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Yankees: Can We Really Trust Ivan Nova?

New York Yankees pitcher Ivan Nova is the real deal.

Ivan Nova

Ivan Nova (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

At least that is what everybody initially thought of him.

When Nova hit the major league level back in 2010, he showed some promise. Pitching just 42 innings in total, he went 1-2 with a 4.50 ERA. It was a small sample size where he was brought up at random to fill-in as a reliever, and a starter pending on who was injured.

The following season, Nova made the rotation the rotation out of Spring Training, and that was when he really impressed.

Ivan Nova - 2011 - all stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com.

In 2012 Nova started off where he left off, and recorded his best month to date that June.

Problem is things went downhill from there and by the end of 2012 his ERA ballooned to a 3.92 to a 7.05. His strikeout numbers dropped, while his home run numbers went up.

Here are Nova’s monthly splits from 2012 to clearly see where things got ugly.

Ivan Nova - 2012 monthly splits - all stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com.

Nova and the Yankees were hoping he was just having growing pains, a sophomore slump.

So there were high hopes riding on Nova’s first start this season, but the guy looked even more completely lost.

Nova couldn’t pitch out of the fifth inning vs. the Detroit Tigers.

By the time his pitch count hit 96, with two outs and two men on, skipper Joe Girardi rightfully yanked him.

Out of the 21 batters he faced, Nova gave up five hits, four earned runs, two walks and five strikeouts.

It was an ugly outing to watch.

In my opinion, Nova has already run out of chances and should be sent to the bullpen. Or even better down to Triple A, as he needs to work on getting his fastball and get more confident throwing his slider again.

Also, I think most Yankee fans would like to see David Phelps get some consecutive starts in a row instead of getting tossed around like Joba Chamberlain did.

The bottom line is Girardi is hell-bent on Nova as a starter, and that is not good. Girardi loves to stick things out for way to long, and he doesn’t let up even when things are continuously crumbling right before his eyes.

Nova was supposed to have a great outing in Cleveland  last night but the game got rained out. After the game was officially called off,  MLB.com reported that  Girardi decided to skip Nova’s start in the rotation all together and will be handing the ball to Phil Hughes.

Too bad for Nova, as the Tribe’s line-up is nowhere near that of the Tigers, and he could have had a better chance of pitching well.

In all honesty, Phelps deserves to be in the starting rotation over Nova but instead he is in the bullpen.

At this point I am starting to have nightmares of Sergio Mitre making a come back because we know Girardi’s love affair with that disaster.

The only positive realization that Girardi has not gone totally kuku-bananas is that he is starting Phil Hughes who currently has the stomach flu.

What is Girardi’s exact plan?

Yankees beat writer, Bryan Hoch said it is as follows:

Girardi said that the plan is to have Nova, who was scheduled to pitch on Wednesday, available to pitch out of the bullpen for a few days and then slot him in to rejoin the rotation next week.

Maybe the Yankees skipper is not that blinded anymore.

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  1. coolnewyorker says:

    It's only 8 games into this very young season and already Kate is giving ominous indication of her patented bashing trademark. She has not learned from last year's all year assault on Hughes..

    Some people just do not learn. DENSE. That's how they remain low IQ'ed. Denseness and low IQ and toxic mindset are very bad combination. Unfortunately Kate knows how to type…and print.

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