 12,1 innings he's given up 1 ER. This is a very small sample size, but you are the one that brought it up.

    NEWS FLASH: Our infield of Nix and Nunoz has much more range than Jeter/Youck so again you are in left field.

    • LLP says:

      Tom – I got the stats from baseball-reference.com…..six runs scored and two were earned.

      Here is the link so you can check it out yourself: http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.c

      And Tom Youkilis is getting an MRI today on his back and you think it is a good idea to have him running around after groundballs all day.

      Nix is playing well so far, but you think he can do it everyday all season? It would be a first as the most games he has played in one season is 102 back in 2010. Nix will be 31 years old this summer so he is not some 26 year old finally getting a break due to injuries.

      • Tom says:

        The final score in that game was 4-1. Maybe you need to look at it again!!!!!!! It was a misprint!!!!!!

        • LLP says:

          Tom please go to this link:

          And please look at Wang's stats from his second start in Triple-A, and clearly it states 4 hits, 6 runs, 2 earned runs, 2 walks and 2 strikeouts. This is baseball-reference.com, the mecca of all baseball stats sites.

        • LLP says:

          So you looked at baseball-reference.com's page that I gave you the link for?

          Baseball-reference.com is the most used baseball stats site on the internet so it is shocking that they got Wang's game stat line wrong. I use this site religiously and get all my stats from it, so this is concerning.

          But you cannot blame me for their mistake.

  4. lolo says:

    Another deep thinker!!!!

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    That's it! Kate's world of negativity, hostility and gloom must be all she has known all her life. That's all she writes about. Poor soul.

    Oddly, YB thinks Yanks fans should not be spared of her misery.

  6. Verakel says:

    Is it that hard to admit that you did not even follow the game, and quoted from a website with incorrect information?

  7. Danny says:

    Kate – the thing here is we all know the correct stats but you’re not. It might not be your fault but the other web sites’

    But only judging from the stats without even checking on the MiLB web sites for game stats seems to be just lol.

    I mean anyone return from injuries is having a tough time and it happens all the time on baseball. You can’t tell their capabilities until you ‘watched’ them pitch and understand how batters are struggling when facing these pitchers.

    You can easily find the video of Wang’s last 1 games. In my honest opinion, his 2-seam sinks just right -at least 80% like what he did before as the ace. The only thing he needs to improve is velocity but there’s no way he can pitch at 95-96 considering he’s 33 not 25 or 26. Look at CC’s declining of velocity which is normal.

    You might wanna find the video and see how batters hit his ball. It’s always good to see the Yanks have more pitchers in the rotation that they can use (to have more security) given the fact their starting pitchers are aging and anything could happen in baseball.

    • LLP says:

      Danny – Yout have the right to your opinion about Wang but let me say I disagree.

      Wang has been attempting to come back from injury for 5 years now.

      And yes his sinker might be sinking but the velocity has dropped to much for it to be effective.

      AND THE STATS I GOT ARE FROM BASEBALL-REFERENCE.COM…..which is totally legitimate and most used stat site on the internet.

    • LLP says:

      And Danny….FYI….you might want to re-read your comment as the first sentence makes no sense at all.

      • Danny says:

        Kate – my first sentence was just to reflect the truth. You knew the real stats now – but your previous comment was based on incorrect stats.

        I'm not talking about how good Wang is here but his recent progress. I'm not talking about his comeback but how ridiculous it was to judge a pitcher for only 2 games especially based on incorrect stats and never watch him pitch. There's nothing emotionally about if it was Wang.

        re: BASEBALL-REFERENCE.COM totally legitimate and most used stat site on the internet

        Are you saying even if you get the the stats from MiLB (and all your readers told you you're quoting the wrong stats) you still believe there's a site providing the most accurate info than the official web site?

  8. Tom Wynne says:

    you say YOU watch Yankee games? Phelps enters a game and disaster strikes. I am going JOBA WAY BEFORE Phelps! Phelps will make a good #5 starter for San Diego, Pittsburgh, or Houston.

  9. Lolo says:

    This a lot of nothing for a AAA pitcher who has thrown just 12 innings. Let me guess………

  10. Vince says:

    Let me guess if baseball-reference.com says Wang gave up 100 runs and 99 earned.
    Kate would still believe that it was an valid record, and only argue that baseball-reference.com is the most cited website for baseball.
    This is absolutely absurd.

    I think a true fan who really knows baseball would not only talk about statistics. he/she talks about how players actually perform in a game.
    Do you actually watch ball games??? I just doubt. How many games that you actually watch Wang play?

    Wang just threw any solid game, strong 7 innings with 1 earned today, don't make yourself a fool by saying it was another 6 runs and 2 earned this time… check it with responsibility if you post something up.

    • LLP says:

      I get what you mean about the stats situation Vince, but just so you know I watch games all the time. I also go to Yankee games regularly as I live in the city.

      The velocity of Wang's sinkerball plays a HUGE factor in its success. He is not the 95-96 mph pitcher that he was 5 years ago and that is just a fact.

      And yes, I did watch Wang throw in the WBC. Bottom line is he has a TON to prove before, or if ever should get a nod to the Bornx in the future.

      • George says:

        Wang NEVER averaged 95-96 with his sinker. I think SINK has more to do with it than velocity

      • Vince says:

        Wang actually had two strong outs in WBC, one against Japan. The difficulty in WBC was way more intense than 3A. Of course, Wang has a ton to prove because a lot of B class managers only call up players based on statistics. Joe said he needs to see at least 5 games. Except top three SPs, Yankees has not done well this year, what does this tell us? Statistics is not perfect. It is only to assist managers to know a nobody. Wang had it before and now he has been showing some consistency since Feb. I don't know why Joe would rather see more proof and not utilize Wang's efficient pitching now to help Yankees.

        In his prime, Wang's sinkers usually went around 93. Occasionally some fastball at high 90s, but he did not hurl them that often. Now there may be some doubts about Wang's getting back to his prime. But come on, Yankees has no 4th and 5th SPs now. Wang can still be a 5th. and perhaps go for 4th spot in the rotation.

        If Phelps and Hughes continue to play as they do now, Wang does not need to prove much more than what he has shown…besides Nuno has only records of 3A or lower, what he has proven? I guess what you can say is that some managers are just conservative and myopic, they rather pick power pitchers and lose than a sinker baller and win.

        What can I say…But we will see Wang's day is about to come again.

        • George says:

          Hughes has been pretty good lately.

          • LLP says:

            George – I agree with you about Hughes as two starts ago was the best I have seen out of him. Hopefully he can sustain this and not revert to a home-run machine.

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