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Yankees: Trading Nuno for McCarthy

B-Mac Attack

B-Mac Attack (Photo credit: misternaxal)

You probably heard the New York Yankees latest trade news today that pitcher Vidal Nuno was sent to the Arizona Diamondbacks for starter Brandon McCarthy.

The D-Backs have underachieved big time this season, as they now are sporting one of the worst records in baseball at 37-53. So the D-Backs are dumping veterans, like McCarthy but he is owed $4.1 million, which Arizona will still pay.

McCarthy will be a free agent at the end of 2014, so this is just a mid-season rental pending he doesn’t turn into superman or something.

Looking at the 2014 pitching stats for both Nuno and McCarthy, the trade looks like a slight upgrade for the Yankees rotation.

McCarthy strikeouts a lot of batters, but he also gives up a ton of hits and runs.

(all stats courtesy of baseball-reference.com)

Brandon McCarthy vs. Vidal Nuno - 2014 Pitching Stats
Vidal Nuno255.421.441714788652471526600.2820.3360.4950.831
Brendon McCarthy3105.011.381818109.213165611520930.2980.3300.4690.799

McCarthy seems excited to be a Yankee, as he tweeted:

My question is was this really necessary, or just a pointless move?

As hasn’t the lack of offense been the issue this season for the Bronx Bombers? You know like NOT scoring runs?

The bottom line is McCarthy ain’t the game changer the Yankees desperately need.

What do you think?

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  1. Steve says:

    And the Yankees are paying Cashman how much to make these brilliant moves??? While across the country Billy Beane brings in 2 excellent pitchers for a few minor leaguers..While the Yanks desperately need offense they also need pitching that can make the meager runs they tend to score hold up.

  2. jerrynotpit says:

    I always thought trading for someone, especially in mid-season, was supposed to provide a boost for the team. Looking at the stats, the Yankees are getting rid of Vidal Nuno and bringing Brandon McCarthy in who has basically the same pitching stats. Some one needs to slap Cashman and tell him to pay attention to what he is doing. It is about improving the team not trading one of yours for something that is the same.