Yankees: Time to put a stop to this Mets - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Time to put a stop to this Mets - Lady Loves Pinstripes Yankees: Time to put a stop to this Mets - Lady Loves Pinstripes

Yankees: Time to put a stop to this Mets

The Mets, yes that other New York team beat the Yankees for the second night in a row by one run.

Last night was every Yankee fan’s worst nightmare, Mariano Rivera, ninth inning, 1-0 score, blown save and the Mets win.

That is yuck, yikes and gross.

Add on this little historic fact about last night, and you might literally barf:


The Yankees can fix this mess by winning today, and again tomorrow.

The last two games of this four game cross-town competition, aka. the Subway Series now heads to the Bronx. And thank goodness for that.

With the Mets up two games, the Yankees are hoping home field and having a designated hitter might help them at the very least spilt this series.

If the Mets win tonight again tonight in the House that George built, Yankee fans might see Kevin Youkilis and Mark Teixeira back on the field tomorrow night.

Both sluggers are already in Trenton on a rehab assignment with the Thunder, and played today. Neither did squat with their bats so don’t know how much of a help either will be.

Especially Tex, whose wrist injury is more complicated along with his perennially slow starts at the plate.

Bloody Mr. Met

Bloody Mr. Met

Too many delusional Yankee fans have this idea that missing April and May automatically solves Tex’s annual batting warm-up.

It is pure torture to watch the Yankees switch-hitting first baseman not be able to make contact with a tennis ball thrown by my mother until June.

Do you think Tex is exempt from his early season struggles because he is coming in late?

No doubt that would be ideal but it is a long shot, so please do not hold your breath.


The latest on Curtis Granderson came via twitter:

I wish Granderson a speedy recovery, again.

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