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Yankees Trade Rumors: Adios Phelps really?

According to NY Post’s George A. King III, the Seattle Mariners sent scouts to watch David Phelps.

David Phelps' First Pitch of the 2013 Spring T...

David Phelps’ First Pitch of the 2013 Spring Training Season (Photo credit: mutrock)

The Mariners are looking to add some starting pitching depth due to recent injuries to Hisashi Iwakuma (right middle finger) and Taijuan Walker (sore right shoulder). Iwakuma’s finger is expected to be fine in three weeks, while Walker’s shoulder will be checked again in a week with a return more up in the air.

One thing for sure is that neither starter will be in the Mariner’s rotation on Opening Day, so Seattle is looking to trade for a possible arm.

Since signing Robinson Cano, the Mariners have second baseman Nick Franklin available. So a team that needs infield depth, like the Yankees makes sense.

King confirmed this as well:

Yankees scouts are searching spring training camps for help at third and second base. With Robinson Cano entrenched at second, the Mariners might move Nick Franklin, although it would likely take more than Phelps to pry Franklin away.

I think it is a bit premature for the Yankees to be thinking about trading Phelps without seeing Michael Pineda throw a few outings in a game.

Phelps provides the Yankees with a solid long man out of the bullpen, not to mention the depth he provides depth to the rotation too.

The Yankees cannot be confident enough in the rotation or pen to look to deal Phelps just yet.  But if pitching looks strong towards the end of Spring Training, Phelps stock will be at its highest before Opening Day, so the Yankees would probably consider trading him then.

But the Mariners were not alone, as the White Sox and Brewers also sent scouts to supposedly size up the Yankees catchers.

I am not going to jump the gun yet, as it is still early but it is a story to keep an eye on as Spring Training continues.



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  1. Richard says:

    Every team sends scouts to find some help – especially SP. Each team uses about 7-8 SP's each year. Mariners Franklin is only 23, but Seattle will be looking for more than Phelps. I agree we are wait and see.

    • More but not a lot more….but now that Jesus Montero got sent down the Mariners are foing to have a chip on their shoulders. Montero was not having a bad Spring, but after showing up to camp fat and out of shape what did he expect? Montero's attitude got him sent down to the minors and hopefully it will be a HUGE wake-up-call because he has so much potential.

  2. Richard says:

    Well look at that. Tex played on Mar 6. He must be feeling pretty good!!!!!!!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Phelps is a great player, it would be a pity for the Yankees if he would leave…

    • Sort-of agree Rebecca, as Phelps is not great, but he has the potential to be a sturdy middle of the rotation starter. The Yankees need infield help BIG TIME, and Phelps is expendable.

  4. Josh says:

    It would sadden me to see a promising player like Phelps leave the team.