Yankees trading for Ichiro Suzuki is alarming Yankees trading for Ichiro Suzuki is alarming Yankees trading for Ichiro Suzuki is alarming

Yankees trading for Ichiro Suzuki is alarming

I learned of the Ichiro Suzuki trade made by the New York Yankees from my Starbucksguy who informed me as he was making my double, tall skim latte.

Seattle Mariners right fielder Ichiro Suzuki (51)

Seattle Mariners right fielder Ichiro Suzuki (51) (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

At first, I accused the poor guy of lying and actually said, “that is not even funny.”

Well that explains why he wasn’t laughing.

Honestly, I am in shock that this trade happened unless the Yankees are trying to start a senior circuit here.

Ichiro is 38 years old, and has maintained an over .300 batting average for 10 straight seasons but that streak ended after 2010 as he his BA dropped to .272 in 2011 and has continued to fall in 2012 as he is carrying a .261 now.

The Ichiro the Yankees just acquired is no longer a base stealing machine as he has just 15 on the season so that doesn’t add much.

So far this season Ichiro has 28 RBIs and 17 walks with 40 strikeouts in 402 at-bats, which is why this trade makes no sense to me what so ever.

Oh and the Yankees biggest issue, which is hitting with runners in scoring position might have gotten worse as Ichiro is posting a .175 RISP. Guess that explains the 10 double plays he has grounded into.

Why are the Yankees so hell-bent on bringing in aging stars, and so scared of adding some youth? I mean what is the point of having a farm system at all?

Does GM Brian Cashman not see what is going on with the Angels Mike Trout; or the Blue Jays, Giants, D-backs, Rangers, Red Sox who all are benefiting from some younger players?

Wait, what really twisted my panties was when skipper Joe Girardi was quoted by USA Today as saying, “This is a big day for us. We feel he brings the speed element, a tremendous hitter.”

What Girardi really meant to say was that Ichiro used to be fast on the bags and did carry a .300+ BA for a decade so we are acquiring with the presumption he will be that player again and not the one he has turned into.

Ichiro was demoted in the anemic Mariners batting order this season, which makes what Girardi say scary to think about.

Oh and if you didn’t know Ichiro is about as flashy a player off the field as you can get so brilliant idea bringing him to NYC.

The Yankees can plead complete insanity because Ichiro just doesn’t feel right; and I liked pitching prospect DJ Mitchell who is the Yankees sent to the Mariners along with another pitcher Danny Farquhar in the deal.

Hopefully I am wrong but when has anything worked out when the Mariners are involved but hey maybe Ichiro will get rejuvenated as that is certainly what the Yankees are praying for; along with filling more seats in the Bronx.

Maybe I just need to let this sink in for a few days because I am still trying to digest this.


  1. Guest says:

    It's a no brainier for the Yanks .Ichiro +$$$$$ for 2 minor leaguers for the rest of this year & you're alarmed? In case you forgot Gardner is going to be lost for the season & Ichiro fills that void perfect. This trade isn't long run its for now . Yanks didn't give up any top level prospects .

  2. swedski says:

    I love it! And what is this 'Youth' movement. Gardner is 25-26 and has yet to play a full season. Ichiro will do great defensively, and probably pick up his average (and homers) at Yankee Stadium. Yanks will extend him two more years and trade Gardner who will play 80 games over the next two years!

    • Swedski….you want the Yankees to give Ichiro a contract and trade Gardner????

      I hope that was a joke….as that is ridiculous. Ichiro will cost $$$$ and he might have an extra skip in his step in his new uniform but this is a rental and that is all it should be.

  3. swedski says:

    Oh and Old Ibanez and Old Jones have done a GREAT job for young Mr. Gardner while he is away (again).

    • I agree about Ibanez and Jones but it took a little while and that is only because they are hitting well. Defensive and speed not so much.

  4. coolnewyorker says:

    Forget it guys. Kate is actually a closet Red Sox fan. Her articles are nothing but instigatory trolls.

