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Yankees Universe: Are you on Team Hal or Team George

Are you on team Hal?

Are you on team Hal?

Over the last two months New York Yankees fans have been at each other throats.

Between tweeting, Facebook and blog commenting this divide has gotten down right nasty more times than not, myself included.

The argument is over the new parsimony approach that inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner has implemented in this current off-season.

As fans are either furious, or delighted with the Yankees new frugal life. The rest feel slighted because they led to believe that the days of the Boss were the best.

With Spring Training still being a month away, you can bet that this debate will only continue to escalate. And the end will come after the Yankees secure a 2013 postseason berth.

So it is team Hal or team George, as there is no in-between here for Yankees fans so I have decided to help you out with your decision.

Since my opinion is well documented on the Yankees new regime here, here and here, I thought giving readers a range of opinions from other baseball bloggers would give you a broader perspective.

So here are the links to 12 articles that I think all of Yankee Universe should take the time to check out:


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The New York Yankees will rise from the ashes and surprise all of baseball– Rant Sports

​Are you on TEAM GEORGE?

Are you on TEAM GEORGE?

Is 2013 Finally the Year the Doomsayers Are Right About New York Yankees?– Yahoo Sports

2014 Payroll Outlook And The Current Effect– the Yankee Analysts

There May Be A Lot Of Empty Seats At Yankee Stadium This Year– Deadspin

In 2013, time is not on the Yankees side ESPN

Writing Off the 2013 New York Yankees is a Mistake – Yanks Go Yard

Yankees lineup could be downright offensive– It’s all about the Money

Q&A: Hal Steinbrenner Talks Free Agents, Payroll, Empty SeatsWall Street Journal

One Way or another, Yankees will pay – ESPN 

Yanks sign another; I’m getting bored writing about them– An A-blog for A-rod

2013 Starting Rotation vs. Blue Jays– Was Watching


  1. Kurt Smith says:

    As an O's fan, I'm happy that the Yankees haven't made any major moves under King Hal! :-)

  2. Vince says:

    I am on Team George,Clueless Hal Sux.

  3. Sam says:

    I'll choose the one that is alive – you know the one that pays the luxury tax because of George. We have had the highest payroll in years – Is this the way you manage your finances??
    He signed or resigned Kuroda. Pettite, Mo, Youck, and Ichiro. That's a hunk of money.

    Your posts are boring and predictable. Why not concentrate on what we have and quit winning about the past. Be a grownup.