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Yankees Trade: Kim Jones for Me?

I hate being so mean, but one of the most annoying parts about watching a Yanks game has to be hearing the YES Network‘s Kim Jones. In all honesty, I think her pre-game/post-game showcases and interviews are terrible. She wraps well with the guys in the booth but she doesn’t shed any perspective that keeps a viewer listening. I sometimes listen just to hear what comes out of her mouth.

I do not know Ms. Jones at all and I’m sure she brings something that keeps her in this coveted job. In my observations as the ideal fan she is supposed to connect with, she has yet to carry out anything but the complete opposite.

Just to keep this in perspective, I am sure Kim Jones is a nice person who works hard. That’s not my focus here. This is about the lack of what I presume the job description and outcome is supposed to be.

Maybe that’s why her product or intention seems so far-fetched; could be that she simply doesn’t care enough to waste the effort. Who knows why, and who really cares? I can tell you – I do. And, here are just a few reasons why I’m better suited for the job:

1. I actually like the Yankees. Ms. Jones has become the dreaded interview that one mandatory Yankee, usually the game’s MVP, has to partake in right before heading off the field. This looks like a chore for the player who has to endure this honor on any given night.

2. I would not jinx the Yankee Captain right before the first game of the post season against Cleveland (and the Yanks were the wild card too!). Ms. Jones has done this on more than one occasion where, as a result, she gets the “you’re kidding me, right?” look from the player who gets to answer her outlandish question. As a baseball fan and, more importantly, as the bridge between the viewers and the Yankees, shouldn’t’t she be more aware than anyone about how superstitious athletes and sports fans are?

3. It’s time for a new face for the Yankees pre/post game. And, come on, how much could her contract be tying up the YES Network for money? The Yankees organization hates the idea of not keeping the fans interested, and I’m definitely not interested and almost dread what has become an expected face for each and every game. I could be just that new face the Yankees need as this team is fun and different, so YES should follow.

4. I feel that the key to being different from Ms. Jones is in creating a new and clever way to come across as a genuine and likable representative for the Yankees. And so, the outcome would be clearly communicated without the focus being taken away from the real reason it happened. In a sense you’re introducing the players to the fans, and it’s obvious if you don’t engage the product with true intentions. Research is essential, but believing or caring about the Yankees is vital to winning over your audience.

5. I want the Yankees to win and would never jeopardize the team in any way, shape, or form. Learning from your mistakes doesn’t seem to register in Ms. Jones’ style, and that’s referring to both her interviews and fashion sense.

I’m a life-long New Yorker, who has watched the Yankees since childhood. I know that history and I respect it. I am sure I can take a pay-cut compared to Kim’s wages and, hey, the Yanks should save as a buck’s a buck. Maybe a change would make them excited for a walk-off win. It’s time for the games to not just be over when the last out is called, but to have the extra five minutes when no fan would rush to change the channel, fall asleep, or snicker at the woman employed by such a respectable franchise.

The Yankees beat Baltimore tonight which means that, with Boston‘s loss, they are in first in the tough AL East. Since the second half began, the consistency is evident with five wins in a row.

The team is playing together as a unit. Everyone is doing their part: whether it be pitching, hitting, keeping the ‘it ain’t over till it’s over’ attitude, set-up, stealing bases, or watching Mo be Mo – I would hate to see anyone jinx my Yanks on national TV again.

Hey – I might seem crazy or ridiculous, and maybe some think I’m nit-picking, but others read this article with a sense of relief.

All I can say is that I’m a New York Yankees fan.


  1. ed says:

    I can't disagree with you more. I think kim jones does an incredible job interviewing the yankee players. Kim actually knows a lot about the sport, she isn't just reading what someone told her to say. I also think she is a very cute girl and looks sexy when she wears a dress. Keep up the good work kim!

    • Kate Conroy says:

      I admit that she looks much better this season, but could use a new stylist as some new clothes could do wonders for her look.

  2. John says:

    Please show Kim the door. Her postgame interviews are pathetic. Asking a player "how did that feel" after they hit a walkoff is just lazy. She does this all the time. Stop asking the questions about thier emotions and ask a real question about the game. She needs to watch the game and form insightful questions. Thier must be a reason why she gets away with this. Kim please go away.