Yankees Trade Rumor: Alfonso Soriano - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Trade Rumor: Alfonso Soriano - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees Trade Rumor: Alfonso Soriano - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees Trade Rumor: Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso Soriano.

A name very recognizable to Yankees fans as Soriano was the key piece in the trade that brought Ales Rodriguez to the Bronx from Arlington, TX back in 2003.

And according to a tweet courtesy of ESPN’s Buster Onley, there is one thing keeping Soriano from being back in pinstripes once again.

Once again it is all about the Benjamins for the Yankee brass, as once again inherited owner Hal Steinbrenner doesn’t seem to want to budge.

You would think, after this past off-season that Hal untighten his fists some considering the shaky state of the team’s offense.

The Yankee bats started the season by overachieving only to get a reality check, and now have landed in the utterly pathetic category.

Now at 37-years old, Soriano will not be saluted as some baseball messiah in the Bronx but his righty bat would bring some needed pop to the line-up.

Here are Soriano’s stats from last season and the current one. (Stats courtesy of MLB.com)

Alfonso Soriano - Batting Stats 2012-2013

What will the Cubs want in return for Soriano services?

Joel Sherman of the NY Post tweeted that the Cubs liked 26-year old David Adams:


Who knows whether Adams is still in play, as the Yankees are more concerned with saving dough not people.

And with other teams inquiring about Soriano it would be best for Hal to give Cashman some leeway here so another team doesn’t snag him.

Bottom line is if the Yankees plan to snag one of the two AL Wild Card spots, trading for offense improvements is not a luxury but a requirement.

And just so you understand how imperative a trade is, below are all 15 AL team-batting stats. (Stats courtesy of MLB.com)

MLB Team Batting Stats - as of July 24, 2013
Tampa Bay10034014688921711611314344450.2620.3310.4220.753
LA Angels9733464398891672210614184150.2660.3280.4240.751
NY Yankees993308387803140138812333590.2430.3080.3730.680
Kansas City963259375828154206212083590.2540.3110.3710.681
Chicago Sox963281365817147109212603530.2490.3010.3840.685

As of today, the New York Yankees are not a factor in the 2013 AL East race.

And since the All-Star Game, the Bronx Bombers are 5-5 in their last 10-games, and are officially one game over.500 (25-24) on the road this season.



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