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Yankees Universe you need to read this about Wang

English: Wang in bullpen 2

English: Wang in bullpen 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It doesn’t take much to impress the New York Yankees these days, as Chien-Ming Wang just proved inking a one-year minor league deal with the team.

It took Wang all of 12 scoreless innings in the WBC for the Yankees to abolish his past.

Wang has been injured and ineffective for years, as his last decent outing in the majors was with the Yankees back on July 15, 2008. Wang broke his foot running the base pads in the game and he missed the rest of the season.

In 2009, Wang’s return was a disaster as by the end of April he had an ERA of 34.50. At the start of July he was 1-6 but had lowered his ERA just shy of 11 but needed to have major shoulder surgery and that were what I thought were his last days in pinstripes.

After missing more than half of 2009 and all of 2010, Wang signed on with the Washington Nationals and here is how he fared down in DC:

all stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com

Generally Yankees fans seem to think Wang was a good pick-up and that it is not an impact deal. A few crazies view Wang as the missing piece that could lead the team to the playoffs.

I completely disagree with the general opinion of my fellow Yankees fans.

Signing Wang sends more mixed messages to me and shows more irresponsibility by the front office.

Here is what jumped into my head when I heard that Wang was back:

1) Wang signed what was said to be a minor league deal, but the details were not released.  will join the Triple-A Scranton rotation to start. In turn this knocks a pitcher from every minor league level down a rung, which doesn’t scream ‘prospect development’ to me. Since the Yankees priorities are obviously not farm system focused it must mean they are going to start spending money again, right?

2) Wang drew the Yankees attention after throwing 12 good innings over two starts in the WBC for Team Chinese Taipei. Wang posted a 1-0 record, giving up 10 hits, one walk and three strikeouts. That itty-bitty performance was all the Yankees needed to forget that Wang hasn’t pitched well since 2008 in a big league game. And his injury history, oh whatever.

3) Whoops…I almost forgot to mention that in Wang’s first WBC outing the defense made three double plays behind him. That is six outs right there. It makes sense that Team CT had top infield because with Wang being a sinkerball pitcher it is imperative to have a top rated defensive behind him. A sinker provokes a ton of ground balls, and as of now the Yankees infield’s movement should be kept at a minimum. So that must mean the Yankees have something big up their sleeve.

Otherwise starting Wang without a major overall in the infield could result in Nunez breaking MLB’s most errors record; Jeter breaking his surgically repaired ankle; Juan Rivera will be at first base; and Youkilis is not exactly a defensive wizard. And that would fall under the class of irresponsible.

4) Another hint that the Yankees that Hal Steinbrenner is about to throw caution to the wind by signing Wang is maybe the Yankees are planning on trading Ivan Nova, David Phelps or Phil Hughes for a big batter. This goes back to #1 as it implies that Hal decided not to develop from within the organization, as he wouldn’t trade away Phelps, Nova or 18-game winner Hughes just to save a buck, right? Right.

The bottom line is if the Yankees continue signing veteran washed up, has-been when it stalls any prospects from getting a chance.

The Yankees should just trade the farm system away for a player like Marlins Mike Stanton, but instead of letting these kids continue to waste away?

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  1. nick says:

    what prospect are they holding back?

    • LLP says:

      Doesn't have to be specific name, it is the prevents a spot being open to a prospect. The Yankees have to give these young guys more chances like other teams do.

      Wang taking a spot in Scranton's rotation would have to be filled by someone else because you need 5 starters…..so that spot could have given to a younger player a shot. That is my point.

  2. VinnyfromDaBronx says:

    Are you a really a Yankee fan or just a dummy ?

    • LLP says:

      VinneyfronDaBronx – Well I am far from dumb and yes, I am Yankees fan.

      Look I believed Hal Steinbrenner's words that the focus was on prospect development to save money. If they are going to bring back washed-up, injury riddled players still the Yankees have to spend some green to get some super stars to balance things out. Personally, I like would rather spend like the Boss because it is more fun and then the Yankees can afford to screw up or trade away their prospects.

      Back to your question, "Are you a really a Yankee fan or just a dummy?" is confusing because you do not state any reason of how/why you came to this conclusion. I can tell you that I am a realistic Yankees fan.

      Could you please elaborate a little more so I can properly answer your question? Thank you.

  3. Vboy says:

    I do not sgree at all with your post. Wang was a cheap, relatively low risk experiment for the Yankees. He is simply insurance for the organization. If Wang shows he still has some gas left in the tank, everyone will be reporting on what a genius Cashman is for the signing. Best to wait and see how this plays out- the Yankees have greater issues right now other than the signing of a minor league pitcher to a 1 year deal.

    • LLP says:

      Vboy – Wang was not signed to sit in Scranton all season long, as the details of his contract have yet to be released. Also, Wang used to have a 95-96 mph sinkerball, he clocked around 90 mph in the WBC. The Yankees infield is not built to handle all the groundballs he will produce. Fact is a SB pitcher's success heavily relies on who is behind him and the Yankees are to beat-up and old to handle Wang pitching every fifth day.
      This signing is the same old Yankees…..Wang's 12 scoreless innings, he only had 3 strikeouts, and in his first outing he allowed 12 hits. Out of those12 hits the defense behind Wang made 3 double plays. That is 6 outs right there. Wang has been out of it to long for the Yankees to waste their time with Wang unless they have a bigger plan.
      Nova came out of the bullpen yesterday, so if that is the plan who is subbing in for Hughes? Pineda is not ready, Warren got shelled yesterday so who else does that leave other then Wang?

      CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, Phelps, ???? I think Nova deserves a shot way before Wang. Wang is not going to resurge as too many other things have to happen for that. Nova can be successful and is young, the Yankees need to groom him. But instead they will toss him into the bullpen, which screws up his mentality and how he has to pitch. The Yankees are very quick to give Sergio Mitre endless chances but not a young prospect with proven potential.

      Also, you think Wang's ego is going to settle in Scranton's rotation for the season?

    • LLP says:

      Vboy – I agree with what you are saying about the Wang signing being harmless but so why do it at all?
      Fact is Wang takes up a space for a prospect to get more experience, which just bothers me.
      I get nervous that the Yankees plan to use Wang no matter what, and this infield cannot handle a sinkerball pitcher at all. Also, Pineda threw a live bullpen this past week and he could be a real asset. So signign Wang seems like a waste of time and a roster spot; and I know that Scranton's rotation had an open spot but it could have been filled from below.

  4. jakegibbs41 says:

    I do not think Wang will be at SWB all season. I thought he has to be on a major league roster by either May 1 or June 1 (one of those dates) or else he can walk. Again, as has been said, he is a low risk opportunity. Worth a shot, IMO.

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    LLP…when are you going to stop being such a damper to Yankees universe? All you can write about this early in pre-season is AGAIN your trademark doomsaying yankeephobia.


    Better yet…just go away Go to Fenway. .

    • LLP says:

      CNY – What doom am I bringing? These are just the facts right now. If you want live in lala land that is your issue but this Yankees team has a lot of issues and questions.

      How does discussing Wang put "a damper to Yankees universe?"

      The guy is NOT what he was six years ago, and the Yankees are not built to handle all the groundballs his sinker induces. You have every right to your opinion but you have to look at the stats / facts and face reality sometimes. Or else you are in for a lot of disappointment and confusion if you continue to live in utter denial.

  6. Richard says:

    Wang's average FB velocity per FanGraphs is 90-92. Nice try.

    • LLP says:

      Richard – in 2007 Wang's Sinker averaged 94.07 mph….in 2012 same pitched averaged 91.70 mph. You can verify this information at http://brooksbaseball.net/.

      First if a pitcher threw between 90-92 mph that would be an average of 91mph. That is a lot lower then 94mph especially for a sinkerball pitcher. Also, sinkerball pitcher's success relies heavily on having atop rated infield defense behind them and the Yankees do not have that. Jeter has a bad ankle; Teixeira is hurt; Youkilis is a so-so defender; and Nova is a liability out there.

      The infield defense is not strong enough to handle Wang's declined velocity. And he is not a strikeout pitcher, as he proved in the WBC. In Wang's first outing the infield made 3 double plays behind, which is already six outs.

      • Richard says:

        You removed the part that had him clocked at 95-96. That was the point. Sink not velocity is the key to higher ground out %.

        • LLP says:

          What part are you talking about?

          Could you please show me the link to where it states that Wang was throwing 95-96mph because I NEVER saw that written anywhere.

          • Richard says:

            "Vboy – Wang was not signed to sit in Scranton all season long, as the details of his contract have yet to be released. Also, Wang used to have a 95-96 mph sinkerball, he clocked around 90 mph in the WBC."

            quoted by YOU. He used to throw his FB at 95+ never his SB.

      • Riochard says:

        So you would rather Wang be a flyball pitcher in Yankee Stadium? And our defense is so poor we can't handle grounders either. Damn, why even play the game. I predict last place for sure.

  7. JMR224 says:

    What about Wang ending up in Yankee bullpen? Could this be the plan? Maybe eat up some middle innings when starters have a bad day? Just spit balling.

  8. coolnewyorker says:

    Comebakers from injuries/surgeries are unpredictable. Some do well/or better and some do not in the same time framework. Eventually most of them recover fully to their old selves.

    Wang should not be dismissed or labeled washed-up.

    Fact is we do not know what will happen. Any speculation is exactly that: guess. True Yanks fans will guess hopefully and Yankeephobes such as LLP will guess negatively.

    LLP just does not learn with all her trademark doomsayings . She was wrong all year round last year. And she is starting the same wrong trends this year. Pathetic.

    • LLP says:

      CNY – How can you say Wang is not washed-up?
      Wang's last successful season was in 2008, which is ample time to make that judgement.
      "True Yanks fans will guess hopefully," so you think that a true fan will only find the positive in everything to do with the Yankees?
      I think being realistic is the best way to see things, including what goes on with the Yankees. I think a fans who cannot admit the facts are in for some serious disappointment.

      CNY – How can you say I was wrong all last season? It is ridiculous.

      Also, what wrong trend am I starting now? Please explain with details and examples.

  9. Richard says:

    Let's see……

    First you say Wang was not successful, then 2008 was his last successful season ( he was our ACE in 06/07) and he threw his Sinker 95-96. You throw out such morsels that you don't even remember you did. Facts DO matter, just not to YOU.

    Cashman was criticized for signing Chavy, Garcia, Ichiro, Ibanez etc etc. It's amazing how things change once these washed up Vets put on a Yankee uniform. Someone as smart as you think you are should realize this by now. You didn't say a word about Hafner which is quite telling.