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Yankees: Trouble loves Alex Rodriguez

From PEDs to poker, from hitting on fans in the ALDS to cheating on his wife, when news headlines feature New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez people love to

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

read it.

And over the weekend the New York Daily News published two articles linking A-rod to a man named Anthony Bosch who is now the centerpiece of an ongoing investigation of supplying PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) to professional athletes.

The News reported the following:

“The Drug Enforcement Administration and Major League Baseball are investigating a Miami-area man named Anthony Bosch — who has worked closely with Alex Rodriguez — for Bosch’s possible links to performance-enhancing drugs, sources have told the Daily News. The sources asked not to be identified because of the ongoing probe.”

“According to sources familiar with the Miami investigation, MLB is concerned about a widespread ring of suppliers of synthetic testosterone, human growth hormone and other drugs to players who have sought to circumvent MLB’s collective drug-testing program through difficult-to-detect performance-enhancing drugs that players administer through patches or creams or gels on their palms or elbows or under their arms.”

Now whether the above is true or not is yet to be determined but I figured I would share my first thoughts/reactions to this latest saga:

–        Back in 2009, A-rod admitted in an interview with MLB.com’s Peter Gammons that he had used PEDs back in his earlier playing days, and no fan likes to feel cheated. So understandably, A-rod’s name being linked to PEDs in any way, shape or form is going to stir up an emotional reaction considering the history.

–        The recurrent unwanted media attention that A-rod cannot seem to shake can get frustrating at times. I understand how it is embarrassing to the Yankees organization, and in essence hurts the innocence of the game of baseball but is this his fault? Or is he being exploited?

–        A-rod’s has been constantly injured the past 3-4 years, which is the reason for his much lagging performance but whether the damage to his body is related to PEDs use or not, it is what it is.

–        Do I hate A-rod? No, and I never have jumped on that bandwagon because fact is 2004-2009, he was one of the best players in baseball. A-rod piggybacked the Yankees all the way to winning the World Series in 2009, as without him the team would still be searching for #27.

–        A-rod’s paycheck doesn’t bother me, and not only because I am not signing the checks. See I admire A-rod’s exemplary work ethic and his devotion to winning. His insecurities get the best of him sometimes but you cannot deny that the guy tries his best every time because all he wants is to give Yankee fans to cheer about. In my opinion Yankee fans need to shut-up his salary, as it is boring.

–        Over the years it seems his teammates have grown to love him, and has been a mentor to the younger players.

Look, the bottom line here is this is not an article featuring A-rod being feed popcorn by Cameron Diaz at the Super Bowl.

These accusations are very serious because if found true, the consequences could be fatal to his baseball career, or at least his Yankees one and rightly so if found true.

Or is this just the media digging up old ghosts again to sell some papers?

It very well could be because any information cited from an “anonymous source” comes off as desperate.

Just read  how USA TODAY describes using “SOURCES” in its Editorial Policies, and it is very crafty I must say:

Readers have a right to know where the information in the newspaper comes from. The use of information and quotes obtained from unnamed sources can erode the confidence of readers and endanger the credibility of the newspaper. For that reason we use unnamed sources sparingly. The complete policy for the use of information obtained from sources is attached to this document. – USA Today’s Editorial Polices on unnamed sources.

I realize that this story came from the NY Daily News but I called to ask where I could find the paper’s editorial guidelines on using unnamed sources on their website because I could not find it. This resulted in being connected to four different departments, and being told by a recording that there was trouble connecting my call. So, I tried again and same result.

So until further notice, I am putting this story out of my head and I hope other Yankee fans can too.


  1. Kurt Smith says:

    Unfortunately Kate, I'm sure none of us will be allowed to forget it. Not that we should if it's for real, but of course ESPN and such will jump all over it – and many will judge without looking at all of the facts.

  2. Cathy says:

    Although I must admit to enjoying immensely razzing A-Rod about his post season woes (Sox fan), I am more disgusted about the PED's & his affair. But then again, do you believe anything in USA Today?