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Yankees: Walk off weekend feeling


Yankees Win

Yankees Win (Photo credit: L.Burchfield)

 This past weekend the New York Yankees earned their first series win since the All-Star Break.

But even better was winning two of three vs. the red-hot Detroit Tigers, who came into the Bronx on a 12-0 streak and with a comfortable seven game lead in the AL Central.

The Tigers still hold the best record in the AL at 69-47, while the Bronx Bombers at 59-57 are sitting tight in ninth in the league and seven games out of a Wild Card spot.

Both Yankees wins came in walk-off fashion off the bat of Brett Gardner.

The Yankees were ahead in the ninth inning in both wins, but the Tigers bats tied it up against the great Mariano Rivera. Mo missed both save opportunities making that three blown outings in a row, a career first for the most dominant closer ever.


Do you remember those butterflies in your stomach feeling when your crush likes you back?

Well, for the first time this season, that is what I felt watching the Yankees win this past weekend.

Like most Yankees fans, this season has humbled me, as I no longer take that loving feeling for of winning for granted anymore.

Regardless of Mo blowing both saves, this is the exact kind of weekend the Yankees desperately needed if they are going to have a shot at the postseason.

The batting order reads like a Yankees batting order again, as the return of A-Rod, along with trading for Alfonso Soriano are starting to pay off.

Over the Yankees offense has been historically terrible this season. Just look at where the bats rank across the majors.

(rankings courtesy of ESPN.com)

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Reality bites after looking at the above; and the fact that the Yankees are 10 back in the AL East. So unless the Bronx Bombers go on an offensive tear, the division is a long shot.

Admittedly, prior to this walk-off weekend any bit of October-hope I had left went bye-bye.

Two, walk-off wins later, and my postseason dreams are back again.

Is this a case of false hope?

Possibly but I am trying to love in the now, and presently that makes my notions about the Yankees very real.

What happens onward is up to the Yankees, something I am undeniably comfortable with for the first time this season.

Now that has to mean something, right?

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