Yankees Trade Rumors: Not the Ankiel I was expecting Yankees Trade Rumors: Not the Ankiel I was expecting Yankees Trade Rumors: Not the Ankiel I was expecting

Yankees Trade Rumors: Not the Ankiel I was expecting

The New York Yankees have been without Brett Gardner in left field all but nine games this season, and the impact could have been catastrophic but it hasn’t been.

Rick Ankiel

Rick Ankiel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Yankees are no doubt slower sans the speedy Gardner, as the Yankees rank 24th in steals with 50 on the season, but skipper Joe Girardi and GM Brian Cashman’s utilization of a left fielder by committee between veterans Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez has exceeded expectations.

And yes it has been painful at times to watch this duo play defense because their old age gets exploited but they have made up for it with their hot bats.

Earlier this week the Yankees confirmed what I already predicted that Gardner needs elbow surgery and is done for the season. Well, luckily you can’t really miss something you never had so sending a get-well-soon and see you next year card to Gardner should suffice but not for the Yankees.

The latest rumor, via a tweet from Washington Post Nationals beat writer Adam Kilgore, is that the Yankees are interested in grabbing Rick Ankiel who was just designated for assignment by the Washington Nationals last week.

At first I ignored this chitchat because the Yankees were not frantic until I watched Nick Swisher hobble towards first-base as he was running out a ground ball in the seventh inning on Friday night out in Oakland.

Swisher left the game immediately ASAP and is now listed as day-to-day with what the NY Daily News described as a mild left hip flexor strain.

The Yankees said Swisher is awaiting the results from a ‘precautionary’ MRI he had on his left leg but how many times have fans heard that one? I won’t even attempt to answer that question.

Swisher hasn’t been technically on the DL since 2006 but he has missed time for this left leg plenty of times, three stints this season already but bringing in a guy like Ankiel is pushing it.

Ankiel, who was originally a pitcher didn’t debut in the outfield until August 2007 and he hasn’t done much except spend time on the DL and strikeout too much. Look at Ankiel’s last two seasons with the Nats (courtesy of baseball-reference.com):

Rick Ankiel 2011-2012


Why can’t the Yankees take a chance and promote one of the prospects, like Mason Williams or Tyler Austin? Risky yes, but what if one of these kids takes off?

Ok back to reality, as now I am acting desperate but why not go get a legit outfielder like Shane Victorino, BJ Upton or Peter Bourjos (doubt Halos would hand him to Yanks)? All are reportedly available according to MLBTradeRumors.com.

Or what about utility outfielder David DeJesus? You know the Cubs are having a fire sale but Theo Epstein will want players not money, as the Cubs owners spend.

And where the heck is Chris Dickerson?  Having a decent year in Triple-A and he can steal some bags too.

Look, I think adding another outfielder is almost essential, but not Ankiel as it is the same old song and it is about time the Yankees try something new.

God only knows that Ibanez or Jones could get hurt manning left field and both bats have become to essential for that to happen.

I think the Yankees could benefit from some youth, or at least a legit player who is currently employed by a MLB team.

For today, the Bombers just need to focus on not getting swept by the Oakland A’s as they lost the series already after losing the third in a row of the four game set with a score of 2-1 last night.


  1. cyril morley says:

    It time for New York Yankee to give there young player shot, stop sign wash up player. Look at Zachary Heathcott, Mason Williams, Tyler Austin, Kelvin DeLeon, Zoilo Almonte, Melky Mesa, Taylor Grote and Abraham Almonte.

    Back up are player like Chris Dickerson, Raymond Kruml, Deangelo Mack, Dan Brewer

    • LLP says:

      Cyril… I totally agree with you but Heathcott is just got back from an injury and he is a handful off the field too. Can you believe the Yankees picked him of Mike Trout??? I am sure at the time Heathcott looked to have more promise but with his family life and such I had a feeling his attitude, and reckless play would land him on the DL or anywhere but a baseball field more than actually developing. Tyler Austin is not as talented as Williams in my opinion. And I have been wondering where Chris Dickerson is too??

  2. JimmY Westmoreland says:

    Rick Ankiel came out of H.S. with the reputation as a great baseball player. However his arrogance, self absorbed
    attitude and selfeshness when he arrived at the rookie league in Johnson City, TN., far outweighed his talent for the
    sport. Rude to the fans, rude to the press and rude to most of his teammates, he was a primma donna who not only
    read his press clippings but believe them too. Humility in any respect was not a strong point for sure. A total
    jerk with small regard to the coaches who were trying to get him ready for the majors. When his pitching career went south, he had no support system but his family who had coddled him his entire career to that point. Having witnessed
    this first hand, its no surpise his career has never reached more than medicore at best. Now? He'll become like most people trying to make it in the world and with no one caring about what "might have been" when he was a professional
    athlete. I hope he made good investments with his bonus and salary through the years because few people who
    watched him play could care less what happens to him. What goes around, comes around!

    • LLP says:

      Wow…Jimmy I had no idea Ankiel was a total jerk like that. YIKES!! New York is the last place this guys needs to be other than the fact that his ego would get checked at the door real fast. I like Wise as he can at least steal some bags and he plays hard.

  3. Deanda says:

    I'm really not sure where you've received your information from but I can tell you that Ankiel had lived a hard life. He was not coddled by his parents as you say. This is an article disputing all that you have said. http://partners.nytimes.com/library/magazine/home
    He made his major league debut with th St. Louis Cardinals. In no way, shape, or form was he every rude to the fans of St. Louis. I can assure you that the fans of the St. Louis Cardinals care whole heartedly what happens to Rick. We would gladly take him back!

    • LLP says:

      Deanda I presume you are referring to what Jimmy wrote in his comment??? I just didn't want the Yankees to acquire Ankiel because he doesn't bring very much to the plate and is injury prone. And those are plain out facts from his stats. Ankiel's personal life or how he grew-up was nto mentioned in my article, as I feel badly that he had a tough life but so have a lot of people that do not use it as an excuse for a bad attitude. Thank you for your comment and I will read your article but maybe he acted differently with other fan-bases; and if Ankiel was so great why are the Cardinals not grabbing him??? Wasn't Holliday injured recently??

      • deanda says:

        Ooops sorry, yes, I am totally referring to what Jimmy wrote. Who knows, maybe the Cardinals will bring him back. The fans in St. Louis weren't too happy when he was traded.

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