    She thinks Red Sox benefits from youths. By staying at the bottom?

    • LLP says:

      CoolNewYorker – that is not what I meant in the article. I was referring to teams who have talented young guys playing great baseball. Boston's Will Middlebrooks just turned 23 and has taken over thrid-base.

      I NEVER said theRed Sox were winning but who thought a prospect would allow them to move Youks??

      Young talent deserves a chance and the Yankees are petrified to use there own prospects as everyday players. I understand after the mess the Yankees made with the young pitchers that they have to be careful but this is just stupid.

      Other teams are getting younger and faster and the Yankees are getting older and injured.

  5. coolnewyorker says:

    Kate….if by this time you still do not realize how low your baseball IQ is , then you are not just a bashing doomsaying half-empty glass viewer yankeephobe . You are mean and arrogant in your ignorance.

    While real baseball experts are hailng Cashman for his low cost shrewd acquisition of these VETERANS(yes…some words are appropriate), you quickly labeled them with disrectful mean bashing words with such ease and sense of entitlement : "washed up", "long shot", "done"….and Cashman's actions as "desperate" "alarming" "brain fart" "crap".

    I mean…where are you coming from with this routine abrasiveness? I hope you realize you are alone in this gutter level of blogging. …er, trolling.

    Leave our vets alone. Leave Hughes alone. Leave Girardi and Cash alone. They are doing a hell of a job…in case you still have not noticed.

    If somehow you are starting to feel some degree of embarassment, don't worry. By this time, most of your readers have caught up with you. Now they understand.

    • LLP says:

      Coolnewyorker, I am simply looking at players numbers. How individuals have played over the most recent seasons; is a player declining or in his prime; why doesn't a team want him or is so easy to trade him?

      Also, I am NOT a believer in Phil Hughes right now. I used to be a HUGH fan and if you read my blog you would know this. Hughes has lost me and I still not convinced that he can be consistent for the long term. How is that bashing and bullying??? I only wrote on the facts that Hughes provided and so please stop getting so worked up. I hope Hughes works it out but as I have said he needs another pitch or two to survive in my opinion.

      And CNY, I just wish that Cashman would use some of the prospects more. Look at David Phelps potential?? Imagine if they actually let Phelps take 5 or 6 starts back in May or June….to see how good he could been in the rotation??? I just see young players making HUGE impacts all over baseball and would love the Yankees to do the same. Pineda hopefully will work out in 2013 but who knows how long he will take to heal as his shoulder injury is no joke.

      FYI….I am a HUGE fan of both Chavez and Jones but you must already have known this since you read my blog because I have written about them for two seasons now.

      CNY you tend to have selective reading as I do praise the Yankees all the time; and also I am not always wrong as I do know baseball. I do have an opinion, so do you and disagreeing with someone is fine but for you who claims that I am a bully it is a little of the pot calling the kettle black as you sure love to bash me constantly; regardless if you actually read a post in its entirety because it sure doesn't seem that way most of the time.

      • coolnewyorker says:

        Bash you? What do you know about bashing?

        Yes…you wrote the book on bashing. but you must realize you do not have a monopoly on it. Anyone can throw darts.

        For your "Useless Hughes" I have "Klueless Kate". "Hughes you Lose". = "Kate you Konk", "Brain fart", "Crap"….OK, I pass. I do not go there, too low.

        See, how easy it is?

        Opinionating is one thing…we all can exchange opinions.

        But snides and put downs and gutter lingo in your trolls ? Are you gunning for slurfest?. Your routine habitual egregious cynicism of the yankees players is absolutely so not yankee fan-ish. Add to that your gushing on AJ and A-Rod and (WTF) Bobby Valentine' words and it becomes yankeephobia.

        Your presence in Yankees section of YB is no different.from that of Red Sox fan's in NYC bars or Yanks stadium.. You and these incongruous Bosox fans have one common attribute: PAIN, like a toothache that does not go away.


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