Come on Yankees I am on vacation Come on Yankees I am on vacation Come on Yankees I am on vacation

Come on Yankees I am on vacation

After enduring the New York Yankees latest series loss to a struggling and AL East foe, the Toronto Blue Jays, it is pretty hard to deny what is possibly happening here.

2012 World Series Logo

And that is the fact that this 2012 pinstripe squad is not competing like a team that is postseason bound; not even close.

Personally, I am struggling to stay positive here.

But I am trying to trust in the fact that streaks are always in the past, and along with a formula of timing + talent that a team like the Yankees are due for a hot streak any day now.

Maybe a calendar change like to the month of September will spark them to go on a June-like tear where they finished the month 20-7.

The Yankees have the hot Orioles to contend with over Labor Day weekend, which is a HUGE series, as the Bombers will try to hold off Buck’s Birds from making headway in the AL East.

And if the you look at the post All-Star Break divisional standings that is a tall task for the Bombers right now.

Here is how the AL East teams have looked this month: (

Tampa Bay1790.654-7-510-41206555Won 1
Baltimore1690.6400.511-45-51071025Lost 1
NY Yankees15120.5562.59-56-713211319Lost 1
Boston9180.3338.55-104-8135147-12Lost 2
Toronto7190.269103-74-1285131-46Won 1

And here are the real standings, as of today (

NY Yankees75550.577-40-2635-2962953396Lost 14-6
Baltimore71580.553.536-3035-28543589-46Lost 17-3
Tampa Bay71590.546435-3036-2954847474Won 15-5
Boston62690.47313.532-3830-3164562025Lost 23-7
Toronto58710.4516.531-3027-41590624-34Won 12-8

Now just so readers know, will be on vacation starting from this post until the Tuesday after Labor Day, which is September 5th.

I will post my Weekly MLB Power Rankings on Friday but otherwise have a great last weekend of the summer.

And even though I will be at the beach, you can bet I will be watching all Yankees games.

But what I am really scared of is that the Yankees will not be sitting atop the AL East when I return.


  1. coolnewyorker says:

    Almost done reading this latest from LLP, I thought finally Kate had abandoned her trademark doomsaying and gloomy ideas … but nope, didn't happen.

    "But what I am really scared of is that the Yankees will not be sitting atop the AL East when I return."

    She had to close this otherwise tolerable article with yet another foreboding thought.

    Luckily, for the true Yankee fans, she seldom gets it right. NO Kate, Sept. 5th is a Wednesday, not Tuesday..

    Kate, I wish you a pleasant holiday. Thanks for taking time away from us, albeit so briefly. Don't hurry back.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – You can live in la-la-land about the Yankees but being uncertain about the Yankees making the postseason is not an opinion it is a fact!!!

      Every Yankee fan I know is extremely concerned and for good reason. Look I want the Yankees to win more than anyone but I cannot will the team there, or live on the success of past seasons because this is 2012 and things are NOT going well right now.

      Can the Yankees turn it around???

      Darn right they can……but time is starting to not be on their side and that is out of everyone's hands.

  2. Richard says:

    Sorry Billy Ocean, but "When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going". Yep, here we are the 10 game stretch that will define this mentally tough team that lost 2 of 3 to the Bautista-less Jays. No Gibson this series just another lack-luster performance. But a couple of 3 run jacks from Grandy and Cano will get me out of my doldrums.

  3. coolnewyorker says:

    Hi, Richard… this is what happens when you hang around too much with Kate. and her half-empty glass .

    You become just as cynical and hopeless dwelling at the negatives. Not a healthy disposition.

    I hope in Kate's brief absence, you get to watch the games with true fans in a bar or the stadium and get to experience a nail-biting pennant race hoping that Yanks stay on top instead of fearing they do not. Unless of course if you are also not a yanks fan.

    Like real lady Bernadette of Lady at the Bat posted today, she feels helpless watching the loss…BUT NOT HOPELESS. That's my kind of girl.

    That's a true yanks fan.

