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Yankees: Unfair loss was logical

Yankee Stadium - 2014 - sketch

2014 Yankee Stadium Blueprint

If anybody can relate to the saying when it rains, it pours it would be the 2014 New York Yankees literally.

Ironically, it seemed almost proper that the Yankees lose, 3-1 to the AL East leading Baltimore Orioles in four and a half innings. It was the last game of the unofficial first half of this season.

The rain-out leaves the Yankees at 47-47 heading into this All-Star Break, and puts them five games back from the top spot in the division.

Mother Nature took the Yankees chance away to be to three games behind, which in turn means they would not be a mediocre, .500 team but two games over.

Putting words like average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill in the same sentence with the Yankees is considered sac-religious in some circles.

Speaking as a Yankees fan, having high expectations comes with the territory; and I see nothing wrong with being frustrated for settling for anything else.

Injures have been abundant, but under-performing offense has been the Achilles heel of this 2014 team. But not all hope for a postseason berth has vanished even in the wake of this past Sunday night’s easily preventable loss.

“You know what luck is? Luck is believing your lucky…to hold front position in this rat-race you’ve got to believe you’re lucky.” Stanley Kowalski quote from ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’

Looking at this season’s bigger picture, the Yankees fortunately play in the now inadequate AL East, which leaves them ample time to right this ship.

As how many times has an AL East team sitting at .500 at the All-Star Break make the postseason in the last 2 decades?

The bottom line is there is one question left that only the Yankees can give an answer too in the second half of the 2014 season.

Can the Bronx Bombers defeat Father Time?


  1. jerrynotpit says:

    The Yankees and their fans will never know how the game would of gone if it had not been rained out but the way the Yankees were playing the should be glad it was rained out so they did not have to play 9 innings to get the same out come. Plus the Yankees can always say, "If we had not got rained out we would have come back." Hello Yankees time to wake up and to get back to playing baseball like you enjoy playing.

  2. hahaha nice.. baseball i like it too..

  3. revan says:

    tetap semangat guys. I like it.