Yankees Universe trumps Red Sox Nation Yankees Universe trumps Red Sox Nation Yankees Universe trumps Red Sox Nation

Yankees Universe trumps Red Sox Nation


Don't mess with TEX....just ask any Red Sox fan.

What started out as a Yankees blowout in Fenway Park, ended in New York win.

Starting pitcher Freddy Garcia was worse than horrible, as he even made Phil Hughes look good.

The Red Sox feasted on Garcia’s inability to pitch. Boston had a 9-0 lead come the 5th inning and things were not looking good for the Yankees.

Than Mark Teixeira hit a homer in the 6th inning, score was 9-1.

Next came Nick Swisher who hit a grand slam in the 7th inning, score was 9-5.

Same inning still and Tex wasn’t down yet as he hit another bomb, with two men on base, score was now 9-8.

By the bottom of the 8th inning, the Yankees had a comfortable 15-9 lead.

Rafael Soriano took over the mound for Boone Logan in the middle of the inning, finished out the game, and got the W.

Overall, it was a great day in Yankee Universe.


It is easy for Red Sox fans to blame new skipper Bobby Valentine for the team losing their last five in a row, but is it fair?

No it is not because Valentine walked into this mess that started last season.

Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, the players decided to not like Valentine from the get-go.

Obviously whatever is going on in the Red Sox clubhouse has more to do with bad attitudes than just a good old frat party.

Valentine is being himself, and his actions are probably more justified than anyone knows.

Maybe it is time for the Red Sox players to give Valentine a chance because things are only getting worse.

As of now things are not just bad, they are no longer fun and that is not baseball.

Whatever it is will be tough at first because change always is but for baseball’s sake, I hope it happens soon.

The Red Sox are such a big part of baseball every season that even as a Yankee fan, I miss having them around.