  4. Richard says:

    I'm glad you have the market on what constitutes a True Yankee Fan. Although not a bar fan where True fans hang out, I was at the stadium last night where 10-15,ooo not True Yanks fans were booing. Imagine that !!

    Disappointing not hopeless when you have a 3 game lead going into Sept. Did I even use that word Dr Watson?

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    With a game like yesterday, all the bar fans were booing.. ..we've seen this type of game before…but none of us was thinking or fearing Yanks will not be atop the division anytime.

    All the more reason we can't wait till the Birds fly over this Friday. Showtime!

    Now Richard, are you going to watch this series with the true fans hoping the Yanks stay on top? Or fearing they do not and stay with Kate?

    Then depending on how you opt to watch., you yourself should know what kind of fan you are. You do not need me or anyone else to tell you..

    BTW, the 1969 METS were 7 games behind first place Cubs entering September. 3 games ahead is a lot better than 7 games behind.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – You can live in la-la-land about the Yankees but being uncertain about the Yankees making the postseason is not an opinion it is a fact!!!

      Here is a quote from a NY Daily News article from yesterday:
      "There was no one in the Yankee clubhouse Wednesday who would dispute the fact that they’re not playing very good baseball right now."

      CNY….the Yankees have to play better baseball and the players know they are going to miss October if this doesn't happen NOW!!!

      I am just being realistic about what is happening right in front of me the last month….maybe we are watching 2 different games because only a delusional fan would NOT be scared of the Yankees falling out of first place right now.

      Even the Yankees know that the way they are playing is NOT going to lead them anywhere good, you are the only one who is in denial here.

      • coolnewyorker says:

        Hey Kate….I know no one who lives in La La land. Certainly not I. But you are living in your own created hell with your apocalyptic mentation.

        You write like you have never seen a team that goes in stretches of playing sub-par or losing streaks . The one time best record holder NATS just a week or so ago- young and healthy- took a 4 game losing streak including a sweep by the last place Phillies.

        That, Kate is baseball. Plain and simple.

        Now, you can doomsay all you want and just as I cannot will the team to win by hoping for the best, you cannot likewise will them to slide off the top by fearing they do.

        I am so glad you are seldom right. And I hope your premonitions are just your usual Kate's stuffs. WRONG.

        You can watch this pennant race with other doomsayers fearing for the worst and get neurosis or with die hard fans hoping for the best, stay sound and have a blast.. No matter what we fans do…what will happen will happen..

        I have confidence in pinstripes. Tomorrow I'll be with the bleacher creatures. Kate, do not go there with your doomsayings. These are true fans. They will throw you out of there, I guarantee.

    • richard says:

      You like to speak for others as though you've taken a survey of how they think. You have no idea what any group of people are thinking let alone hundreds or thousands of bleacher creatures. This is not about me or Kate. It's about You.

      I'm glad your so optimistic. I'm a realist. You see the light at the end of the tunnel and I see the train. This is not just your typical loosing streak. they are essentially a .500 team the last month. That's real!!

      All Yankee fans want the same thing. You sound pompous and condecending with your True Yankee speech. But you know that already.

  6. coolnewyorker says:

    Richard, as I have said before, you spend too much time with Kate with her half empty glass of doom and gloom and you will finish this season a "reralistic" wreck.. It's possible you may not even finish.

    Meanwhile, even with yesterday's loss , the bleacher creatures. were fun to be with. There is true brotherhood amongst true fans..especialy in a losing game You should try it. If you cannot join the bleacher mob, hit the bar …there is no "fan" like Kate in there… except the ones with Red Sox caps. Yes…these misplaced Bostonians have the same vibes as Kate. They can't wait for Yanks to melt down. Stay away from them.

    This is exactly the time to be with true fans… a perilous drive to the finish..

    See….we have this whole weekend to have fun warching the Yanks…win or loss.Just like true fans.

  7. Emily lomba says:

    Ha ha very interesting to hear!!! The East teams table is really important to me to know. I appreciate your writing Kate. Thanks the head up and keep posting like this……..

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