Yankees: Tired on turf and Bobby V Yankees: Tired on turf and Bobby V Yankees: Tired on turf and Bobby V

Yankees: Tired on turf and Bobby V

New York Yankees

One would presume that since the New York Yankees are in the most heated AL East pennant race in decades with the Orioles that I would have cared a tad more about the snooze fest that went on vs. the Twins last night.

Truthfully, the moment YES’s Michael Kay confirmed that the Blue Jays had defeated the O’s in the second game of double-header, I changed the channel to the NFL Monday Night game.

I did switch back to the Yankees and caught the last two innings. But other than watch David Robertson struggle in the ninth inning, I just felt the backlash of the most exciting baseball of the last two weeks.

Literally, I have never heard more people talking about baseball and telling me that they love watching the Yankees grinding it out to win games.

So, how does the Yankees schedule fair for the rest of the regular season?

Well, according to ESPN’s Andrew Marchand the Yankees are facing cupcake schedule, Bombers still control their destiny in AL East race.

And I have to agree when you consider the competition on paper being the Twins, Blue Jays and Red Sox.

All three are playing well below .500 baseball, and have run out of chances to make the postseason.

So, what are these teams left with?

Well, the Twins don’t seem to care that much but the Red Sox and Blue Jays would love to finish their seasons on a high note. And my guess is eliminating the Yankees would definitely satisfy that need.

The Yankees are 19-10 against their AL East foes this season, so the odds are not against them.

What worries me is exhaustion, turf and Bobby V. 

  • The Yankees have to be tired with all the gut-wrenching games with the Orioles breathing down their necks.
  • Playing on turf has not fared well for the Bronx Bombers, as they are 4-10 this season on the fake stuff. The Blue Jays are hosting the Yankees for four games this weekend at Rogers Center, which is a turf field.
  • And finally, Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine would love nothing more than to take the Yankees October dreams away. He will pump up his Red Sox, who finish the season with a three game set in the Bronx to finish the year on a high.

So a last word to Yankee Universe, myself included, please do not think that the Yankees are walking down easy street to the postseason. Just remember that nothing has been decided in the AL overall yet, so taking anything for granted now is probably the best path to failure.



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  1. vog says:

    I don't need ESPN to tell me that the Angles have the best road for a WC spot. The A's have 6 more games vs Texas (ouch). I can easily see the Angles getting in there and then watch out.

    The O's have 3 vs Tampa in the Trop so I'm starting to get that pit out of my stomach. Hope Tex gets back soon. A-rod looks like a mess.