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Yankees Universe: Predictions wanted

2012 AL Postseason Predictions

The sport of baseball is in a fantastic place right now.

The fact is that two of the 10-playoff berths only got locked up yesterday is absurd, considering there are only 12 -14 games left in the regular season.

And the two teams who clinched spots were the Washington Nationals and Cincinnati Reds, both NL teams from the East and Central respectively. And both the Reds and Nats should easily win their divisions as well.

The NL has a more clear-cut picture for October, as all division leaders look safe, with the San Francisco Giants positioned to win the West with a 10-game lead over the L.A. Dodgers.

And the NL Wild Card game is evolving into a battle between the Atlanta Braves and the 2011 Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

So, the NL looks to finish as this:

NL EAST – Washington Nationals

NL CENTRAL – Cincinnati Reds

NL WEST – San Francisco Giants

NL WILD CARD – St. Louis Cardinals

NL WILD CARD – Atlanta Braves

Now on-the-other-hand, all not one AL team is in the playoffs yet, as three divisions are up for grabs.

The AL West being the least rousing, as the Texas Rangers seemed bound to win the division again. The Rangers only legit threat is the Oakland Athletics who are 4-games back.

As for the AL Central and AL East, both divisions have formed into two-team crusades.

The Chicago White Sox stand just two games above the Detroit Tigers in the Central; while the New York Yankees remain separated from the Baltimore Orioles by one game.

The two AL Wild Card spots are will be out of the East and West, which means either the Tigers or White Sox, will get eliminated unless some disaster happens. But sports fan know better to never say never.

So, how will the AL look at the end of the regular season?

Well, that is where you come.

I would love you to predict the AL winners below; and I will post the results up in a week.